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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bish

Panth with ArP = LEGENDARY

Bish Last updated on December 21, 2010
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ArP (Armour Penetration) Panth is one of the best Panth builds iv ever seen, and im not just saying that cos i thought of it first. But seriously, for all u Panth players do u find that just stacking damage is great for killing most enemy champs but the second a decent tank is thrown in and they stack armour or hav stun, Amumu is perfect example, ur death is rather inevitable.

What il propose in this basic guide is just a set of rules to follow playing this build, and should get u kd ratios of say 9/0 and 10/3 to quote some of my games today. This guide focuses on destroying all who face Panth, not just the squishies. Il also outline why Panth is a great dps carry choice for people considering playing him. BTW Perseus Panth skin is the best skin EVER.

Good bcos:
-has ranged harass that scales with damage
-has stun (long cool down)
-has aoe that scales with damage
-has burst damage
-teleport to anywhere, has long cd (cooldown)
-can take on just about anyone 1v1 when built properly, like ArP panth build :)
-can turret dive early with aegis protection

Not so good bcos:

-is rather squishy
-has no cc (crowd control) besides stun with long as cooldown
-gets targeted far too much
-mis-timing ult can lead to quick death :)
-very hard to play if u like running in first, go get a tank like malphite or alistair

Focus on damage output followed by defense, need to b able to burst damage and get away.


ArP. Enough said. Runes of desolation, cheap, nasty, get some naow. Evasion, good for surviviability, and some cooldown, throw that spear early and often, get them on the back foot and keep them there.

If u need ghost to get away ur not playing properly, they should b running from u, and ur teammates shud b nearby at all times. No solo bs unless ur 100% u can take on the other champ 1v1 successfully. No mana items, so get clarity, allows u to use ur ult anywhere on the map if necessarily, not just the starting pad. But try to use the pad too, ult in every time u go bak for items if u can, if not use clarity while ur readying jump.

ArP. Get it early. Get some damage. Get more ArP. Get some attack speed and lifesteal. U will b legendary at least once a game. When that happens dont b a hero and let them kill u, go suicide at their turret. 1 death on ur score? Who cares they dont get the gold :)

Start with longsword and potion. No mana items. EVER. Then turn the longsword into a brutalizer, gives u important cd, damage and YAY ArP, ur first item for the game every time. If u get anything else dont even bother playing this build.

Get some Movement 3 Boots of Speed. Chase down those buggers, and get away if u absolutely must run. Then its on to BF swords. Get 2 first, unless ur having trouble with an armour stacking tank, then get one full black cleaver then the 2nd. A lot of game i play with this build the enemy surrenders after the 2nd black cleaver.

If it doesnt; get a Starks fervour. Why u ask? No damage component? Go away now noob. Attack speed, regen, lifesteal and yayz more ArP, it reduces nearby enemies Armour passively, u dont even need to hit them to benefit ur team.

If the game goes on long enough get a Last Whisperer and then a Ghostblade, more attack speed and super upgrade ArP from whisper plus the ArP upgrade, damage and cooldown reduction from the ghost. If u fully make this build i salute u. Iv never had to finish it so far.


Early: go with a tank if u can. Malphite and rammus are my favourites. Laning should b obvious, harass with spear shot early and often, keep them on the bak foot, get ur stun, wait for mana to go low, let them come in close, with lesser health thanks to harassing, use clarity, in bush preferably, then spear, stun, spear again. Go for the squishiest first, exhaust the 2nd enemy champ, get them too if u can. U can get first blood as panth so easily. The cd on spear is so low u can spear, stun, heartseekr, spear, in a very short time, less than 4 secs. And i call that burst damage.

Mid: go ganking, and lane some more, farm if u can, but safely and with a partner, preferably ur teams better tank. Stay on the tank. If they survive a fight, ur team survives, and the enemy doesnt. Let ur tank buddies initiate then u heartseeker the enemy champs, aim to get at least 2 every heartseeker in team fights, then stun the lowest health/squishiest so u make sure of the kill, spear shot to get the kill shud work.

Late: Ur gona b squishy and dead fast if u get focused. Stay on ur teams *** at all times, they will b stronger with u around, backdoor only if necessary. Same tactic as mid game pretty much, except now u will hav to get the skyfall entrance perfect every time or its wasted.

All game: If u hav to go bak for items, use skyfall from the starting pad to get the mana replenished for free, but clarity is the kicker here. It lets u use skyfall from anywhere on the map and refills ur mana ready for burst damage, great for finishing weak opponents if the skyall doesnt kill them. I get plenty of kills on low health enemies who go lane after a fight and think they are safe :) Always target a nearby bush if they disappear after pushing with minions, usually the furthest from ur base on the outside of their original turret, happens a lot.

NOTE: dont be a hero, dont die if u dont hav to, if they are ganking ur teammates and they are gona die fast, leave them to it, the best u can do for ur team is stay alive.

Enjoy the build, it works really well if u can play as Panth, get some practice with skyfall as much as u can, practice makes perfect and perfect means death to the enemy. Hav fun watching the tanks go down as easy as non tanks, and the non tanks should all get their ***es kicked from one heartseeker. NOTE: strength in numbers, if they outnumber u and hav cc dont go after them solo, even if they are low health. Caution is ur friend in LoL my friends. Later.


Edited: thanks for comments, im amending the guide to what i think will gain the approval of the other Panth enthusiasts. Hopefully they'll agree this might make him not only more durable but a better all round champ build to use.

Extra Info and Credits
Kudos to the guys with the constructive criticism. Seriously Never really thought manamune was that good but omg wtf flat damage increase, mana regen, bigger mana pool increase, biggest per single item, and gives you even more mana per hit PLUS, drum roll please, more AD per friggnin mana. WOW. Cant believe every panth doesnt get one. Still i think i better slot it in to the build nice and early to get all the benefits. Thanks again guys :)

New Ideas
Iv re-edited the build to give it the manamune, should solve all Panth players mana issues nice and early as its quite cost effective, iv placed it after the first BF sword just on principle. His abilities scale with AD so u gota do it early and keep doin it to keep up with enemy scalings and health increases. Iv also said to make the brutalizer into ghostblade earlier, to make it beefier and get that active benefit, chase down some poor basterds nice and quickly before help arrives. Then back onto black cleaver and bloodthirster. These 2 will make u happy. Iv left the last slot open at this stage, as it could be left for the situational items. For e.g. if u have a tanking rammus with 2 much armour go for last whisper, on wits end if they hav lots of casters, as offensive items. Maybe get a starks for more lifesteal and buff ur team some, if someone else hasnt already. Or if, god forbid, they hav a tank with 4k+ health get urself a madreds if u can afford it. These should take care of ur situational issues. Personally il go the starks more often than not. But all situational items will make ur panth extra strong in late game shud the need arise. Later team.