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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arikylian

Pantheon - 1 vs 1000 - *UPDATED*

Arikylian Last updated on September 13, 2010
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Hi everybody. I'll try to make things really simple so please understand my purpose.
(I'm actually not english.)

First of all, I might not be the best Pantheon player out there, but I played almost 200games with that champion. Tbh; my W/L score is : 141 Win / 57 Lose.

Please remember some important stuff like:

-1-Riot games are doing their best to balance the game; until further nerfs or boosts on particular champs occurs, overall the game is meant to be equal for everybody, and everychamp played.

-2-There is no OP(overpowered) Champ (besides when it is about a glitch, a bug, or some skill code modifications Riot has to do) What makes a champ good is WHEN you use ur skills and HOW you are playing it.

-3-I don't want any flaming, remember games are meant to have fun, I'd recommend; and ask, everybody to put their mind on the table and explain with criticizm.

So here we go,

If you are reading my build, I suggest you get some experience with pantheon first. Try to remember WHEN u are vulnerable, WHEN do you get killed? And why? Remember those moments, cause they're the ones you need to remind yourself every games.

When you do think you have some experience with Pantheon, you'll understand my point of view I'm sure of it.

Some points I want to clarify:

About 'mana' type pantheons:

Mana regen items are a ''waste'' (Dont want to be rude.) 75% of the time, the time u'll be in real needs of mana regen, your teammate will be dead, or your team will be pushed back. Most of the team fights you actually fight doesnt last long enough to be in need. (Besides early game laning) So it is really better to have short mana for skill outputs and to do better damages when u use them. Replace quantity by quality.


Manamune is something REALLY, REALLY interesting and SHOULD be tried OUT!


I must say it clearly; every other pantheon builds u might have read said the same thing: Pantheon is everything about damage. This is your lifeline, your point of view, your way of living. This is why I choose first to buy a sword.

10% Crit:

Please do not underestimate the crit %, 1/10 chance of doing double damage is what makes pantheon be feared by most, since ur build is all about attack damage. Do not think about it, do not try to do some philosophy about it, just put it, and let it go, when you'll play, you'll feel the difference.


one of the best summoners spells in my opinion. Remember that this game ''wears'' 3 kinds of ''actions''. Phys atk, Magic atk and ''skills''. So exaust really helps saving ur life against any attackers, and slow casters of ur run.


Ghost is excellent I must say, but with pantheon ur in and out really fast, remember that. Well used, it is way better than ghost.

Why mobility?

Because when ur off combat for 5 secs, u get 5 movement speed, and trust me, when u get out of the bushes with a +5 movement speed, you RLY get to them faster and they have less time to think. It also gives u the bonus pantheon has over other champs (besides twisted) : He can ''teleport'' with his ult, being able to be all over the map is what fears ur opponents. Mobility +5 just add up to this feat. It also RLY helps when ur chasing and couldnt have a it for 5 secs, cause right after that, youll be runing faster than them :)

Skill order:

Every pantheon builds I saw were overwhelming me. Did you notice, as a pantheon, that the particular problem of every situation is ur skill order? How many times one of your spear could have killed the guy, and how many times ur heartseeker was so strong and u got silenced in the middle of it then owned? How many times your Q -> W -> E -> Q combo failed cause you thought you had them/him but in fact, having a bit more of spear throwing damage could REALLY have changed the situation? My skilling order is more simple than u think. Instead of having a strong spear and no heartseeker, or having a really good nuking heartseeker and a failing spear. U have 75% of each. That is better than you think, because now with that skilling order, it'll help you being able to fit every situation. No your heartseeker wont kill 1 shot squishies. No your spear won't rape like hell, but at least you'll stay alive and you'll be VERY more helpfull to your team. I prefer nuking 2 guys of a 3 team with a lvl 3 heartseeker, spearing the squishy one so he runs away (then you double your chances to stay alive), then fight the one who's left, and if he's a problem, u stun him, hit, run, spear, (cleary buying time for ur Heartseeker cooldown) then when he think he got u, u turn around and heartseek him again.

let's make an example: you are lvl 10 with Brutalizer and BF and a pair of boots.

Let's say in theory that u have around 130ATK. Your spear lvl 3 gives you around 130% phys atk and +40 damage. SO, in a Q-W-Auto attack-E-Q combo you'd do: 209(Q) + 50(W)+ AutoATK 130 + ((Heartseeker): 5x 34% of 130 (44.2) = 221, double damage to champs = 442) + 209(Q) = 1040 damage.

When you think about it, it is lvl 10 that u reach a good potential on Pantheon.

to make a comparison, at lvl 4:

You have around 80 atk with brutalizer, If u go lvl 2 in spear, you get a bonus of +10% phys atk and +10 damage on a spearthrow, every 4 secs. that's 18 damage every throw. If you put 1 lvl on heartseeker instead, you'll get +2 base damage on 5 hits +4% of your phys atk, so in numbers: 4+3.2x5= 36, x2 to champ = 72 dmg.

Numbers talk a lot; so everyone would now say ''why dont u get heartseeker noob?'' Now I'm going to destroy that perception. Situations of play and chances to get a successful HS are lower than a couple of spearthrows. And a couple of spearthrows = really low life ennemies. Also means less time spent in the fight, less time in danger.

It is on mana that you need to replace quantity by quality; and it is on skill order that you have to replace quality by quantity. You always have 75% more chances to throw a succesfull spearshot than a heartseeker. that means that only on 2 skills casted, you'd do around 250 overall with 2 spearshots instead of 180 dmg of a successfull FULL HIT heartseeker. And guess what: You still have your stun and ur heartseeker ready for a nuke after those spears were thrown.

Poke, poke, draw back, go forward, poke, stun, auto atk, heartseeker and poke again. You emptied ur mana bar but if u didnt get a kill, you will soon with anothe spearshot popping up.

Many of you playing Pantheon should know an important rule: Everybody is afraid of heartseeker and that is why they wait for that opportunity to take you down. Any good pantheon knows this as well: 90% of the time, you hit 3-4 hits out of 5 heartseeker hits. (people run, stun you, silence you, focus fire you.)
Auto attack really hurts better than 1 heartseeker strike, so time your autoattack REALLY fast after stun, then heartseeker. If you are lucky, you will also get a criticall hit. That means more damage in the end. If the situation is in your favor, youll get a kill if u do it good. That means that you just reduced their chances of survival, and of you getting killed.

Early game :

To make a simple calculation; lvl 1 you're getting Spear shot. At first lvl it does 100% of your phys atk +30 in damage. So buying a sword really boost ur spear up.

The choice you're going to make between a mana or a HP potion is all yours. It all depends on your play style. If you're more of a mana pantheon spear type, go ahead and take the mana potion. If you're risky and not experienced, go ahead for the HP.

Your technique is simple, play DEFENSIVELY. You have to tell your partner to be really defensive, not offensive UNTIL u call it to be. You're really a team player/assist. Your job is to get your Aegis shield buff on by hitting minions, (every 4 hits) and thus, while the shield is on, you - WAIT - for an opportunity to make a few step forward and throw ur spear at the first champ you can. -NOW- This is where everybody fail thinking.
You can even SWTICH target, if u have hit the tank maybe let's say 1 or 2 times, his hp will have been lowered a bit, that's what you want. Since there's a weaker champ, dont be afraid of switching target, blocking the skill they throw at u with ur shield then run back a bit. You can ''solo'' them that way by ''fearing'' them of going further. At this point of the game, you are lvl 2-3-4-5. TRY to keep ur Aegis shield stun hit for saving ur partner's life, it is way more important than getting a kill. I.E: A ennemy makes a few step closer to your partner, u get down a bit, u stun him with aegis then u run back, if u partner sees that, hell stop running (if hes not low hps.) then hell turn back and try to skill if u can: That is WHAT u WANT. At that point, run a BIT back, if they're greedy, just turn around and Blast them with heartseeker. No, you might NOT get a kill but you will make them run loose all around.

After this is understood, u have understood what is the most important about panth: Early game.

About items in early game: Gettin brutalizer first really helps, trust me, if u have the chance to lay down some hits with auto attack and 10% crit chance they will truly be afraid when u hit them 180dmg and they have like 800hps. (cuz u didnt even threw ur nuke at them yet..) That is why, most of all, I get Sword, Sword, Brutalizer. Overall you get a +25 dmg bonus, and Armor penetration that adds to ur rune build. Furthermore, that makes you do pure damage on any character. After that, you get a pair of boots, to increase ur capability of running TO and OFF ur targets, playstyle is what matter the most here. When you understand most of this, you'll be able to get a few kills early game, maybe 1-2-3, buy an occult and be ready to learn to not die with a squishy character. If you masterize this part FIRST, then ur ready to understand what true power pantheon really holds: Survavibility through gameplay.

Your next step is beginning to learn what is your role mid and end-game.

The mid-game part:

Well, how was ur early-game phase? Good, bad? I'll put things simple here. Each games has their assets of connectivity and solutions. So here's the question u should ask yourself: What do I do now? Let's start with the basics:

1: Analyze ennemy team's playstyle.

Look if they are ganking, where, why and how. Support ur team via ping button (G) and call mias. An aware team is most of the time a win. The second thing you want to know is, who will you target as your first kills. Because you NEED to be sure of what you are doing. In team fights, you have to focus where ur team goes. BUT when you go 2v2, 1v1.. you have to know, WHICH champ is ur target.

In order:

Pick sum1 who likes to go brave and adventurous. Like a little annie, veigar, another pantheon..

Look at his/her items. Know how much hps he/she has. If he has heal or not.

Look at his playstyle, does he like to go in a lot, does he like to jungle even just for fun? And most precisely: Look how he fights. Look at his combo, his skill order.

When you understood his combo, try to calculate his cooldowns.

NOW you know what to do and when (almost there.)

First, I suggest you pick 2 sight wards. One will be placed on a spot that dude likes to go around. (Please, ffs, put it in a bush so you can see IN and around. By example, the bush in the river lane in 5v5s, or the bush under the last tower of the top lane.) So you can observe his/her movements. Second, put a ward in any other path u could choose as an escape, or one that could be used to gank you.

Second: pick a health potion. Wait in the so told bush he likes to pass through. Your first reflex should be spear ASAP as she enter the bushes and shes close to you, THEN auto-atk. Why!? Omg, WHY?

Here's the most-cases scenario:

Annie goes lalala near her turret. You wait in the bushes. Shes comes to go see mid so she pass through ur trap and FLACKASHBAM U nuke her like hell. Annie has 1800maxHP and you output around 1100dmg with ur combo, so WHAT r u going to do now? She runs away with ghost/she flashes out/she stuns u and run/She bear you. nananan and so on. And your like ''omg I so had her''.


Your first reflex is a RLY fast spear ASAP as she switch from ground to bushes. then auto atk RLY, RLY fast. (click the potion here) ASAP as ur spear is up, u spear again. Atk, of course she will SURELY try to run away in the first place. But with 1-2 autoatks and 2 spears, U just did her a pretty chunk amount of damage. So NOW u jump in with Aegis, then HS. What's happening? Annie is now around 100hps and she goes omg a heavy muscle dude is trying to get me. Ah well, she wont go omg of course cause u ended it with spear.

So back in order:

Spear -> Auto -> Potion -> Auto -> Spear -> Aegis -> Heartseeker -> Auto or Spear.

I know I KNOW.

Nothing proves it's going to work and each situation VARIES. But PRACTICE it. So you can become a beautiful well grown deadly bush, and get eaten by a cow.

Like before: I'll finish editing later.