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Pantheon Build Guide by hm.....

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hm.....

Pantheon best laner

hm..... Last updated on April 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Just some info!

In this guide you are not the classic AD oriented Pantheon who plays more like an assassin trying to catch the enemies soft targets off guard. You are a BRUISER. You have to understand that you have a diffrent role inside the team. If you don't like this kind of change do not jump into conclusions comparing one to another. Because they are designed for different purposes.


You use Spear Shot first while maintaining yourself inside range of Aegis of Zeonia followed by a Heartseeker Strike aimed on as many enemies as possible and fire a last Spear Shot for the kill.

In order to use your Grand Skyfall effectively:
Target it slightly behind your enemy.
Cover choke points and escape routes.
Trap the enemy team between you and your team.
Towerdive enemy champion.
Finish off a foe who escaped your range.
Defend Turrets.
These are the most usual cases when you will want to use your ultymate. Grand Skyfall is a great skill for intiating a fight but works wonders for clean up as well. You must think and act fast when you want to use your Skyfall. Try predicting your enemy's moves and land on their heads by surprise. Also because its cast time got greatly reduced during the Pantheon remake it can be used for escaping gangs and sticky situations as well.
If you see you are getting cornered by the enemy solo top and jungler run fast inside the bushes and use it in a random location inside its range on your side of the map. If they don't have an interupt this is a secured escape.

Early Game

Cover the Blue Buff or the Red Buff depending on which side you are and what your jungler needs.
As soon as the enemy creeps arrive enter last hit mode.
Use Spear Shot on the enemy champion. This is a good measure to see how easely he can be killed.
If he is too bulky wait untill lvl 3 and only counter attack if he gets close enough. Otherwise continue throwing spears at his face.
Try to zone out your opponent in order to outfarm and out level him. Even if you get only one kill you are directly ahead.
Don't overextend too much. Pantheon does not have mobility steroids so if you get caught by Red Buff only a miracle will be able to save you.
If your opponent solo top starts to push the lane you can start auto attacking but be aware not losing last hits.
Harass your enemy every time he goes close enough to farm. Auto attack him if you have creep advantage.
As much as you can don't overextend because Pantheon is vunerable to gangs. Only if you know where the enemy jungler is you can move towards his turrent.
You main priority is Farming>Harassing>Slaying

Farming under the turret

-For melee minions let the turret hit them twice and get the last hit by auto attacking or throwing a Spear shot.

-For caster minions:On the first 3 levels hit them once, then let the turret add 1 hit and take the kill with an auto attack. You can also let the turret hit once and then use your Spear Shot to finish it off. Later on use only your basic attacks.

-For siege minions just wait enough untill they reach low health and finish them off with a basic attack. Turrets deal reduced damage on siege engines so last hitting them wont be much of a problem.

Even if you get pushed a lot there is no need to get frustrated. Pantheon can recover easely from a bad start and your Philosopher's Stone and Heart of Gold provide a standard income of gold so you won't get undergeared. What's more important is not giving away kills to the enemy solo top or jungler.

When you go back to base make sure to purchase a couple of Sight Wards. I usually take two so I can stay in lane for longer periods. I place a Sight Ward inside the bushes in the river close to my lane. I prefer this because most people tend to camp in there before they appear for a gang.
Also a very helpful Warding guide can be found Here.

Turret Diving

Before you turret dive your opponent you much check a few things:

-Your target must be under 30% health at least.

-Check the position of the enemy jungler. If he is not visible and you don't have a ward in the river its preferable not to dive. A 2v1 fight under the turret will get you killed.

-If your target has both Exhaust and Flash and they are both out of cooldown your chances to have an successful towerdive fall dramaticaly.

-Make sure that you have your Flash out of cooldown. Thats extremely important because you might need a fast getaway if something goes wrong.

-If you can dive with Grand Skyfall do it. Its an unexpected move and will deal extra damage to your target.
-Kill most of his creeps before going in and try having as many of your creeps alive as possible.

Towerdiving effectively is not an easy thing and not all targets are susceptible. Enemies with stuns or with skills that add durability like Renekton and Nasus are very difficult to kill even on low health. So sometimes its better not to take that risk.