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Pantheon Build Guide by cartridge

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cartridge

Pantheon ''Blocking the damage''

cartridge Last updated on May 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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when doing a build

when you are building you will sell na first build when you will now build the last build.

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Getting started with pantheon

This post is not meant to be a full on guide for Pantheon, just a quick selection of tips that I’ve found useful in my time with the hero. I’ve probably logged about 25 games with him so far and been highly successful for the most part. I think Riot did a great job with champ, definitely the best I’ve seen from any of the newer toons, anyway.

The thing you need to understand, and by understand I mean completely internalize so that it is second nature, is that Pantheon is pretty squishy. Despite having a huge shield and a very cool passive, he can still get his socks rocked if you aren’t paying attention. Think of him like a Master Yi and you should be just fine.

In the early game, I take Spear Shot as my first skill every time unless I’m going for a 3-man or 5-man gank. It’s a great harassing skill, is extremely cheap at any level, and gives you a farming method against ranged champs. From there it’s 1 rank of stun and then maxing Heartseeker. Stay with me.

A lot of people say to max stun first because it lowers the cooldown. It’s a decent idea, but at max rank the CD is still greater than 10 seconds, meaning you’ll probably only get one off before your opponent is in tower range. While Heartseeker has a longer cooldown, it deals double damage to champions and can be devastating at early levels.

I’ll leave you with an idea for getting some early game kills: It’s all about saving your stun for the last minute. You really need to make it count. Start off by running in with a Spear Shot and getting some melee work done. If you have exhaust, blow it early and get some smacks in. Just keep up the melee until your target starts to run. That’s when you pop the stun and Heartseeker away. At that point he should be low enough that Spear Shot takes him to 15% health and you crit for the kill.

Check back soon for a complete Pantheon guide.

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Have the Pantheon changes panned out?

After the global ult nerf patch, Morello put out a call for Pantheon suggestions, hoping to bring him back up to some sort of viability. With the Skarner patch, he got some significant buffs – lower cooldowns on his stun and Heartseeker, a much faster ult, an execute on his Spear Shot – to the point that I’ve been seeing him much more often. I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on him, but when has that ever stopped me from sharing my impressions?

I’ll start by saying that the changes are mostly a good thing. That short-cd stun can be brutal in combination with teammate CC, making Pantheon a very difficult champion to escape. The ranged execute is also a nice buff. I didn’t have much trouble finishing off a target with the old Pantheon but since the change I can’t say that I’ve narrowly missed a kill. I also played against a Pantheon today who was last-hitting teammates I thought for sure I had saved with a well-placed Dragon’s Rage.

It’s Heartseeker Strike that still bugs me. It’s in a much better place now that it can be used more often, but the animation feels a little too long. There also remains the simple fact that it’s a self-stun, which really hurts. He can cast more often, but that also means he’s locking himself up more often. I would really like to see Riot either dramatically shorten the animation time and reconsider the damage or just find a new ability to add in this one’s place.

So, serious Pantheon players, what do you think? Are his new cooldowns helping out? Does he feel more viable? Still just a pubstomp toon? Drop your impressions in the comments.