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League of Legends Build Guide Author llamas1214


llamas1214 Last updated on July 5, 2010
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Spear Shot:
I love this skill, its great early for harrasing opponents and later in the game when your attack is higher, this will take a sizable chunk out of your opponets health. Plus it can last hit minions and kill fleeing champs fairly well.

Aegis of Zeonia:
This and Heartseeker is your greatest weapon. At level 1 it stuns 1.5 seconds. That is a lot, enough to unleash your heartseeker, a autoattack, and then a spear shot. Also, if your being pursued a stun can really save your life.

Heartseeker Strike:
This is your bread and butter skill. You can farm massive amounts of gold with this, and dish out extreme damamge to champs with this skill. Plus what i discover is people don't realize how much this skill can hurt. They often retreat then turn around once their ally engages me and die due to the barrage of spear in their face.
Its passive is great too, last hit minions and one hit champs with low health.

Grand SkyFall:
Great ultimate. He can teleport to anywhere on the map and deal massive damage to those caught in the blast. This ult requires a little timing and skill which i will explain later on the bottom. The cooldown is rather long so as soon as its available, blue pill and find someone to gank.

Offense: 21
Defense: 9
Utility: 0

Summoner's spells:
Heal: Great for turret diving along with Pant's shield. Handy for staying in a lane longer, survive would be deadly situations, great all-around skill

Ignite: Extra damage to bring a opponent down to below 15% for heartseeker faster. Kill fleeing enemies

Cleanse: Good for survival, but i find i suck at using it at a good time so i prefer heal

Rally: Great spell for Pant's combo to increase damage. Make sure your in range of its buff though.

Ghost: Good for escaping, since pant has no escaping spells. Also useful for chasing fleeing opponents.

These are the spells i feel pant can benifit from the most, the other spells can help, just not as much as these.

The key to this pant build is attack damage. The higher your attack, the more damage your spells are going to do. Some people use attack speed because they want pant's passive to activate more, but really, is a single shield block every 4 seconds going to save you? I rather have my enemy dead. Since most of the dmg is going to come from his spells, his cooldown needs to be short. Thats why i get brutalizer. Ghostsword is basically a mini ghost that i like to use to get away or when im pushing a tower. The bloodthirster is amazing. 90 dmg a pop and massive lifesteal. If pant crits and he has bloodthirster, he gains about 400 health at the end of this build. The rest of the items are just to boost his attack even higher.

1. Think, what would you do if you saw the circle appear, where would you run?
2. Knowing this, if your target is attacking minions, and a turret or friendly champ is in front of him, place your ult so that the center is slightly behind him. He will probaly run backwards to avoid running foward into the turret or champ and be hit directly in the middle.
3. Always stun and heartseeker ASAP when you land.
4. When the circle appears, the game apparently registers as pant already on the ground so if the target is escaping run after him, and when pant DOES appear he will not be in the middle of the ult, instead running after your target.
5. If it looks like your ult is going to miss, you can cancel it as long as the FIRST meter has not been filled. A short 9 second cooldown will appear and you can try again.
6. If someone is attacking a turret, its the best oppurnutiny to attack. Place your ult slightly behind them again and bam theyre slowed, stunned, and then dead. YOur ult will kill all the minions and the turret will began firing at the target and most likely kill them.
7. Backdooring is risky with this build because pant has low attack speed meaning bad tower and inhib pushing. I don't reccomend.
9. If a enemy champ is low and retreats behind his minions, try falling on the closest turret. Usually, they will be there recalling, only to die in a blink of an eye.
10. In a teamfight, have your team began engaging the enemy team when you are IN THE PROCESS OF LEAPING, so when they began to fight, your circle will appear and the their team is pummeled.
11. Try to use it from base so if you change your mind,your mana is not wasted.

Early game:
For this build, Pant must solo the middle lane and you cannot blue pill in this time. Its vital you reach lvl 6 as fast as you can to gank for gold and stacks on your Sword of the Occult. During this time, try to hit the enemy champ with spear shot as much as you can, but do not risk your self yet. At lvl 3, if they are at half health or lower, make your move. Aegis of Zeonia, Heartseeker strike, then ignite and spearshot and they should be dead, or at least very very low. DO NOT PURSUE. Let them go back and waste valuble time.
Middle game:
Pant shines in middle game. At lvl 6 go back to base. Look around, the two other lanes should have enemy champs that are low. Ultimate on them, gank, go jungle or lane again until your ult is back up. Then rinse and repeat. Try to get sword of occult fast so you can get stacks. Don't be afraid to KS, people might curse you out, but you will help them in them long haul with stacks.
Pant is actually very vulnerable in a team fight. People tend to focus you if you jump in the middle of them and try to heartseeker them. If you can, try to hang back and heartseeker one or 2 of them from the back. When they are low, run in and crit them all.

Thats about all for now, if you have any comments or questions please post in comments. I will respond the best i can. Thank you, and RATE PLS