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Build Guide by bash0r [H4G]

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bash0r [H4G]

Pantheon in the jungle... WTF?!?

bash0r [H4G] Last updated on January 31, 2011
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Who's starring in this guide. Let's see.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is...
You will think: "What a stupid guy.. He goes jungling with Pantheon." I thought the same as I got the thought in a delirium. I thought about a long time and tried out in so much BotGames.
Before you begin flaming me, you get a statement by me:
"Pantheon isn't the best jungler, but better then no jungler."

Anyway, Pantheon is a ****ing nice Ganker with his Jump-Stun and even better: his Ultimate.
So, just give it a try, before you flame me down. Thanks.

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Pros / Cons


  • Him is a strong Ganker (Stun / Nuke)
  • He can get out with full HP (Passive)

  • There are better jungler ingame (Fiddlesticks, Udyr, ...)
  • Him is much better on the lane

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Here I show you my recommendation for the Runes. It works without my recommendation, but it is better with them.

Quintessences: Attackspeed

Mark: Attackspeed

Seal: Manaregeneration per 5 seconds (recommended) / Attackspeed

Glyph: Manaregeneration per 5 seconds per level (recommended) / Attackspeed

Example Runes build

So why did I took Attackspeed. It is very easy to understand, if you read the Passive of Pantheon.
And why did I took Manaregeneration? Your spell will cause very hard Mana leaks, especially in early game.
It is your choice, but this build works best.

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I will give you an example build. What you do is your choice, but like I said in the Runes-chapter, this works best.

Which allocation did I took? I took a 21/0/9.
Is there an alternative? Yes, for Tank-Pantheon you can take a 0/21/9. (Complete waste)

Here my example: Example Mastery build

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Summoner Spells

What you have to take for jungling (who had thought): "Smite" it in their face.
Which spells can I take to this?

Smite is your core Summoner Spell.


  • Exhaust
  • Ignite
  • Flash
  • Cleanse

  • Clairvoyance
  • Revive
  • Heal
  • Clarity
  • Fortify
  • Ghost
  • Promote
  • Rally
  • Teleport (you have one, lawl)

I guess I don't have to explain.
But I do it for the noobs under us, so they can learn it too.

Smite, the most important Summoner Spell for a jungler.
Exhaust, a nice Summoner Spell if your team does not have one Exhaust to isolate and counter AD-Carries.
Flash, the worst choice of the good Summoner Spells. You do not have to get away. The Teamfight start without you, you fall into them and kick their ***es.
Cleanse, to get out of Crowd Control.
Ignite, the Summoner Spell to pawn a Mundo, Vladimir or just to get a kill out of sight.

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Here I will explain the use of the skills of Pantheon.

Aegis of Protection - "Pantheon is surrounded by a shield, which protects him".
This skill appears after five attacks or skills.
Try to set up this shield to prevent you by harraring with normal attacks.

Spear Shot - "Pantheon throws a spear".
You have to use it as a nuker spell. It does really hard initial damage and scales hard with your AD. In the jungle you can use it as nuke-down or lasthitter (smite).

Aegis of Zeonia - "Pantheon jumps on an enemy, stuns him and sets up his shield instantly".
This spell has to be used for saving your life (can set up the shield instantly) or for stunning, so you can hold the enemy in your HSS.

Heartseekers Strike - "Pantheon hits with his spear in a cone infront of him".
Use it after your stun to the enemy as long as possible in this cone. It is a constant damage, really useful if the enemies are on one point (you can hit each enemy).

Grand Skyfall - "Pantheon falls from the sky and causes magic damage around him. From him away less damage as further the enemy is from you away".
Use it after initiation in teamfight. Just use it as AOE like Nunu does and to spread the enemies. The best you can do is to use it with another AOE-Ulti to prevent the enemies running away. Or to prevent an ally from dying.

I hope this little overview could help with Pantheons spells. But reading does not replace training.

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Skill Sequence

Here is my skillsequence:

  1. SS
  2. HSS
  3. SS
  4. AoZ
  5. SS
  6. GS
  7. SS
  8. HSS
  9. SS
  10. HSS
  11. GS
  12. HSS
  13. HSS
  14. AoZ
  15. AoZ
  16. GS
  17. AoZ
  18. AoZ

I will explain the Shortcuts now:
SS: Spear Shot
HSS: Heartseekers Strike
AoZ: Aegis of Zeonia
GS: Grand Skyfall

Why this sequence?
It is easy, first you need a f*cking hard nuke to survive in the jungle.
The second you need is the passive of HSS for easy lasthitting.

But why do I skill SS up as high as possible in a short time?
This is so easy to answer for. I got too much first bloods through this Nuke.

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What should I start with? Here you have a sequence I tested succesfully.

  1. Golems
  2. Wraiths
  3. Wolves
  4. Base
  5. Golems
  6. Wraiths
  7. Wolves
  8. Base
  9. Golems
  10. Wraiths
  11. Wolves
  12. The little creeps at Bluebuff
  13. Base
  14. Bluebuff
  15. Redbuff
  16. Gank

Why did I take this sequence?
-You are too weak for the Bluebuff at the beginning.
-You get level 2 after the Golems.
So it is the best choice to start with Golems.

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Items at the beginning

You have to choose between two possiblities.

First choice:

5 x

Second choice:

5 x
I prefere the cloth armor, but both are possible.

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Here I will give you an overview about my jungle tactic.
I did about 20 Bot Games to check out how I do it best.

Let's start with the Golems:
You have to save your smite for later. Initiate with a Spear Shot.
Aim the Golem which is next to your base and pull him a little bit away from the spawn point.
So it is easier to avoid a Gank.
Use your Ignite (if you have) on the Golem which is your target.
Nuke them with your Spear Shot as often as possible. Waste your mana as hard as you can to save your life.
Use the Health Potion if you lost about 200 HP.

If you did them, go on with the Wraiths. On the way from the Golems to the Wraiths skill your Hearth Seeking Strike. Aim this skill to hit each of the Wraiths.
Smite the biggest one (the dark blue one who sits in the corner).
Nuke your target with the Spear Shot. Now only two Wraiths should be left.
Kill them with Spear Shot and normal hits.
Consume your Health Potions if you need.

Go on whith the Wolves. Nuke the first brown wolf you can see.
You should nuke them, because your Passive can be triggered only by the blue wolf.

Now you should port back with Call Back.
What you buy in the shop is:
-a cloth armor if you took a Elixir of Fortitude first
-a Elixir of Fortitude
and some Health Potions if you have enough money.

Go this route two more times and build your items.

If you did go on with the little creeps at the blue buff. Kill them and go back to your base.
Then go for Blue- and Redbuff. If you have them both, you should be level 6 and could jump behind an enemy which is forcing your teammate(s) to stay at their tower. Do this only, if your teammate(s) is/are ready for the Gank. Else you will die.

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Team Work

Your team has to say misses so you don't get ganked in the jungle. You are very squishy and die very fast. Try to get your mates on Teamspeak to talk with them and combinate your playstyle.

For the Gank you should talk to your teammates. If you don't do, no enemy will die, or even worse: you will die. Try to time your GS with another AOE-Ultimate like Nunu's or Amumu's.

Please promise something to me. If you have a jungler, please don't do it with Pantheon.

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Here I show you my Itembuild. There are no much changes to a normal AD-Build.

  1. Wriggle's Lantern
  2. Berseker's Greaves
  3. Frozen Mallet
  4. Edge of Infinity
  5. Phantom Dancer
  6. Wildcard for an item which is most needed.

Wriggle's Lantern - Yes, I take it. You have nice Lifesteal and a free ward. Is there something better out there for a jungler? ^_^

Berserker's Greaves - There are no boots which are more powerful for an AD-Carry.

Sword of Occult - This gives you a nice AD-Burst at early game. Exchange it with an item you need more in late game, if your inventory is full.

Frozen Mallet - You need the slow. Oh no! you need the HP, not the slow.

Infinity Edge - Is there a better item for Crit, Crit-DMG, AD in the world of war... League of Legends?

Phantom Dancer - Attackspeed, Crit, Movementspeed... Everything you need.

Guide Top

Coming soon...

What I will test and eventually add (tips and advices from you):

  • (A tip by chandiah) Sword of Occult
  • Some optimizations in the Itembuild
  • (A tip by Considereth) Wriggle's Lantern > B.F Sword > B.F Sword > Last Whisper > Banshee Viel/Randuin Omen

Guide Top

Last but not least

I hope I could help you with this. I tested so much for this guide and invested very much time in it. So please give me some a advice for doing it better or stfu and go anywhere cry. I don't want to get flamed, but if you have something constructive to say, please go on and I will test and (if it is better then mine) I will change.

If you have questions, which I didn't answer you can ask me and I will add it to the guide, if it is relevant.

So this was my first guide.

Best regards bash0r [H4G]