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Pantheon Build Guide by TheRightGuy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRightGuy

Pantheon, killing was never so easy!

TheRightGuy Last updated on June 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This build is made moastly for SR top and TT
The main focus of this build is early armor and MR and a lot of crit chance.

One of the moast infortant things in this build is to get a good early game because moast of the items in my build are very expensive.
Also this build took HEAVY inspiration from the "granade" build of Forgottenduty's Experimental Builds for Pantheon.

Also on another note i have been able to SOLO baron with my full build, elexsirs and (i belive) no buffs!

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You may ask "Why crit runes and quints?!"

Well in moast pantheon builds today you se a LOT of armor penentration marks and quints while thats alright it never did it for me and that is why i took crit chance, another reson is that Black Clever gives max 45 armor pen. as a debuff (what means it helps your other team mates)
also late game the armor pen wont be so noticable on someone like a tank while 14% more crit chance is for more noticable.

Flat armor and MR runes VS Per level MR and armor runes

Now this is important you because 13 armor and 12 MR is a LOT better to help you survive other bruisers on top, also later when other champions get 300+ AP and AD you will see that the per level isnt helping that much and you would wish you had the flat ones to help you feed yourself early game.

BUT! if you like per level MR and Armor and armor pen runes be free to use them :)

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The 21/9/0 is a standard mastery page for a LONG time and i follow it too in the offencive tree just take the AD side and for the deffencive tree take 2 armor 2 MR and the rest into health.This gives you much damage and some survivability

But if you want to you can go a 9/21/0 for more survivability is ok but you are missing the 10% crit strike damage what is inportant for this build
21/0/9 is good too if you jungler will give you red and if you need more mana/movement speed

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Now why these items? i will explain it one by one

Doran`s blade

I take a doran to begin to be evan stronger and to go together with my 3% life steal on my masteries for some help, also the Health helps

Boots of speed

To chase better and get to you lane faster


Some armor pen,cooldown reduction and damage helps a good bit and later turns into youmuu`s Ghostblade

B.F. Sword

Additional damage to turn into a Blood Thirster

T2 boots

Now here i prefer The beserkers greaves for extra attack speed but Ninja Tabi if theres a lot of AD centered enemies or Mercury`s Treads for MR and less cc is good to EVAN Boots of Swifteness if you need to dodge skill shots constatly or run away

2nd B.F.Sword

Extra damage and to turn into a Black Clever (you can go streight to a BloodThirster if you want)


Now this is one of my faforite items it gives a lot of AD and some Life Steal what with the high AD means life and death!

Black Clever

This is a GREAT item and you shuld take this always it will help your team because it gives an debuff that will make you hole team deal more damage to the target also its better then a last wisperer if the enemy dont have enyone over 100 armor BUT if someone took a Black Clever before you DONT TAKE IT because it does NOT stack and will be a waste of money! Take a last wisperer(if they have a lot of armor),Madreds Bloodrazor(for champions with a LOT of health) or Atmas impaler (for some extra AD Armor and crit chance)

Frozen Mallet

One of the best items in the game (in my oppionion) for ad champions as it gives you some HP some AD and slows you enemy making sure that they cant escape the wrath of Pantheon!

Youmuu`s GhostBlade

AD, Crit chance, Cooldown reduction and Armor pen this item has it all! And an active that makes you a better chaser and gives you 50% more attack speed (another reason to take beserkers graves) this item is simpely GREAT for any AD character!

Infinity Edge

80AD, 25 crit chance and 50% Crit damage! This item is great! a normal crit has 200% damage together with this item and hartseakers passive and your masteries thats an amazing 310% damage (if they are under 15% HP)imagine if you hit an enemy with you spear whith that!
That would be 225+ 1.4*348 (the AD scaling on his spear)*310%= 712*2207!!! No mater how much HP or armor they have they wont survive that!

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Skill Sequence

Grand Skyfall, Spear Shot, Aegis of Zeonia, Heartseeker Strike is the order you want to max your skills Aegis of Zeoina before Heartseeker Strike to be able to stun more often but if you want more damage you can max take Heartseeker Strike first.

Now one more thing to max. damage you want to throw a spear,Stun the enemy,do a basic attack,use your heartseeker strike and throw another spear that SHULD kill moast other champions if it doesnt pop ypu youmuus`s Ghostblade and start chasing him/her or running depends on the situation.

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Summoner Spells


My faforite summoner spell for Mele champions it can give you the chance to chase somone and kill him or to run away but when you get Youmuu`s it can give the same effect (without passing through minions) so use you Youmuu´ s lot!


Helps a lot in finishing a target and can decide if you win or lose top because of some of those Ults that help them heal themself (like Mundos or Sions)


Not bad can be better then Ignite but if you go VS a munfo you will wish that you took a ignite


If you dont need ghost and think Youmuu`s is enough it can help you save your or your team mates tower alow you to farm faster or teleport to a ward and gank


Meh never been a fan of this, it can help save your base and can work great together with a telleport


You shuldnt take this it probably wont be neccesery you can take better spells in my opinion

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Team Work

Pantheon is pretty good in a team his ult has a great range and can farm creeps and still come in time to a teamfight (and if you want you can pop your Youmuu`s to get in range for you ult)
He can stun someone and stop them from dealing damage and destroy their squishis fast also thanks to the Black Clever ni this build tanks wont have much chance against you team!

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Well this is all and i hope you will have succes in the fields of justice leave a comment telling me what you think, what expirience you have with this build and what you think i can improve! Thank you for reading my build!