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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Satanizzer

Pantheon - MadMan of Sparta

Satanizzer Last updated on December 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why play as Pantheon ?

- Well, Pantheon doesn't fit on most of teams, so you should play him as Meele Dps Nuker.
This mean that your kind of a glass cannon.

Note : Keep in mind that they mess with Pantheon, A LOT, I mean,it's a joke to all Pantheon players.
Last week, they buffed Pantheon, PANTHEON BUNDLE SALE, Pantheon Nerf = PROFIT.

Pantheon was the BEST early game champion, and now with the nerf, he's unable to harass in early game, that mean you should play a little defensive now, without your spear harassment ( cost more mana now ) and you have less damage on heartseeker.
But that dont take out the fun of being a true spartan that strike spears on enemys hearts.

High burst damage;
Tons of harassment;
You fall from the Sky;
Badass, looks like a spartan.

Very squishy in the whole game, that why you will get frozen mallet.
You need to be brave, your VERY SQUISHY, so you will constantly jump in the middle of enemys, if your team let the enemys focus fire on you, you're free gold.
If played wrong, is the most useless champion EVER made.

You can go in all lanes, u can take 2x1, you can go mid ( dont recomend it , its better so send a ranged there ) or you can go with a partner ( most likely ).
I saw a lot of pantheon players get 'Doran sword first' but this is useless cause if the enemy push your lane hard and you're unable to hit minions your life will go down like water.So grab your Doran shield and head to your lanes.
If you have a good partner, i suggest double stun, (Taric,Sion,Morgana,Lux,Irelia), you can even try to get first blood, hide in a bush and stun the first one that go in there.

When you reach level 6, blue pill to your fountain, grab your Boots of Swiftness and rush to get your 'The Brutalizer'.
Check all lanes,if you can use your global ultimate to gank, this is the right time, ping your supossed enemy and tell to your team that you're going in.Use your 'Grandsky fall in the middle of your enemy so this way they cant run away, use your stun, heartseeker then spear to grab a kill, but its important that your allies go in there to help you.If you can't gank, just head to your lane and farm with a lil' bit of harassment.

This is were the fun starts, now you have a decent damage, a great stun, but keep in mind that you're squishy too, harass and back.Well, grab your last whisper and go gank.You're an awesome ganker, you ult slow, you have stun, and damage, nothing they could do, i suggest to Grandsky on another lane, kill someone and push that tower down.
Rush for you Infinity Edge, cause you have a passive that allows you to awayls critical low life enemys,use your COMBO :

SPEAR - STUN - HEARTSEEKER , come back, and do it again, use your exhaust to get a kill.
But remember, focus squishy targets, if you stun tanks and try to harass him, yes you do a good damage cause you have LOTS OF ARMOR PEN, but this is useless, you're able to take 1 squishy caster down in only 1 combo, so its much better focus this guys.

People use to say, that Pantheon is useless on end game phase,this people prob never played against skilled spartans, you can use your ultimate to defend tower, to push towers, to gank distracted enemys.In fights, go jumping from squishy to squishy enemys only.

I saw a lot of pantheon builds that get Manamune, i just ask myself WHY? This give you damage per mana you got,and your mana pool is very poor. Useless.Ratter expend your money with something else.

Summoners that build Sword of the Occult, well , this is a powerfull weapon , damage por stack, but I dont like very much snowball itens,cause theres matchs and matchs, you can became ultra strong with that, or just waste your sweat money, so you have best choices on itens that dont throw your golds away.

Pantheon with Bloodthirsters, well , if you face skilled enemys they will just stack armor and your damage will be useless, and WHY LIFESTEAL ON YOUR AUTOATACKS? this isn't Pantheon strong force, your potencial become from your combo ONLY, you can do great autoatacks hiting 250+ but this isn't your best choice.So, don't get it.

Armor pen for marks;

Mana regen per 5 on seals, to keep your harassment up,with this you dont need to waste cash on mana regen itens;(like Manamune).

Magic resists per level on glyphs, just to get a little defense against casters,until you bring them down.

More armor pen on quints,just to strike right on they're hearts.

Explanation about Itens Sequence:

You will start with Doran's shield, cause give you health, armor and health regen, better instead of Doran's sword, cause with the Shield you dont need to atack minions to regen your life, sometimes you will face enemys that play agressive and they wont let you atack the minions waves, so it's much better have a constantly regeneration on your health pool.

Boots of Swiftness: This allow you to chase your enemys and stun them.Better than Greave's cause you dont need atack speed,since this guide focus in your combo.Another good option is get Mercury Threads, but only if the enemys have a lot of casters.

The Brutalizer : This give you DAMAGE, give you cooldown reduction and as a gift u get armor penetration too.You doesn't need to get Yoummus Ghostblade, but if its a extensive game, get it after Infinity Edge.

The NEW LAST Whisper : 40 Attack damage, 40% Armor Pen. This explains everything, enemys can stack much armor, and this is a counter.

Infinity Edge : Start with B.F Sword, this item give you HUGE DAMAGE, since you have a passive that made you Critical Strike EVERYONE with less then 15% life, with this item you garantee a final slice on they bodies.

Frozen Mallet : This you get, cause you NEED MORE HEALTH, since you're ultra squishy and this give to you attack damage and a nice passive that slow enemys.

Black Cleaver : Get this item against heavy tanks, since you will have A LOT of armor pen, this is a combo to break your enemy armor and strike fear on earth. Actually, you could change this for another defensive item.

Ultimate : You can use it for defend towers, to push towers, and to gank enemys, most of times you will not use this right, so, if you miss it, use your ghost to keep chasing the enemy, it's impossible to get away.
Another trick is, use your ULT from your foutain, the delay is huge and when you use from there you restore your mana, this will allow you to Fall from the Sky with FULL MANA.
DO NOT USE IT if you are next to the battle, only use your ultimate when you are FAR FAR AWAY of the battle and want to get there fast.Text on chat where you will use it to your teammates pay attention and fight in that area.

Harassment : In early phase, level 4 - 9 , you only have mana for two combos, so use it, bring they life low, stand back, and use it again to finish them off.

NEVER START A FIGHT WITH YOUR ULTIMATE, you will problably just get ALONE in the Middle of your enemys, and unfortunaly you have to trust on partners, ping and text on the chat the enemy that you will strike, to your mate go in there.

You have to be BRAVE : The Jump Stun will leave you vulnerable,you need to master the right time to use it well.

Well Pantheon can be a very deadly champion if played right, but can be a true feeder if u dont use him carefully.
It's the most fun to play champion, since you can jump with a stun and dish your damage garantee.
Remember as a Spartan, show no mercy.