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League of Legends Build Guide Author Beckcheck

Pantheon - Nerf him plz EPIC

Beckcheck Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Pantheon - The most HATED - Most COMPLAINED - most NERFed within the last couple of weeks. I've been playing Pantheon before they buffed him, during the buff and still play him even though they reduced the buff. Truthfully, he's still a huge impact player and can drop multiple champs and controls champ fights. Pantheon is a cruicial champion but in my opinion underplayed and majority of the time played terribly.

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Learning/Understanding Pantheon

Spear Shot - is a harassing ability. It doesn't do as much damage as it once did pre HSS buff. However, it still holds its own on a laning situation. Keeps people thinking twice about entering the zone of Spear Shot. Easy "left click" for damage done for an enemy miss click. At level 18 with items this ability holds its own.

Ageis of Zeonia - his stun, his bread and butter the move that makes him stronger than other champs. This spell sets up ganks, and holds a huge ability of other laners. He can literally jump half of his line of sight and stun a target to set up HSS or Spear Shot. They might have decreased this abilities duration but still it works for what HSS does.

Good Reminder : Save Ageis of Zeonia for Katarina, Miss Fortune, Nunu and Galio Ults. (Good Pantheon's do this)

Heartseeker Strike - Main damage doing ability. (champions take double damage) To say that this item got nerfed is a true statement but what they buffed it to was ridiculous. Literally anyone who played Pantheon could just use (E) once and get 1 or 2 kills with no problem. HSS also has a passive that gives you the ability to CRIT 100% if the minion or champ is below 20% life. This helps with last hitting minions and as well as finishing the job on another champ.

Grand Skyfall - Great Ult, you can backdoor, get out of ganks, solo champs easily. Cooldown is low. In the recent update your team can see where you are landing. However, i still ping on the map to indicate that im coming..(no ****) sometimes people don't see the circle.. Never waste the ability - remember you can get out of the cast by clicking to run. It resets to cool down for 10 secs.

To say it never hits IMO is your fault. This is a huge skill shot. To land it correctly is difficult but you have to have Pantheon's timing down. User error in my opinion to say that this ult is useless or ineffective.

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Item Breakdowns

Trinity Force - Trinity Force is a survivability item as well as damage item. Since my Runes are all AD it really helps on that next basic attack after an ability cast. I get that 150% AD buff. People wonder why i use sheen/trinity all the time let me explain a little deeper :

Example im level 10 - My AD is around 193, Items i usually have around this level :

Sheen, Last Whisper and Regular Boots (with 3+ kills) add Brutalizer.

When you commit to a stun (W) your first swing goes off meaning you connect with Sheen buff. Then you pop HSS. This actually does alot of damage within a short few seconds. Then do spear shot and you have Sheen buff again.

Boots of Mobility - These boots allow you to ult a straggler near the enemy base trying to clear, make the kill and get out as fast as possible. Also these boots assist with catching enemies and getting to champ fights when your ULT is down...

Last Whisper - Reduces tanks armor, really gives you the ability to solo any character on the map... From using this item it actually goes well with HSS. You'll can see a huge difference when you have Last Whisper on Pantheon when using the ability HSS. (IMO - Pre HSS nerf)

Youmuu's Ghostblade - Great item for Panth, movement buff, attack speed buff, armor % pen, damage its great to solo a champ or solo a turret.

Atama's Impaler - I play more of a survivability style. However, atama's keep me in the fight longer and gives me a benefit over the other damage base characters.

Warmongers - Warmongers is Health Regen, Health (survivability), Also with Atama's I get more damage down the road cause my HP Max climbs with this. (close to 4k later game)

You'll be happy with the build, you got survivability, damage and most of all Back Door ability with Youmuu's. All around domination! Just follow the item build sequence.

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Previous Runs with Build

9/5/6 - First time trying it out - surrendered (win)
8/2/6 - better - surrendered (win)
9/2/5 - Win - surrendered (win)
34/11/11 - Dominated (people were complaining) (Lost)
6/1/1 - Surrendered (win)

Updated 4/13/2011:

18/3/10 - Surrendered (win)
18/5/9 - Carried (win)
10/6/15 - (Lost) 4v5

I've tried alot of builds ranging from Attack Speed / crit Panth (pretty good), AD maxed (got kills but died alot), Defense builds (couldn't acheive kills, but was good end game), This survivability build Seems to be the perfect build with the new NERFs. Pantheon's damage out put is HIGH.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust - Great starting / finishing champ spell. Really changes the game when its perfectly used.

Ignite - Seals the kill... My common combo - Ult, Stun, HSS, Spear Shot, Ignite (usually ends in death) Ignite also reduces Healing abilities.

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Leave your comments. I'm open to answer any questions or doubts.

If you doubt it, please invite me in a game i'll run and display the build.

Beckcheck is my name ingame. GG

**** Don't be that guy that talks to the other team in-game ****