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Pantheon Build Guide by Dao Yang

Pantheon now Officially the Artisan of War!

Pantheon now Officially the Artisan of War!

Updated on May 17, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dao Yang Build Guide By Dao Yang 10 7 25,433 Views 8 Comments
10 7 25,433 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dao Yang Pantheon Build Guide By Dao Yang Updated on May 17, 2013
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Introduction of The Artisan of War

Pantheon! Gotta love Pantheon, he's easy to play, a freaking abusive poker, and an anti-tank badass! Pantheon is kind of broken, so trying to use all of his abilities to its fullest is impossible as his passive relies on attack speed, his aegis needs ap to do damage, but he is still one hell of a beast!
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For Runes I usually get Greater mark of Desolation for Armor Penetration, Greater seal of Strength and Greater glyph of strength for damage, and then I get Greater Quintessence of Desolation for more Armor Penetration. That should give you about flat 25 armor penetration and flat 6.4 attack damage.

Why these runes? you say?? I get these runes because without the extra damage you won't have enough damage to hurt anyone with your spear, with out these damage runes your spear throw in early game won't even be considered harassing.

Armor penetration runes are always good because it lets you use your Heart-seeker-strike to the fullest and does great burst damage late game. (that's if you buy the items I recommended.)
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Summoner Spells

I usually get the Basic Heal and Ghost because Pantheon is real Squishy early game and also, If you want to rack up on Minion kills and make gold for items then you best get Heal to stay in lane longer.
Ghost is good for escaping because it cannot be silenced and it can be used for chasing and running away from ganks.

If you think your Summoner spells are better, then go ahead and use the ones you think are better.
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My masteries are 0/27/3. Why all on defense?? well...... if you want to survive early game tower dive or prevent being killed by minions from diving, Then I suggest you get 27 on defense. The other 3 on Utility is good hands, Because to be a good Spartan you spend less time being dead and spend more time getting kills, because that is what Spartans do.
If you don't like these Masteries then I suggest you read someone else's Build.
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Spear Shot-

(Active): Pantheon hurls his spear at an opponent dealing physical damage. If Heartseeker Strike has been leveled up once, Spear Shot will deal 150% damage against opponents whose current health is below 15% of their max health.

Cost: 45 mana
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Range: 600

Pantheon's "Q" Ability now does 100% crit on minions or champions that are below 15% health, so it's like an executioner. Also after the buff the Spear shot is a little weaker in early game but if you start off with my rune build, then your spear shot will can do pretty good damage.
Spear shot is good for early game harassment and getting minion kills.

Note: Pantheon's spear shot must be casted every time it is available for use again.
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Aegis of Zeonia-

(Active): Pantheon leaps at an enemy and bashes the enemy with his shield, stunning them for 1 second. Pantheon will also instantly refresh his Aegis Protection.

Cost: 70 mana
Range: 600

Ever since the buff, Pantheon's Stun will only stun for 1 second and 1 second only. So if you max this one out first? You are a fool. it does the same amount of damage and it's still at that same cooldown except they added .3 more seconds to the stun so instead of .7 seconds at level 1 its 1 second at all levels.

Note: if you are to tower dive without shield make sure you tower dive with this, because it instantly refreshes your Aegis of Zeonia and it will save your life.
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Heartseeker Strike-

(Passive): Pantheon's basic attacks and Spear Shot gain 100% critical strike chance against targets whose current health is below 15% of their max health.

Heartseeker Strike (Active): Pantheon channels for 0.75 seconds and deals 3 swift strikes in a cone in front of him. Each strike deals physical damage, and they deal double damage to champions.

Range: 400

Heartseeker strike used to be one of the weakest abilities in all of League of Legends, but after the Patch they buffed it to do reasonable damage enough to farm minions and deal damage to enemy Champions. Heart seeker strike is pretty well balanced I think.
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Grand Skyfall-

(Active): Pantheon gathers his strength channeling for 2 seconds and then leaps high in to the air, crashing down at the target area 1.5 seconds later. Deals magic damage to units at the center (down to 50% at the edge) and slows them by 35% for 1 second. If the channeling is cancelled, the cooldown is reduced to 10 seconds. Ignores spell immunity buffs (like Morgana's Black Shield).

Cost: 150 mana
Range to Center of AoE: 5500
Radius of AoE: 1000 (estimate)

Grand Skyfall was by far one of the most failed Ultimate ever. but after the buff it seemed to have worked pretty good for initiating a team fight. Because of the nerf on Grand skyfall's range it's only good for jumping on team fights and it is not good for personal transportation, because if you use it for jumping from lane to lane then you are only wasting mana and plus Pantheon already has mana problems. SO don't waste your mana for Transportation.
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Well if you have just been scrolling around and didn't even read my build well I suggest you read no longer and if you did read my build well I'm guessing you like my build. Anyways To end this guide i just want you to leave some love and if not then tell what i did wrong and if you hate my build then go read someone else's build. I am open for Criticsm and i will be happy to discuss the error's in my build.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dao Yang
Dao Yang Pantheon Guide
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Pantheon now Officially the Artisan of War!

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