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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hegino

Pantheon, please cooldown

Hegino Last updated on February 1, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hello and welcome to my new pantheon build. Pantheon was my first hero I�ve bought and I think I�ve fight like 150 rounds with him. Every time buying those attack speed boots with sword of occult and bloodthirster�s I had a super ad damage output and I�ve dealt tons of damage.
After playing a months with him things changed with the new release notes from League of Legends.

Different changes were:
-The attack damage of his Q spell received more percent�s
-His cool downs took more time. (Especially his Ult).
-Battle were tougher and I�ve lost more than I did before.

I needed a new build for him that�s suits the owner inside of him and I�ve found at last!!
As you can read from the build name and items I�ve chosen from the mobafire menu I�m playing him on cooldowns lately. Why is that? This is because Pantheon is not only a fighter but also especially a caster.

I�ve noticed playing him with these cooldowns my block spell has returned within 4 secs and my hearth seeker strike within 6 seconds. Also my enemy �s wish me death for ulting in, in every gank!

Please before reading the rest of my build hold in mind:

1 That the stacking ad, armor and magic resistance runes I�ve chosen in this build goes along very good with the experience masteries and first mana item. Spawning the Q and E spell with easily recovering mana over time makes you grow insane in lvl�s. It doesn�t matter if you lane or go mid (prefer mid of course) because you�ll be ganking and ulting in no time without your mana capacity reaching 0.

2 You can easily replace the armor and magic resistance runes with stacking health and cooldown runes. I�m tying this to but I still don�t have them so I�m earning them along the way for the perfect build.

3 Don�t rate this build before trying it. Some black and white viewing people would consider this build stupid but DAMN this build is AWESOME!
4 The mercenary threads really are the boots of IONA.

Pros and Cons:

-Of course the casting cooldown effect with always having mana.
-Spawning Q and E that�s what�s make you farm ip like a minion eating baron.
-Spawning your W(block) and R(ult) and supporting your ally�s prevent from dying.
-Super harassment
-Unbelievable hard to kill with these defensive items and summonor spells.
-A strong and quick chaser with these summonor spells.


-Soloing an enemy will be harder, try to use your team-mates and be a gank coordinator.

uhmm.. can�t think of many more?
Your spell damage output is even better because now you can cast 2 spells where an ad panth normally can cast 1 because he doesn�t have these cooldowns. You just need some help from an ally. Mostly in the beginning you�re getting fed so you be stronger than your enemy anyway. This isn�t even a CON!?

Now then,

Beginning with the game.
Get the Meki Pandent and try to get mid. If some other dude in your teams wants it�s no problem. This build is also compatible with laning phases. When approaching enemy�s with or without ally try to spawn your Q ability as much as possible. This is for the good harassing. When lvl 3 you maybe have damaged your enemy this much (mostly half of his hp) that you can perform a combination of W, Q, and E.

If your harassing isn�t progressing this much it also doesn�t matter that much. Just try to farm IP otherwise so your gaining money for the chalice of harmony. Probably your lvl 6 now.
Buy the Item and Ult in. Try to kill somebody in a other lane if your lane mate can hold. Or maybe if you were mid you can easily spawn after him with Ult and finish the job.
After this try to farm as much IP as possible, you won�t have much of a mana problem already. Because the regen is already sick.

Farm, Gank, Coordinate.

When going in to mid game gain the boots of IONA and the brutalizer. Feel the crazy sickness of your cooldown blocking, Throwing spears and seeking your enemy�s hearths? We�ll I do :P
If you have the ghost blade then I recommend you to get the other items I�ve filled in but this can be also be items you want to work with because already most of the cooldowns are bought.

So here end�s my tutorial. Some really strong Physics:

Ghost blade�s active (and passive) perfectly combines with Infinity edge and last whisper.
Stacking Runes most perfectly combines with utility masteries and this build of farming madness.
This Pantheon and a great output but is also a major help for his ally�s.
And of course the durability is great

You�ll be a carry in no-time :P lol ok not this fast ofcourse

I�ve hope you enjoyed my build and maybe I�ll post a Youtube video.

Don�t forget to comment, Cheers