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Pantheon Build Guide by KEE2GOOD4U

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KEE2GOOD4U

Pantheon ranked solo top

KEE2GOOD4U Last updated on January 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I made this guide because there wasnt a good solid solo top ranked pantheon guide out there, and since he is one of my favorite champs to play i thought it my duty to put this guide out.
Pantheon is considered a tier 3 champion, i think this is incorrect i think with this build he should definalty be tier 2. I wouldnt class him as tier 3 and i would definatly not underestimate a pantheon when playing against him. He can be a very dangerouse enemy!!!

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summoner spells runes and masteries


The runes that i have stated above give u early game survivability but also lots of extra early game damage and a bit of amor pen to help you along your way to destroying there team.


The 9/21/0 build works very well on pantheon. It gives him more late game and early game surviability whilst also taking the extra damae and 10% amor pen in the offensive tree. This will help u be quite tanky with minimal tank items. 21/9/0 is not as effective as the 9/21/0.

Summoner spells

Flash- i take flash becasue of the great escapeablity it gives you. it also lets you flash and get that last hit with your 100% crit chance when they are under 15% health.
Heal- i take heal because it helps you and your team in so many situations. For instance it will save your life from a karthus ult. Plus it can be used to give your self a sudden burst of health when someone turret dives you or when u r deuling.

Things you can take if you dont like the heal
exhust- good summoner allows you to slow your opponent and also de-buffs them this really helps in lane and late game. Allows you to win deuls you other wise wouldnt and to slow to pick up the kill

Ignite if you think you really need that extra damge then pick up ingnite strong early game not very good in team fights. Ignite can help u pick you those kills that just get away but really its not nessacery. Heal is the better alternative and heal will help more then ignite and its just not really need on pantheon.

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The items give you early damage with the long sword and dorans blade. But they also give you very good deuling with the early amor and magic resiste. Then you build more ad this will help you be very strong lane and mid game. End game u need ore cdr and tanky so the frozen heart does this.

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Lots of people on there guides say that pantheons q his best skill an should be maxed at lvl 9. But this is just simply not true! His e is by far his best skill, it does more damage and is an aoe spell.

The maths

spear shot-q- at lvl 5 this spell deals 225 base damae plus 1.4 added attack damage.
heartseeker-e- at lvl 5 this speal deals 53 base damage plus 0.6 added attack damage per strike. That doesnt look too good eh? but it strikes 3 times so thats 159 base damage plus 1.8 added attack damage. Thats better but still not good enough. But it also deals double damage to champs so its 318 base damage plus a massive 3.6 added attack damage!!!!

so at lvl 5 thats
225 base damged plus 1.4 added attack damage vs
318 base damage plus 3.6 added attack damage
so its very clear your e is better then your q! and its aoe!

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Early game

Early game at solo top you need to farm farm farm whilst also not letting the enemy farm. If you fire too many early q's you will leave your self with no mana and on pantheon no mana = no damage. so at lvl 1 i reqemend using q 1 or 2 times at the most. unless ofc if u have a lvl 1 fight. that should leave your with most of your mana. This is good but at lvl 2 u still dont have all your skills so its important still not to waste all your mana on q's and w's. If you can try to get your jungler to gank early becasue with your stun plz cc from jungle they will probly burn flash or die. At lvl 3 you have your full combo which is w, e, q. This combo does lots of damage but try to be carfull of there cc as it might screw u over if you do this and there jungler walks out the bush.

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Team fights

In team fights pantheon can be a blessing or a curse bepending on the players skill. so this should help you. This is what you should do in team fights:

    Constantly be stunning ap or ad carry
    Fireing your e at as many champs as possible
    Be taking down champs quickly with your e's passive of 100% crit chance when they are under 15% health
    Slowing anyone that runs or chases by auto attacking them with your frozen mallet
    Taking some of the damage for your team
    Using your heal at the correct time.

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That is what u should be shouting when u are coming down to land on there heads. But when to use your ult it can be used for sooo many thing such as:
    Cutting off escapes
    Stopping an enemy from chasing your teammate
    Teleporting back to lane
    Causing massive panic and causing madness to happen as the enemy poo themselves as they try to run from a team fight to escape your ult or they take 1000 damage to the face!

all of those are good ways to use your ult but it does take some practise to use and get good with. But once mastered it is a very strong tool in your arsenal!

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Pantheon is a very good ranked solo top taht counters many champs like gp ect. He is oftan underrated and underestimate. He is seen as a tier 3 champion but i definalty think he is more towards tier 2. A good pantheon can really win you the game espesially since his mid game is soo strong. Please rate this guide fairly usless MANTHEON WILL ULT ON YOUR FACE!!!

Hopfully this guide helped u if it did plz leave a comment. If u have anyway to improve the guide or any information that is incorrect please let me know thank you.