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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dkiller

Pantheon: Slayer of the Gods

Dkiller Last updated on May 30, 2011
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Chapter 1

This is my 2nd build, and now im posting my build for my main, Pantheon. Pantheon is an all out, balls to the walls DPS/Carry. No cowards are going to have success as Pantheon in my opinion, because he NEEDS to take the great risks to get anywhere.

Start with a longsword and a hp pot, buy your berserker greaves next, build Brutalizer, then get Last Whisper. Pantheon DESPERATELY needs that armor penetration from Brutalizer to get anywhere in the tanky meta game we have today. Youmuus should be one of the last things you build, period. Infinity Edge and Bloodthirster are imperative, and they are extremely expensive, so LAST HIT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. Jungle when nothing else is going on, get dragon if you have the chance,gank squishies who are caught solo, anything to make more gold. Hell, buy the Avarice Blade from youmuus for a while before you build it to rake in more cash, just make certain you farm like no tomorrow.

With Pantheon, you absolutely need to harass with spear shot until your target is about half or 1/3 life early on, and maybe into mid game if your not fed. After that, check your mana and hp, and if you have enough, KILL THE SON OF A *****. No, don't tower dive unless you have full hp, they have next to none, and they dont have any stuns in the vicinity, or a Karthus to ult you, or an Ashe with her ult. While you may be playing ballsy, your not playing stupid, and make sure they know it. After you start killing Ashe or Ryze and company in one Spell Rotation, their either going to focus or run from you.

The Spell Order, which is rather obvious in my opinion, is Spear Shot> Aegis of Zeonia> Heartseeker Strike> Spear Shot ASAP if their alive. Now, if your ulting someone, and they are within the ring, hit W and select them while the ring is still there. Pantheon jumps DIRECTLY TO the target and stuns it, sometimes this glitches out and doesnt stun, but you still get to the target. Now just use the spell order above and if their not dead, ghost and exhaust if necessary or call it a lost cause and book it before a tank comes and ruins your day.

As much as possible, try to ult into teamfights after the tank has engaged and when enemies are clumped together. Most of the time people will run away and stop attacking your team, and will get wrecked by your team, then you drop in, stun a low hp/ squishy target, or their carry, and try to get as many opponents as possible into your HSS to maximize the damage you cause with it.

Also, the Black Cleaver can be swapped out for a 2nd Bloodthirster or a Starks Fervor. And if its late game and your underfed or simply have NO survivability, a Frozen Mallet is nice, and makes chasing a breeze. Finally, you dont NEED Berserker greaves, i just use them to break the one attack per second barrier, so grab Merc Treads when they have alot of CC or Ninja Tabi if they have alot of dps.

I intend to edit this build as i improve upon it, but i wanted to get this out there because i rarely if ever see any Pantheons that dont suck or stack sunfires for whatever reason. Please comment rate and most importantly ENJOY!