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Pantheon Build Guide by Eliteshadowz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eliteshadowz

Pantheon Something Something Sparta

Eliteshadowz Last updated on October 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I have been playing pantheon since a week after his champion spotlight soon after he became my main i have had a lot of time with this champ so i have got my own opinion of what his skills,items,runes and summoner spells benifit me best this build focus on durability and a bit of damage.

i would like to thank Scarner because his build as well as many others helped me shape my pantheon into what i play today.

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Pantheon the Artisan of War

Far above the clouds on Mount Targon resides a stalwart tribe of people known as the Rakkor who still revere combat and war as ultimate artforms. They remember the Runewars of Runeterra and know that the League of Legends can only repress the rising tides of violence for so long. Each member of the tribe is bred to be a disciplined and vicious warrior, preferring to battle soldiers of either the Noxian or Demacian armies only when outnumbered at least ten to one. Rakkor warriors are trained not only to be as lethal with their bare hands as the most capable martial artists, but also to fiercely wield the many relic-weapons of the tribe. Such treasures have been handed down from generation to generation, and have harnessed the mystical nature of Runeterra in their very cores. These relic-weapons are among the most dangerous in existence - and it comes as no surprise that they have found their way to the League of Legends in the hands of Pantheon.

This stone-faced warrior is a paragon of his people, his very existence an anthem of exultation to the art of combat. Pantheon found it insulting that the people of Valoran would install an organization to replace war, complete with so-called champions, without including the Rakkor. Gathering the blessings of his tribe and armed with the relics of his ancestors, he has descended on the League to show the world a true warrior. He cares not who he fights, and cares nothing for the pageantry or prestige of a League champion, but lives only for the austere glory of battle. As long as Pantheon breathes, he thirsts for another foe to vanquish.

"I was hoping they had more reinforcements."
Pantheon, standing amidst the pieces of a brutalized Noxian battalion.

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Pros Cons

Good Farmer
Good Tower Diving Passive
Q Can Crit
Good Anti-Carry
Good Harass Early Game

Needs Time To Learn How To Play
Low HP if No Tank Items Are Brought
No Escape Skill
Ranged Will Give Him A Hard Time Early Game (E.G Brand/Xerath/Lux)

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Skills And Why

In this build i maxSpearShot first Why?
1.It costs less mana than any other skill
2.With armor pen runes and your armor pen items at level 9 it will do almost true damage
3.Its his harassing skill

Next i get 1 point inAgies of zeonia then max it last Why?
1.It grants a stun
2.Maxing it first would make you have low damage on your q and e
3.When maxed its stun last for 1 second

Then i put a point in my eheartseeker strike and max it second Why?
1.Eats up low hp/armor champs
2.Small AOE(Area of Effect)
3.Longer CD(CoolDown)than spearshot but shoorter than stun and ulti(ultimate)

Last i get my ulti when i canGrand SkyFall
1.Good Ganking Tool
2.Good for starting fights
3.small teleport(getting across the map)

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Has a big lane dominance due to his passive and poke(spearshot) once your level 4 you are able to cause some damage with your 3 skill combo w/e/q with this your able to get a full hss of and get the damage of your spear.

Also with your summoner spell teleport your never away from your lane

Thanks to Dorans blade and my seals and glyphs im able to control my with ease it is rare that i get hard time in lane

Solo top with is doable because ive done many times but with you neeed some early kills to help you stay usefull to your team so i would let the go solo top while your with the support bot

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Mid Game

This is when you have your armor pen item and are now geting your triforce this is when i get most of my kills because of the passive on my e try and get into team fights going straight for there carry or support but you must wait first there first lot of cc(crowed control)spells to go of this will help to do your job with little interferance because although you might not calls this team play watch the teamfight for the first round of cc it is because your team by killing their support or carry

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Late Game

Now in late game you become a somewhat tanky and have a good damage output meaning you can join team fights faster than before the whole point of late game is to help your team as much a possiable because everyone knows that if you win a team fight late game with all inter towers gone it will most likely be GG i still get kills in the part of the game like i would if i went for full damage build but the difference is i dont die as easy makeing ith harder for them to shut me down

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As everyone should know last hitting is the difference between a good player and a amazzing player becasue if you last hit your gold difference is alot higher than if u auto attack creeps also if u auto attack creeps you will push your lane making it easy for you to get ganked here is youtube video of what last hitting is

credit goes to TheLoladdict for the video

Jungle Creeps i would recomend that if your team dont mind you get red because of its slow and burn effect

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The best mark for pantheon imo it grants damage armor pen makeing it easy to blow up low hp/armor champs and cost 410RP
There are the next best these grant 0.95% attack Damage each and cost 205RP

I like these because with these and the glyphs i can easyly control my lane These are also great but dodge is also based on luck while armor is always there

These are for the same reason as my armor seals also very good but with the bruteliser item my cds are already low andf this glyph costs alot more than the magic resist runes

These also give armor pen there reason is the same as the marks
These cost more than the other quins but grant more health makeing you more tanky

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I take these because i like to have the extra damage from the offensive tree
And the extra exp from the utility tree

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Doran's Blade

[*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*][*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*]
I love this item for pantheon because it gives him every thing he needs at the start of the game i also get a second one after my boots because imo these 2 dorans together are the best thing until 15 mins which is when you should be able to get the brutealiser

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Berserker's Greaves

[*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*][*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*]
these are my fav boots on pantheon but you can get any boots you wish

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The Brutalizer

[*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*][*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*]This gives armor pen and cd reduction just what panth needs

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Trinity Force

[*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*][*] [*] [*] [*] [*] Why not this gives everything

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Warmog's Armor

[*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*][*] [*] [*] [*] With this item the only way they will kill you easy would be if they get madreds bloodrazor

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Atma's Impaler

[*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*][*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*]
great item gives armor and crit and because of your high hp this will give you some nice damage aswell so why not

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Force of Nature

[*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*][*] [*] [*] [*]
some people might be wtf but i like this item highist magic resist in the game gives movement speed and just before you get this you will see you have 66 magic resist while you have 169 armor so those ap user will hurt move reason to get it

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Youmuu's Ghostblade

[*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*][*] [*] [*] This is amazzing on panth the passive is great and its stats benifit panth greatly

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This is the end:( short but sweet