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Pantheon Build Guide by kent1325

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kent1325

Pantheon, The Artisan Of War - Pentakill

kent1325 Last updated on January 17, 2012
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I hope you like this guide i use it every time i play Pantheon its a Win - Win situation :D so pls comment and vote and enjoy :P

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Hello and Welcome to my Pantheon guide :D.I would like to thank everyone for supporting this guide.
I'll try to give you a good and effective way to play with Pantheon.

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Early game

Prefer going on the side lanes as you can dominate more easely. Pantheon is a great ealy game champion so try to take advantage of it, harass opponents when you see opurtunities opening for a + + combo and lasthit minions easely with your passive. Always focus on the weakest target and dont waste spells on champions that can either regenerate the amount of health lost very fast or can lifesteal it back. Using your spells when the time is right is crucial. When you hit lvl 6 be aware of the fights in midle lane. You might need to position yourself closer to the midle lane since cant reach mid from bot anymore. When you are in team fights then use the classic W+E+Q combo and hopefully get a kill or an assist. On the other hand if you have advantage in your lane you can hide in the bushes,coordinate with your lanemate and land with behind your emenies and confuze them. Focus the squishiest target for better results!. Kill and farm as much as you can before going back to base. If you are extremely feed you can pick up instead. The damage boost is enormous.

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Mid game

Your is ready and you might already have your 1st kill. Always wait for the perfect chance to charge inside the battle. If the situation looks bad disengage otherwise finish off the remaning champions by keeping them in range of your and wait for ability to cool or if they are on low health finish them with a few quick .When you have your ready farm inside jungle between fights and try to fill up the stacks because +40 dmg is not easy to ignore.After you finish your rush the .

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Late game

The most difficult part to play with pantheon. Usually the oposite team will have huge amounts of aoe damage and if you dont play carefully you will end up seeing things black and white...Making your will help a lot in killing people who have more hp than before.You should be very carefull on the way you will gang people because noone goes alone anymore and they probably will be expecting you to appear.Try to take advantage of your high burst damage and assault the fragile targets as they are busy on killing your friends.NEVER charge first inside or alone!,you wont be able to help much if you are dead.Try to ensure that your will not get interrupted and avoid heavy aoe damage interrupting spells(like blizz and amumu's ulty). is one of the most fragile late game chars and you have to understand the nature of this problem.Now you are ready to build your .This will make you shred people with 1k crits and good amounts of health.You will be surprized on how well is synegizes with the overall build.You are now a damaging beast.Still you have to judge the situation right when engaging.Brain is a very powerfull tool.Use it :P

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Good farmer.
Powerfull ganks.
Strong Early game.
Stun+Gap closer.
Build-in "teleport".
Nice finishing abilities.
Fun to play.

Cons: No escape mechanism.
Thirsty(mana dependant).
Easely countered.
Weakens at late game.
Kill or get killed.