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Build Guide by HawkeyePeirce

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HawkeyePeirce

Pantheon the Baker

HawkeyePeirce Last updated on March 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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How to Play Pantheon

Pantheon is by far my favorite champion out of them all, but it saddens me to find how many bad pantheon there are that play him. I cant tell you how many times i would find a Pantheon that would go for a Meki Pendant first then a Sword of the Occult. This seems like a good idea in theory some might pull it off but from my experience as Pantheon this just makes him very weak and doesn't do a lot of damage until late game and that is IF he is somehow fed.

**Some things you need to know about Pantheon**

    1. He is Very Squishy Beginning game Until he gets Lifesteal
    2. He has a high melee damage out put due to his Heartseeker Strike and Spear
    3. His Ultimate has unlimited range and can be put anywhere on the Map
    4. Great in Team fights but dont Aim for tanks. Go for Support Characters.
    5. His Passive can block ONE Auto attack or Turret Bullet.

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The Runes I chose for Pantheon are Greater Mark of Strength and Greater Quintessence of Strength because of this build goes straight attack damage. With all these base attack damage Runes at the beginning of the game with Doran's Blade it is like you have a Doran's Blade and a Long Sword which is very helpful for first gank if you go for it. Then the Greater Seal of Clarity and the Greater Glyph of Clarity runes are for mana regen because of pantheon beginning and mid game is very mana hungry. With these Runes in place you can stay in your lane longer and get more experience so you can get your Ultimate faster.

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Summoner Spells

With this build since pantheon has no real escape mechanics. With Flash and Exhaust is both great for slowing down and escaping from a chase. Also its amazing for chasing your target. Some other Summoner spells I would recommend are Ignite or perhaps Ghost.

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Skill Sequence

Getting Spear first is a great choice for Harassing enemy champs early game. With the Attack Damage Marks and Quintessences you are going to be very annoying beginning game because you can do quite a bit of damage and most likely going to get a kill or first blood if played correctly. You will want to max out this skill AFTER Heartseeker Strike

You get the Stun second for scaring off or killing enemy champions because once you stun them they are more likely to run away for fear of getting ganked or killed by you.

Heartseeker Strike is Pantheons main source of damage. This Move does normal damage to minions and neutral minions and is great for Farming gold mid game. But the thing that makes it powerful is that it does DOUBLE damage to champions. So if you are doing 100 damage to a minion it will do 200 to an enemy champion. So you will need to max this skill out first.

Pantheon's Grand Sky Fall is his Ultimate. This move does a Base amount of Damage at its center of impact and is spread out to its weakest point which is its outer rim. His Ultimate is perfect for ganking that one enemy Champion that is off by himself trying to back door turrets or when they are trying to run away. Pantheon's Ultimate also Slows the enemy champions down no matter where they are in your impact. So use that slow for when the enemy champions are trying to run away in a team fight.