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League of Legends Build Guide Author MPLocke

Pantheon: The Hybrid Build

MPLocke Last updated on April 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pantheon is one of the more difficult champions in League of Legends. In the right hands he is a very capable carry, but in the wrong hands he is a terrible warrior and Cho'gath food. The key is running Pantheon is a better understanding of his skills and how to apply them in combat.

Summoner Spells

I recommend Exhaust and Flash. In fact, I don't think you do Pantheon justice unless you use these. Exhaust and Flash are the spells that will either help you get that runaway or escape a mob, so don't leave home without it. Other viable options are Ignite and Teleport, but I don't really think it should be used with Panth.

Abilities and you.

Aegis Protection
The first thing you need to know about Pantheon is that he is NOT A TANK. While he can be built to withstand damage, his abilities are focused more to carry his team-mates rather than soak up damage. His passive ability allows him to ignore the first physical attack that strikes him ever four attacks that he uses. This can protect you from Towers if need be.

Spear Shot
This ability is your early game killer. It's got a decent enough range to kill from afar but don't rely on it to get your kills later on unless you are trying to land that last hit. It wouldn't make much of a difference in a close fight, so be mindful of how you use it.

Aegis of Zeonia
Okay, this is the ability that makes Pantheon so great in teamfights and chases.
Aegis of Zeonia is not only a stun, its a ranged stun, and can easily turn the tide of a battle. This is the ability you utilize when you are ready to make a kill. Depending on how your build is coming along, this can really show your enemies why you shouldn't get in front of a Stanpar and his shield. When your opponent is attacking your tower, annoy him into hitting you, and stun him within tower range. While he's stunned, he'll be blasted at least three times before he can get away. If timed correctly, you can get a cheap kill of this.

Heartseeker's Strike

This ability allows Pantheon to farm minions with ease, and can be devastating if used cleverly. For example, say an enemy champ is pushing your tower with a minion wave. Use HS to make said minion wave disappear, then pounce on your enemy with Aegis of Zeonia.

Grand Skyfall

Okay, if you've ever played Pantheon before, one of the biggest gripes people have is how long it takes for him to land. The circle is drawn out for the enemy to move out of the way, only to return to eat you while you are stunned.
Exhaust and Flash is the remedy. See, the game registers you in the center of the circle during the landing phase of his ult, meaning that you can use Exhaust to slow your enemies, and Flash to redirect yourself before you land. The closer to the center you can get your enemies, the more damage it does. Be warned, as soon as you strike the earth you will be unable to move for a second or two. Normally if you didn't kill your foes that would spell your end, but luckily there is a neat trick to getting around that. You can regain movement by using Aegis of Zeonia to pounce on a nearby enemy, that enemy most likely being someone limping away from your crashsite.

The key to utilizing Grand Skyfall is being effective and accurate. Make sure that you use Grand Skyfall to sandwich your enemies between you and the cavalry. GS can also be used to kill an enemy champ with a sliver of life who is hiding behind a tower waiting for his blue pill to finish. Be merciless, money is money and a kill is a kill. Pantheon has no place for mercy.


Early Game (1-6)

This is where Pantheon starts showing his colors. Buy a Dagger and a Health Potion and get to your lane. I suggest not going Mid while you are learning Pantheon. Allow your enemies to show themselves and harass with Spear Shot. Be wary of the map and make sure you aren't on the receiving end of an early gank.
Cooperate with your lane partner, and target the lane enemy with the least health. Once you level up to 2, get Aegis of Zeonia. Whittle your opponent's health below half, and stun with with Aegis of Zeonia. Follow up with an Exhaust, and demolish him. If the fight starts getting bad, flash away and retreat, you'll get another chance. Sometimes you'll kill your first target and his partner will be unsure of how to precede. If you still have more than half of your health and your partner is still alive, activate your potion and stun the next target. Kill him and take the spoils. Port back, finish your Berserker's Greaves, and buy the materials for Vampire Scepter.

Two things can occur after this early double kill. Either your opponents wise up and play carefully, or they think it was a fluke and attempt to get revenge. Punish them for this mistake. Remember that you are trying to get your equipment early and learn to read the behavior of your opponents so you know the difference between the two situations.

Midgame (7-12)

Pantheon will seem slower and less powerful here if you didn't get that early kill. Don't worry about it. Play carefully and remember to cooperate with your partner. Your next buy after Vampire Scepter is Zeal. Continue fighting enemy champions and utilize your Ult's range to ambush unsuspecting enemies. Remember to use your Ult mindfully, never charge into a fight you're unsure you can't finish, and when in doubt, allow your teammates to get closer to the enemy before you activate the Ult. Pantheon only gets better at 1v1 late game. Buy your BF Sword as soon as possible, remember that most of Pantheon's power comes from how much damage he can dish out with regular attacks. Complete your Bloodthirster, and be careful.

Lategame (13-18)

If you have been playing well so far, you've become much like a true Spartan. You turn the tide in team fights, and are death on wings. Remember to use your Heartseeker Strike to kill mobs of minions for money as often as you can spare. The Golem and Lizard buffs should be easily attainable to you after you buy Vampiric Scepter, so if you aren't seeing any real action, take the fight to the neutral mobs. Push with the team, and break those towers. If you meet with the enemy, take out the enemies with the lowest health first. Remember, the more sources of damage that can come at you, the more likely you are to die, and without you, your team is left without a stun, and some serious muscle. As you occasionally get a kill, slowly start building your Black Cleaver. Once it is complete you are in for some SERIOUS FUN. The attack speed will allow you to keep up your Aegis of Protection, the damage will wreck the competition, and your lifesteal will keep you alive. If the game gets a little long, Start building your Phantom Dancer. If you still have money after building that, I suggest you get Bloodthrister;

Pantheon is a pretty amazing fighter once you understand HOW to fight with him. He's not going to level entire teams, but what he will do is make the enemy think twice before engaging in any fights while you are around. Play the fear card, make them flee from you, and remember, most important of all, don't piss off your team. Pantheon works best when he establishes a synergy with the team. Become a hurt engine and conquer the enemy.

"Courage without conscience is a Wild Beast. BE THE BEAST"
- Courage Wolf.

(Leave comments and suggestions, we shall build Pantheon to his greatest potential.)