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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flyguy69

Pantheon, Using his Shield

Flyguy69 Last updated on January 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first guide so I am open to suggestions. please excuse my spelling as it may get ugly at time. Just LoL at it. ;)

I used to play Panth a lot when I was in the teen in my summoner level and stopped because I could not stand his late game drop in power/survivability. I recently picked him back up and have started to run a build where he actually uses that damn big shield of his to block something like an actual Spartan would have done.

Note that you will fight longer before a death, but not kick out as much dmg in a short burst then the pure AD builds.

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Runes are pretty standard.

ArP- more dmg
Dodge- live longer
CDR- spam more
Flat Health- ... more hp

Masteries are 21/9/0 for more dmg output and more survivability. 21/0/9 is also viable.

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I max heartseeker first because thats your big dmg ticket item. You may mas spear shot first if you like. i do that second. Put skyfall up when you can. and max Aegis last.

Summoner Spell I choose Ghost and Exhaust. Need to chase, you've got it. Need to run(like you'll ever do that hahahha) you've got it. Need to shut down a high damage burst on an enemy for 3 seconds? you've got it. I just find these spells to be great assets to your Panth.

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The goal of the items if to make Panth more of a beefy DPS. there is no point in having all that power if you get killed before you get a chance to us it, correct? Note I am talking late game, it is well known Panth is far OP early game. and that is why we love to play him and hate to face him.

The first 3 items are mainly your killing items. Rush Brut. and get tier 1 boots fast. upgrade boots to merc treds. Or if there is little CC the boots of your choice. Rush BF sword and upgrade it to Bloodthirster. That gives you your DMG and lifesteal.

The next few items are more defensive. I rush Aegis of the Legion because I am a team player. It helps me, and the aura can help win team fights and skirmishes. Every team should have this item. Next is Randuim's Omen. The HP and Armor are nice. CDR helps out. and the active is also amazing in team fights. All around will help your Panth survive.

Now for your last Item there is kinda a choice. If there is a lot of casters go Banshees Veil. the spell block and HP/Mana really help Panth(or anyone) survive. If not you may choose Atma's Impaler for extra armor and DMG. Another Bloodthirster, Thornmail, or whatever tickles your fancy really.

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Team Fights.

After your tank initiates. Go in with Aegis. Heartseeker the **** out of them. And spear shot and survivors. Sprinkle in Skyfalls where needed. Just remember to tell your team. Nothing worse then skyfalling whole team just to dye because the fight hadn't started.

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Ranked Play.

Good luck with this one. Panth gets banned almost every game. He is right up there with Rammus and eve at this point.

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Farming/ Jungling.

Heartseeker can take out whole waves of minions if placed right about mid game. making Panth a great farmers/pusher. Same goes for jungling. Want a buff? hearseeker and spear shot spam and you will have it in seconds.

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Panth is a natural beast. His only down side is his late game survivability. With this build this is countered, but at the cost of DMG from the pure DMG builds that are suicide.

Thank you for reading. Good Luck. Have Fun. And never disgrace the art of war.

Please comment on improvements that may be made. to the build. Once i learn how to put pictures in the text I will. and Please rate once you've tried it.