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League of Legends Build Guide Author losingforgood

Pantheons! What is your profession?

losingforgood Last updated on October 3, 2010
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When Pantheon first came out he was an OP champion like most new champions that Riot releases. He was subsequently nerfed dramatically, nevertheless, with the right skill and the right build, he remains an extremely OP champion that can bring havoc and fear to your opponents. Play him right and you can win 95% of your games, this is my word!

Many people claim that Pantheon is very strong early game but very weak at late game. There is certainly some truth in that. The reason he is weak late game is because he is very easy to kill. Although his passive can block 1 physical source of damage, this is not even nearly enough to keep him alive in later team battle when the opponents can focus on him and literally destroy him in matter of seconds taking in consideration of his squishiness. That lead me to the idea of buying tanking items for Pantheon in order to keep him alive late game. This decision however brings certain problems. If I go tanking items, Pantheon will not be able to deal much damage to the opponents and, therefore, his role will be rendered less useful for the team. That lead me on a journey to find a way to keep Pantheon as a dmg dealer and at the same time to make him more durable in later fights. The journey was long but I have finally reached my destination and found the answer. Now I will take you with me.

Start off with a long sword and a health pot. Pantheon is great mid solo champion and you should always take mid, unless someone on your team really insist on having mid and QQ about it. Then, like a true gentleman, you can give it to him/her and go to the other lanes. The reason I like playing Pantheon mid is because Pantheon is possibly the champion with the most burst damage early on and with his passive, he can dominate 1v1 against most other champions. He also have great harass/containment abilities and having Pantheon mid, would mean that the other team carry will be under-leveled and under-farmed.

When you are mid, keep harassing your opponent with your "spear shots," every time he comes to hit a minion, punish him. Having your long sword, your spear shots will do a lot of damage and your opponent will have to use his pot early on. One thing to remember is that you should only last hit your minions and stay mid. You can stay behind enemy's minion, not letting your opponents getting xp and every time he tries to come you spear shot him. This is containment technique that will take some time to develop. If you are new to the champion, I do not recommend you to do it. At lvl 3 your opponent is below 60% health, you have your q, w, and e spell, it is time for a First Blood. By this time if you are running low on mana, use clarity. As the opponents runs back and forth, pretend that you are not interested in him, but as soon as he comes into near range use q, then immediately w, e and ignite on him. If you think that he is not gonna die from ignite, chase after him a bit and spear shot him again. When I play Pantheon, 80% of the time, this brings me a kill. Stay on your lane, use your pot if you are low on hp and farm. When he comes back keep harassing with spear shot. He will be so scared or angry with you. If he is the latter he will try to kill you but you have superior damage and you can kill him if he is squishy. If he has a lot of hp, play defensively and harass with spear shots. When you are lvl 6, go out of his vision and recall back to base. At this point, you have money to buy 2 more long swords and maybe a boot. Buy it and observe mid. If your minions are many and your enemy is occupied in hitting them and will be hitting them for the next 5 seconds, use Grand Skyfall on his head. Remember, use it little bit behind him so that when he sees the circle and tries to run back in panic, you will fall directly on his head. This takes time to master Grand Skyfall but once mastered it is great for kill and ganging.

After you kill him keep farming the lane and push tower. When he comes back you will be 2-3 level above him and he won't be able to do anything. When you push to tower, u can go back farm neutral or go gang the other lanes depending on the situation. Remember to go back mid and to protect your tower. As long as your Grand Skyfall is 10 sec from being ready, recall back to base and start looking around for a nice gang. If you are gonna gang the side lanes, make sure to tell your teammates after you have casted the ult. That way they will not rush in prematurely and spoil the surprise. As long as you have money, buy Sword of the Occult and Brutalizer. Keep ganging and farming, it is important that you gang and farm. Keep your profile low and don't reveal your position too much for the opponent. You want them to wonder where you are and to play defensively, afraid from being ganged.

When you have money, buy immediately Catalyst the protector, it is very important because it will give you some good hp and mana and also will restore some hp and mana when you level. Depending on what the enemy team is composed of, you can either go for banshee immediately after the catalyst or a sunfire cape. The banshee and the sufire cape are vital items because they will keep you alive. And if you are alive, you will not lose stacks which means that you can gain damage and in the mean while you are not easy to kill. This is the core of my build. By the time you get your sunfire cape, you will be so strong that even if the enemy opponents focus on you, they will not be able to do anything because they are weak and their carry is being called feeder. After this point it is a matter of team coordination and pushing lanes together. In team fights, remember to always go for their squishy and their carries. You can initiate team fights because you are so tough that even if they focus everything on you, you will still come out alive. That doesn't mean you should Rambo 1v5 while your team is way behind you.

To summarize:
1. Pantheon is strong early game and you should utilize that to harass their carry.
2. Pantheon has crazy dmg burst but is weak so, buy defensive items after you have got occult so you can stack dmg while at the same time being extremely tough.
3. Always look for gang. Use your Grand Skyfall wisely. Predict their movements and cast it accordingly. Don't be in a hurry and waste your ult. Always look the minions and think if the enemy is gonna remain at the same spot. If you have casted your ult and the enemy move away, you can cancel your ult by moving your champion while he is channeling.
4. When the circle of Grand Skyfall appears, you can cast your aegis. Even if your opponents runs to the boarder of the circle, Pantheon will still stun them and then you can do you heart of spears and kill them. You can also cast your ignite while falling from the skies.
5. I like to place wards on their buffs and dragons and when some lonely soul goes to farm neutral, I just Grand Skyfall on their head and kill them and of course, take the buff too. If you do so, don't forget to thank them for the buff.
6. Many games with Pantheon last 25 mins for me. Once, there was an Annie who after I killed her 2-3 times, she said: "I AM DONE WITH THIS GAME. I AM NOT GONNA PLAY A GAME IN WHICH ALL OF MY SKILLS CAN'T EVEN HURT THIS SPARTAN." and then she leaves.

This is my first guide and I know that it is far from being good. I just wanted to share with you something that I have found extremely practical and I hope you like it. Your comments and constructive criticism are welcome so please leave many. Thank you.