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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Albahtross

Parts to an Urgot

Albahtross Last updated on March 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The first time I played against Urgot, it was horrendous. Many of us were around level 12 and had no idea how to fight his amazing range and harassing capabilities. When played correctly, he can win pug games with ease (if he has a good team of course.)

Urgot, the Headsman's Pride is a DPS character with skills that make him great for:

Making chases easier
Softening the enemy team before a fight
Wrecking Carries at long distances
Wrecking Carries at short distances
Good damage vs "so called tanks" in the mid game

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Marks of Desolation x9
Seal of Clarity x9
Glyph of Focus x9
Quintessence of Desolation x9

These runes provide a wealth of more AP and Cooldown Reduction. The mana regen will help early game and midgame.

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Skill Sequence

Passive-Zaun Touched Bolt Augmenter: My favorite passive in this game. Your autos, missilies, and charges will reduce the enemies damage by 15%. One charge can completely reduce their teams damage and it's subtle, so they won't know until they see the numbers. People underestimate it alot.

Acid Hunter: Your long range weapon of choice. Maxed first, main damage.

Terror Capacitor: Staying power in lanes, Extra survivability, a slow, all around great skill.

Noxian Corrosive Charge: Dot, Armor reduce, Lock on for your Acid Hunter. Your Acid hunter locked on can fly pretty much the distance of your fog of war. This skill is maxed last because while the dot is good, the armor reduction is consistent and I think survivability is more important than the dot.

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Mercury Treads: Simply the best boots all around.

Manamune: Manumune is horrible for many DPS characters right? Why would this fit Urgot? His mana pool is much larger, meaning larger damage.

Brutalizer: Early game Armor Pen= tanks have a harder time =(

Last Whisper: More Armor Penetration!

Banshee's Veil: More Magic Res so when you Ult, you wont get raped (as much)

Frozen Heart: More Mana!!! Armor helps alot as well

Ghostblade: Not really important like other items so I leave this at the end. Just an upgraded Brutalizer with an ok Active.

Now you may notice that this build doesn't have the super damage items like Infinity's Edge. Why? Much of Urgots damage comes from his Acid Hunters which don't crit. The damage items in this build all apply Armer Penetration which, when combined with runes and his Noxian Corrosive Charge, will bypass a whole lot of armor.

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Laning Phase

Start off with a Meki Pendant and the h pot and m pot. You can lane or mid well. Start off last hitting minions with your auto or acid hunter. At level 1, use them simeoultaneously for a 100'ish damage burst

Note: Acid Hunter doesn't pause your Autos. (notice how he has two arms, one missile launching one, and one cannon arm)

When you get to level 2, you are a harassing machine. *Launch Noxian Corrosive charge at at the enemy champs. When it lands, hover your mouse over them and Acid Hunter. Just be careful about your low mana. When you level, this combo will be even more potent, perhaps even lethal. If enemies are hiding in the brush, launch a charge where you think they are and drive them out.

*However, you may wait a bit so your acid hunters do more damage and you don't have to worry about mana draining yourself

When you get your ult, one trick is to get the enemy to your tower and swap them into it. Pop your shield for even more slow and do your main damage combo (charge and missile.) This situation doesn't usually happen because your harassing is devestating them already so if the oppurtunity comes, take it :D.

You can help with ganks by doing the following: Pop your Terror Capacitor and keep up your damage combo. Don't be afraid of adding your auto attack into the mix if they were brave enough to get close to you. Every single one of your skills and attacks will slow the enemy. If they are likely to get away, Ult them (preferably into your teammates) and continue your assault. Remember not to ult them into safety.

When you get Manamune, a minion kill will be maybe 2 autos and one missile.

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Team Fights

The heart of every League of Legends game, team fights are the most important things to master. As Urgot, you are the enticer. You do damage before the main fight even starts. When the opponent begins the ritual of indecisively running back in forth, Noxian Corrosive Charge them and launch as many missiles as you wish at them (just don't get too close to their team.) The reason this works so well in PUG games is that commiting is much harder. You'll be able to deal a decent amount of damage to them before the fight even begins. You can halve a carry's health easily this way. The more they stall, the more they get damaged. A rash enemy might foolishly initiate and the rest will follow.

If Ult is up

If the carry decides to get into range, swap em and pop your shield. You'll be able to tank alot of damage and most likely kill their carry because your team will utterly rape him.

If Ult isn't up

When the opponent finally commits, use your damage combo over and over again on their carry and pop a shield whenever you can (you never know when the slow will net your team a kill.) This will cause people to run away in fear of dieing and that is almost as good as a kill. This might get the carry out of the fight. If they get into range of your auto attack and your team is distracting them from you, stay in range and pummel them. Even tanks can fold under this assault (middle game at least.)

Your job in endgame team fights is to ruin their carry's health. If the carry isn't there, go for (in descending importance):

Melee DPS

Know when to run.

Note: You got flash and ghost for a reason. Use it after an ult to escape rape or when you're chasing/escaping.

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During the endgame, you will be a tanky, high damage ranged character. Your debuffs may carry your team outright even if you do bad (kills/deaths). Remember to fight smart, and know when to commit. Urgot is an excellent champion; he is the Headman's Pride for a reason

This is my first build, and I'm not an experienced League of Legends player. Any criticism and comments will be much appreciated. Take care!