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League of Legends Build Guide Author AustinJacks

Patch 5.7 Teemo Guide (The Cancer Is Here)

AustinJacks Last updated on April 18, 2015
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Teemo Lore

Teemo is a legend among his yordle brothers and sisters in Bandle City. As far as yordles are concerned, there is something just slightly off about him. While Teemo enjoys the companionship of other yordles, he also insists on frequent solo missions in the ongoing defense of Bandle City. Despite his genuinely warm personality, something switches off inside Teemo's mind during combat so that the lives he must end while on patrol do not burden him. Even as a young recruit, the drill instructors and other trainees found it a little disconcerting that, while Teemo was normally charming and kind, he turned deadly serious and highly efficient the minute combat exercises began. Teemo's superiors quickly steered him toward the Scouts of the Mothership, which is one of Bandle City's most distinguished Special Forces unit alongside the Megling Commandos.

While most yordles do not handle solo scouting missions with a great deal of finesse, Teemo is remarkably efficient at them. His record of success in defending Bandle City from infiltrators easily makes him one of the most dangerous yordles alive, though you'd never know it by having a cup of honey mead with him at his favorite inn. Bandle City chose Teemo as their first champion for the League, and he has taken to it like a duck to water. His signature weapon - a blowgun - uses a rare ajunta poison he personally gathers from the jungles of ***ungu. To help cope with his lengthy periods of isolation, Teemo recently struck up a friendship with Tristana, a fellow League champion and fellow member of Bandle City's Special Forces. This connection is healthy for both yordles, though now Valoran's voracious media outlets circulate rumors that the friendship is turning into a romantic relationship. Regardless, Teemo is a crowd favorite in the League of Legends, and a pint-sized foe that many have come to fear.

''Teemo rides a thin line between chipper compatriot and unrepentant killer, but there's no one else I'd rather have as a friend.''
-- Tristana

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Pros / Cons

1.Super mobile.
2.Counters ADC's HARDCORE.
3.Doesnt have very many bad matchups.
4.Has good vision control.
5.Pushes enemies out of lane easily.

1.If played against right, can get shut down hard.
2.Low mana pool early on.
3.Will get flamed by enemy team.
4.APC's screw you over. Satan's Son.

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Skill Sequence

Ok, my skill level up sequence may seem weird but think about it toxic shot is poke every time you auto for 0 mana. Toxic shot is 110 mana every time, and if your spamming it that is a lot of mana wasted. You could have used that mana on ult for vision or a potential kill. This champion is a lot harder than people think. Max E then Q then W Ult whenever you can!

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Ok, Sorcerer's shoes are pretty self explanatory, but if you don't understand why it is because they give magic penetration for you shrooms, blinding dart, and poison shot. This means that magic resit is reduced and you do more damage, you shrooms specifically do a lot more damage, I mean ALOT.

This item is SOOOOOOOO good on this little devil. it gives more spell pen and gives ability power which is good but the passive is O FRICKEN P! It makes it so that your spells do current health dot damage to the opponent, meaning you blinding dart does base damage plus some of there current hp per second, shredding tanks. On your shrooms it get doubled because their move speed is reduced. HOW OP IS THAT? This item is core on Teemo.

This item oh boy! Ill make it simple, your right clicks become a pain in the butt, the hit more often, for more damage, and have additional damage that scales off of your ap!
This item is also core on Teemo.

More attack speed, crits, clear efficiency Shi\v has it all! Now that your toxic dart is maxed out, you needed to start abusing it, what better way that with shiv? People are going to really start flaming now that you got Shiv because you can hit multiple target with your damage to get them low, then they walk on a shroom..GG

All im gunna say is, blinding dart auto, dead man....

Im going to take something from DreamPhantom to explain why Rabadons is not op but good.When you say a nuke do u expect big mushroom clouds and total devastation or a simple missile strike?

Imo Deathcap (and the tweeks to the dps items) was introduce to properly define the line between nukes and DPS.

Nukes are Combo based they Do a huge chunk of damage leave u feeling the need to run. Problem then comes that once they unload a full combo on you, they pretty much have to retreat or do little damages of 80 auto attacks to you. AKA they have no persistent damage.

DPS are persistent damage, They go in their and keep attacking for the same amount of damage, occasionally hitting that lucky crit proc. But overall it fixed the feel that DPS champions were nuking.

Now why is this line important? Because it clearly sets a role for DPS and Nukes as it is a team game. Ideally the tank goes in there and initiates the fight, clearing a path to their squishy drawing the enemies attention so the Nuke can get in their to Melt someone, As it is unlikely for a nuke to constantly Nuke a champion for their full health, it is then an AD's role, most likely ranged dps, to clean up. A team needs coordination, and giving an identity to a champion gives them a role and a place within a team.

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Team Work

So Teemo's role after 25 minutes...splitpush. You need to distract the enemy team from the mid lane fights and get them to come to you and your shrooms, you should se them coming to just back the hell up when u do. When the enemy sees they cant catch you they will go back mid and help the team you need to them get the tower you were pushing. After you feel like you have done your job in taking turrets you can team fight. in team fights you need to burst down the carry, just blind them if you cant do anything else you blind screws ADC's because one they cant attack, and two they cant do there share in the team fight. Once they are blinded all you need to do is run behind the enemy team and place shrooms, if you get a penta you did good if not your not op enough. just kidding they should hit your shrooms allowing your team to reengage and finish them off.

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The End



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