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Lee Sin General Guide by GankinMachine

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GankinMachine

Path of the Monk

GankinMachine Last updated on August 15, 2014
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Lee Sin Build

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Lee SIn's Lore

As a young teen, Lee Sin was intent on becoming a summoner. His will and dedication were unmatched by any of his peers, and his skill drew the attention of Reginald Ashram, the League's High Councilor at the time. While studying at the Arcanum Majoris, Lee Sin became frustrated with instruction paced for the other students. He spent his free time researching the nuances of summoning in hopes of graduating sooner. He made amazing advances in his arcane studies, surpassing all other students. By all indications, he would have become one of the League's greatest summoners were it not for one terrible mistake. Too impatient, he attempted to test his ability by summoning a beast from the Plague Jungles. What he summoned instead was a young boy, but not in one piece. He barely had time to look the boy in what was once his face before the jumbled human mass fell lifeless to the floor. A League investigation later revealed that the boy's entire village was obliterated by feedback from the ritual.

Lee Sin's talents were so promising that the League was willing to overlook the incident, but he could never forgive himself. He left the Institute and journeyed to the Shojin Monastery for eternal repentance, swearing never to practice magic again. Years later, hoping to atone for his crime with martyrdom, he set himself ablaze as a protest of the Noxian occupation of Ionia. He remained alive in this state, enduring searing agony for weeks. His actions paved the way for a League match wherein Ionia prevailed, but by the time he was doused, his eyes had been burned completely from their sockets. Hailed as a savior, he was reborn, and his will to act invigorated. He joined the League of Legends to continue his atonement with sweat and blood, a true monk's only possessions.

"The actions of one may sunder the world, but the efforts of many may rebuild it."
― Lee Sin
Protest of the Shojin Monk
Main article: Ionia
The events leading up to the Ionia vs Noxus rematch started when Lee Sin, a monk from the Shojin Monastery, set himself aflame within the Ionian Lotus Garden. He would not allow anyone to put out the fire until the three regions of Southern Ionia were freed from Noxus' occupation.[1] Lee Sin remained in this state of excruciating pain for over two months. After Ionia won their rematch against Noxus, he was greeted by his sister from the now liberated Southern provinces. Only then did Lee Sin allow the flames to be extinguished. Though his brethren swiftly brought the monk back to the monastery for treatment, he had already suffered the loss of his eyes due to the intense heat.

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Start up

Hello people.My summoner name is GankinMachine.I play at the Euw servers.I main Lee Sin,and have been thinking of doing a guide based on my experience that helped me become better at playing him.Read the whole guide for an understanding on how many ways Lee Sin can be built
and then what his roles are in the meta.

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Build paths

Lets start off with his build paths.Lee Sin actually is an adapter.He can adapt to any situation in any game.He can go high resistances and health and become a team's backbone.He can get huge attack damage and become an assassin and take out large enemy threats.He can be a supportive addition to a team by getting Aegis of the Legion and Randuin's Omen.So,as I mentioned before,he has numerous build paths.
But his adaptive ability has some bad perks as well.For example,an AD Lee Sin becomes helpless in late game teamfights if the enemy team doesn't have any squishy champions and the ADC is always protected well by his/her tanky support.At that point,Lee Sin can only derp around the corner while his team gets cleaned up.And while going tank,his late game sees a ray of light,but at the same time he deals no damage at all and enemy team just ignores you making your tankieness go to waste.
So,in my opinion,the best way to build Lee Sin is,build some damage early game,transition to tanky items in the late game.That is the only viable build path for him.

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Role in the meta

Now lets discuss roles.
A tanky Lee Sin can be used for engage in teamfights.And that's the only useful trait of a tanky Lee SIn.
Next he can go an assassin if he plays the top lane or mid lane.
A supportive jungler when he fails his early game.
And lastly Off tank,this is the most viable role for him like I mentioned in the last chapter.AD early and tanky late.

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Lee Sin's ability to adapt cannot be matched with any other champion in the entire League.His kit is unique to its very core.People underestimate this champion sometimes and come to regret it.Take advantage of it.Show them the wrath of Lee Sins mains.

His early game ganks are really frightening and frowned upon.He is not effective as a tank,nor as a supportive initiator to a team.His best attributes are at being an Off tank.

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About the Author

I live in Bangladesh.I am currently a student.And student life does not allow me to play effectively.I play with 250 ping constant but this is not an excuse for my current League.I may be bad but all passionate people start from being bad and I am pretty bad and I admit it.But I try my best to become the best.
This is my first guide.There are numerous mistakes which I may not know of,so would really appreciate if you mention them in the comments.
Just read the whole thing,upvote if you think it was helpful and comment if you have any suggestions,advice or questions.


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This is the first update to the guide.And I've added a lot of new things and removed some as it lacked useful information.And I've also changed the guide title as well.
I'm currently working on a new guide.It will be up in a few weeks.Give it a look!


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