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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oberron

Patheon Killing Spree!

Oberron Last updated on October 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I have set this build to solo laning, as that would be the only reason to get spear before aegis. If you are playing a duo lane, Swap your first and second points, as aegis will almost guarentee a first blood for you or your partner as long as you target the person with less health.

Clarity: For my build, I get clarity for two reasons, 1) Panth burns through mana, so having it lets you harass more, and 2) most people don't remember that you have it and will sometimes rush you while you're at low mana, giving you the element of surprise when you go from empty to full mana.

Ignite: Aegis, ignite, Heartseeker, Spear, nice knowing ya... Early game this almost guarentees a kill, later on it keeps people from healing effectively and bleeds them.

Exhaust: This will keep someone in range of Heartseeker longer, keep them from hitting you, and make chasing easier. Easily exchangable with Ignite, as it will likely net you at LEAST one additional auto-attack or skill use.

Ghost: Panth has virtually no escape or chase mechanism, so if someone comes out of bushes behind you, your options are limited to either Aegis on the person behind you and run, or a Summoner Spell. Ghost also allows you to catch faster chars that are running away (damn Yi...).

Flash: Great for ganking from behind walls/bushes and escaping as you have no other way to do either.

All other spells are kinda pointless on Panth. Clairvoyance is a waste of Summoner Spell, and the rest really don't help you kill. If you get a status effect on you, you're probably going to die anyway, so Cleanse is not that useful. Pantheon is too squishy to take much abuse.

I personally put my first point in just to harass my opponent and hopefully move them so far away from minions that they are denied xp. (Note: if you are not in solo lane, get for the stun first, then spear.) The Aegis comes second just for the short stun, and every available point goes into and after that, Maxxing out Spear last, because the stun will be more important in teamfights than your spear ever will be. Whenever someone gets too close to you, Aegis pounce them, then Heartseeker, Ignite and spear if you can. They will run from you or die. Either way, you're happier.

NOTE: Stun enemy stunners first in teamfights, or they will be able to stop you from doing any damage in the W->E->Q combo.

Early Game
I tend to start my games with and 2 so that I can lane for a bit longer than my opponent, but recently I have begun to start with longsword and one health pot. Harrass your opponent with spear when you can, or save mana to Aegis->Heartseeker them if you're feeling lucky, or they are just stupid. Start by buying to start getting kills, and try to ALWAYS have your active by hitting minions. Shield lets you shallow tower dive, and Aegis auto-activates your passive, meaning you could possibly take two tower hits for free, but try not to be that risky as it leads to a lot of ganks on you.

Mid Game
Starts at level 6 for you since you can now move across the map freely. Always try to goto base before ulting, as it will return the majority of the mana cost. You need to decide at this point if you want if the other team is a pure/80% physical AND has little to no ability to stun. Slows are fine, Stuns are not. If this requirement is unmet, get so that you will die less. Also, you can Ult into bushes behind people to setup a gank/prevent them from running easily. COORDINATE THESE GANKS WITH YOUR TEAM! I have seen plenty of Panths try to ult behind enemies, just to have their own teammates push enemies back while Panth was Channelling, which ruins the opportunity completely. I get my Mallet early just for the the survivability it provides, and the slow to a lesser extent, because after all, you have a stun skill.

Late Game
You will probably be killing a lot at this point, as I consistantly have half of my team's kills. Stacking x1-x3 is a good idea at this point, but trade one in early for just to being Stacking it's passive. After that, you can make them whatever you want them to be. I've done a lot of thinking and calculating, but attack speed just doesn't help pantheon in any situation as the majority for your damage is Heartseeker, and just skills in general. On the same token, CD reduction might be good, but I don't have enough playtesting time in yet to know for certain. If the time comes when you have taken out inhibitor Towers, but not inhibitors, you can always Skyfall to the inhib, destroy it, and run like a scared little girl. This will annoy the other team to no end as it is neither safe to leave the base, or useful staying in base.

Core Items


All other items can really be substituted as you need.
For instance, could be dropped for or against Mage and Tank teams respectively. Even is good if four or more people on the other team have mana bars.

I have done a lot of reading before making this build and totally forgot to add this the first time. DEWO is right, if at any point you go back to base and have enough gold for a BF sword, get it. The AD bonus is just too useful to pass up. Early/Mid game, 1-3 BF Swords will do more dmg in a Heartseeker than Bloodrazors on anything that is not a tank, and even then it's still close.

I have also reconcidered Bloodrazors, as they were originally a core item for me, but I have realized through playing and reading, that the on-hit ability is not activated by HSS. This makes the item near terrible as the only time that it will be effective is right as you are dying in a teamfight, because honestly, you should be auto attacking rarely. I cannot justify getting Razors just to kill minions either, so I am dropping the item entirely. That having been said, Youmuu's Ghostblade is the best possible repalcement item. The Active skill gives you the ability to chase when needed so that you don't need to pickup the Ghost spell. Also, you'll be uber-fed if you ever get the cash to actually purchase this item.