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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tklives9

Penta Kill Tryndamere

tklives9 Last updated on March 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Pro Vs. Cons

1) Probably the best Dps champions late game(or one of the best)
2) Can heal himself with his "Q"(Bloodlust) and it also increases his damage and hit critical chance
3) Able to spin threw walls with his "E"(very helpful for escaping)
4) Very high damage
5) Extremely good farmer
6) Good lane pusher
7) Excellent at tower diving
8) Good carry
9) Amazing at killing towers
10) Easy to escape death("E" threw a wall/his ult)

1) Gets countered easy(blind, stun, snare, exhaust)
2) Kind of squishy(easy to kill)
3) Not very good if tryndamere is under level/under farmed/ under farmed
4) Very easy to harrass(keeps him from healing with his "Q")
5) Pretty vulnerable until level 6
6) Not really a early game champion

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Tryndamere Tips

I am sure some of you reading my skill set up are like why put one on "W" first? Well I put "W" at level one because most people that play tryndamere do not and also I do this because if we have an early "gank" as they run away I can solo them. I never put one on Q because you do not need it until level 2 or 3, because at level one you still have your two hp potions if you need to heal. Most people use his ult to run away, when I play trynd I have a few tactics. I do the same thing(run away when I ult), unless I know I can ult and kill the person(s) and then run away or stay depending on the conditions. Another tactic I do is when I "pop"(use) my ult I will "bait" the enemy team to my allies if they are close by so they get the kill and some money(most times this works because people get so greedy and they chase you), while on the other hand I get an ***it and a little bit of money myself. At level 3 is when I start to play aggressive(play aggressive at whatever level you feel comfortable with). I get 8 stacks(of my Bloodlust) I spin to the enemy with my "E" then hit them with my auto attack, if the enemy starts to run you use your "W" to slow them down and continue to auto attack(use a hp potion before you do this is also a good way to make sure you will stay alive). A good way to get kills when you are level 6 and the enemy is hugging the turret with low hp, you can spin in, kill them(pop your ult if needed), spin out and use your Q to heal. For some item help, sell the Avarice Blade when u are ready to buy your last item(I buy this item first because it makes you gain money faster and also raises your chance to crit). If the team is building a lot of armor, I perfer to have one Bloodthirster and a Black Cleaver(instead of having two Bloodthirster). If the team is not building a lot of armor or you are doing perfectly fine with them having armor, then go a different route and instead of getting a Black Cleaver get another Bloodthirster. If the game is a longer game which happens often and you are fed or have a decent amount of money. Sell your shoes and buy a Black Cleaver (if you do not already have one), if you already have a Black Cleaver then buy a Bloodthirster. Shoes later on in the game(if it is a long game) are useless because the two Phantom Dancers make up for the movement speed you need. So switching the shoes for another time of your choice is way more beneficial. Another item you can swap the shoes for is youmuu's ghostblade(this item makes it really easy to push/kill a tower or even run away).

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Match History

Sorry for it being hard to read. I will also type the results for the people who cannot read it.
All these games are normal games and these are the results:
First game: I went 18(kills) 7(deaths) 9(***its)
Second game: I went 8(kills) 3(deaths) 8(***its)
Third game: I went 27(kills) 8(deaths) 13(***its)
Fourth game: I went 15(kills) 3(deaths) 3(***its)

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Inside info

Yes, I main with tryndamere and if you need any tips or anything you can add me and we can play or talk. My name is icome2assassin. The majority of the people I play against always say, "Oh you suck, you think your good cause you can beast it up with tryndamere." Well to be honest, all of you reading this, tryndamere is a champion just like every other champion he has his pros and cons, and for all you people out there that say this. Just for you guys I also main with other champions and I will continue to do "beast" with tryndamere. Just for all your info I play LoL for fun and because I play for fun I will practice and main with other champions too, just for all you "haters" out there.

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Summoner Spells

Cleanse: Very good for tryndamere because a lot of spells counter him
Ghost: Good for early game to chase/run away because he does not really move fast until you get your first Phantom Dancer
Heal: Good to make people on the other team rage/mad(good for after his ult, heal + "Q" brings tryndamere to almost half if not half)
Flash: Excellent for escaping, flash threw a wall and "E" through another
Exhaust: not recommended because he already has a slow, but it is good for getting away(exhaust the champion attacking you and run)

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Team Work

Tryndamere is good a starting a team fight in some cases because he can just run away with his "E" and "R" when he becomes low hp. He is also good at starting the fight because people have a tendance to "target" him first, even though tryndamere usually just runs away. If you start the fight and they target you first, it gives your team the upper hand because they will catch the other team off gaurd and after tryndamere runs away he can always come back and help in the fight.