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Akali Build Guide by captain swagger

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League of Legends Build Guide Author captain swagger

PentAkali (In depth Guide to the kill)

captain swagger Last updated on July 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, welcome to PENTAKALI (In depth guide to the kill) in this build I will be going over the Rune, Mastery, Item, Summoner Spell, and Skill Sequence choices as well as some techniques that not everybody knows. There is also a Jungling section where the Items, Summoner Spells, and Skill Sequence is modified. If you have any comments on this build please feel free to comment on it, I will be checking in on my builds so if you have any suggestions I would be happy to look at them and make changes for the betterment of the build. Thanks for visiting my build and I hope that after this you get out there and become the PentAkali.

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Creeping / Jungling

When jungling I first get Vampiric Scepter and a health pot and first head to the Wraiths, when at the Wraiths head to the center of the group and open up with Crescent Slash, after the Wraiths move on to the Golems then Wolves and the Red buff and repeat. You can get the Blue Buff but i would recommend sticking to the fast and easy to kill monsters.

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The Focus for the items are to make Akali a really strong AD/AP Hybrid Character to maximize her overall damage output and her Twin Disciplines which is her passive which adds damage on her Skills as well as returns health to her for each 8% of damage that the Spell inflicts.
Never forget to use the Hextech Gunblade's Active, when you get your Gunblade it is insanely useful when paired with your Shadow Dance and Twilight Shroud, When you are in your Twilight Shroud your attacks reveal you for a short time but the actives on your weapons do not so the Gunblade's active is a good way to inflict good damage while remaining hidden.
The sight wards are always mandatory as well as the vision ward when there are cloaked enemies.

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Ranked Play

During Ranked games Akali will almost always solo Top lane against a single enemy and it is imperative that you as well as your mid dominate your lanes, in order to do so never underestimate your ability to escape if your being chased by early gankers, when escaping set the Shroud at corners in the jungle or intersections in lanes so that you always have more than one avenue to chose from, when the enemy chases you into the shroud stay inside of it until they chose a route to take then simply go the way you came or go in the other lane, also when in the Shroud enemy players will most likely use AoE attacks in the center of the shroud to either get the kill or damage you so stick to the sides of the Shroud. When your Shroud is on cool down and you are in enemy territory it may be best to get back to a lane unless you are certain no one else is coming for you, remember that your Ultimate isn't just for chasing enemies but also if you have over extended or forced yourself into a corner of the jungle always carry wards so that you can put them over walls to make an escape *YOU CANNOT JUMP TO YOUR WARDS BUT YOU CAN JUMP TO ENEMIES AND MONSTERS* put the ward into a monsters territory over the wall and make sure that it is a weaker monster so you do not die in the process and only jump to high lvl monsters if you absolutely have to, when cornered just jump to the monster to make your escape.
When soloing top the last hit on minions is your best friend, it gives you gold as well as keeping you a safe distance from your enemy so that they can't get a hold on you, always last hit with Mark of the Assassin. WARDS WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE AS WELL AS YOUR TEAM MATES LIVES BUT THEY WILL ALSO SAVE THE LIVES OF THE ENEMY TEAM SO ALWAYS HAVE AN ORACLE ON TO DESTROY THE ENEMIES WARDS.