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Katarina Build Guide by ThriLLSeek3r

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThriLLSeek3r

Pentakill Kat, I do it all the time

ThriLLSeek3r Last updated on July 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Defense: 6

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 3

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Katarina is one of the champs that are insanely good mid game, capable of dominating so much to the point where the enemy is incapable of making a come back. When i get a quadrakill instead of a penta, people go, 'you fail', instead of getting a goodjob from my team mates, because it is that damn common! So i thought I'd do a guide based on my play style, which is very unique because I'm a very experienced competitive DotA player.

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Laning phase

Laning with someone else is alright for Kat, as shunpo and shuriken gives you early game versatility and being able to harass opponents. However, its more recommended to mid with her, or even 1 on 2 on top lane if you have a jungler on your team.

Question is, how to lane with Kat? YOU PLAY HIM LIKE A RANGE! Always max shuriken up first. Yes, shuriken deals lower damage as compared to shunpo, but it is range (allowing you to stay out from damage), the amount of bounces increases, hence, easier farming and easier harassing. Do not take killer instinct until you are level 8. Why? Because you need the early extra damage and cooldown from shunpo to level 2, for kills, harassing and farming. To mid with Kat, stay back, and take last hits with shuriken and shunpo. But becareful not to put yourself in harms way if you shunpo to last hit minions. Always remember, shunpo gives you element of surprise. Which means if you shunpo an enemy, you will have the advantage of 1 hit, or sometimes two if the enemy is slow enough to react. Shuriken then shunpo on enemy, and normal hit, then back off, to gain big advantage in laning phase. Remember that you can always shunpo to an ally unit or a ward to escape ganks as well! Without any kills, you should get a hextech gunblade at probably the 12-14 minute mark, and a rabadon's cap at the 18-22 minute mark.

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Team fights

Your job in team fights? Take out the carries and supports in the flash of an eye. What i usually do is, target someone you are sure you can kill, say for example, you know miss fortune used her flash, so, do this in sequence, shuriken -> shunpo -> hextech gunblade active -> ulti. The best thing of all is, the ulti targets 3 people ! So anyone around it gets massively damaged! However, one point to note is, YOU MUST BE CONFIDENT ENOUGH TO SUCCESSFULLY KILL ONE PERSON! This is because of Kat's AMAZING passive which gives you instant cool down on shunpo and shuriken if you get a kill. So what does that mean? Right after you kill someone, instantly shunpo the another target that has the lowest HP, and then shuriken. Repeat this until you are unable to kill someone. Not to mention when you keep shunpo-ing, IT MAKES YOU UNTARGETTABLE! Plus, if you manage to kill 3 people in the time being, your ULTI refreshes, and then you can re-use it. I have done a 1 on 5 before easily like this.

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Be a MAN, Do or Die trying

Make sure you're man enough, do not try to shunpo in after your team mates die, do it in the middle of the battle. Remember this, you ALWAYS have an advantage because of the element of surprise. Use the human nature's weakness of reaction time to your advantage. If you do it after your team mates die, there's no point. If you go in, you must win the fight, or die trying. But sometimes, its situational, as i will explain in below.

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I always go for a regen necklace at the start and a pot, this gives you the ability to harass insanely, and take some damage, and regen it fast enough to harass again. If you're low hp, just stay back and last hit minions with shuriken and shunpo. Use a pot if you and your opponent both have low hp and you are ready to kill him. I always get a cutlass first because of the physical dmg it gives that helps your ulti and shuriken, plus the slow effect is awesome. Once you have your ULTI, ganking either top or bottom will definitely get you a kill if you play properly with cutlass, usually leading to a double kill. But as I said, getting a kill is always a must to refresh shuriken and shunpo cool down. You should always be fed because its easy for you to farm and get kills. Rabadons cap out at 18 minute mark? Take the enemies head on 1 on 5! :D Get a rylais scepter after that for more durability and slow, to prevent enemy from running away. Why rabadons and not rylais first? Because the damage rabadons cap gives is SOO MUCH, and as a nuke like you are, you don't need hp at that point of the game. Then if you are looking for more damage, get an abyss scepter, if the enemy has CC that can stop you, getting a banshee's veil might be a good idea.

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High ranked games

There surely will be a lot of CC that can stop you from channelling your ulti for a full 3 second, especially when they know you're good and you're a big threat. So what do you do? See an alistar? Dont go in until he does his 2 CC skills. See a lux or morgana? No problem bro i will just continue spinning when u snare me and still take you out. So its all about being smart, wait for the precise moment, and then do it like a man. Oh by the way, you see a carry twitch? shunpo -> shuriken -> hextech gunblade active, he's dead instantly. then go ahead and sing lawl lawl lawl raped raped raped hehahihehaheiahei.

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Team work

WHO BEST FITS KAT ULTI OTHER THAN AMUMU/GALIO! If you have a tank buddy that just solely tanks for you, 2 on 5 the enemies, gogogogogo! Time ur ulti and ur amumu/galio's ulti, it is just pure rape.

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Summoner Spells

Many people take ignite on Kat, but i disagree. It does give you that early game advantage in laning. But ignite scales waaaaaaaaaaay off late game, unless you want to prevent your enemy super fed 3 blood thirster miss fortune to get heals from her personal soraka, then it just not as good as the others.

Usually i would go flash and ghost. ghost to chase down low hp enemies with shunpo and shuriken, flash to get out of situation, or even flash-> shunpo when your enemies are caught! Things to avoid? Don't get caught without ulti. Don't get caught before the fight even begins. And be aware of the CC that can stop you, usually 2 or 3 max in a game. Snare and slow does not count :D