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League of Legends Build Guide Author sDaN

Pentakill Mordek SOLO

sDaN Last updated on September 24, 2010
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This is a guide for Mordekaiser, but not just a Mordekaiser, a PENTAKILL one!
I have used this champion since lvl 5 and never stopped using him in 5v5, he's just awesome soloing mid and at the end of this guide you'll be sure of this too.

One of the best tanks.
Incredible damage for been such a great tank.
Lots of AoE.
Awesome carry.
One of the best champions to solo mid.
Great poison combo that can change a lot of team fights.
Great farmer.

If your partners die a lot in early game, the match will be difficult.
Difficult to play against a good Malzahar in mid.
Get silenced.

Things you must avoid:
Getting ganked when you are alone, it isn't easy to run with a mordek, especially if you have no summoner spells to help you do that.
This isn't an avoid, it's a mustn't: Never let your mid turret be pushed in early and mid game.

Summoner Spells:
I tested all the summoner spells ( except of clarity :P), and by FAR these 2 are the best:
:Teleport will let you farm more, won't allow your enemies to push your turret in early and mid game and will let you push fast. I love it for Mordek.
: Well ignite is an excellent sum spell for Mordekaiser, it will allow you to get lots and lots of kills combined with your ult. This is a must.

Believe me, don't use other summoner spells.

Okay now let's talk about


At early game, you must focus on farming and harrassing with , ALWAYS use your spells and when you have full armor, you cast your and go to attack the enemy with your , and if possible, .
Spam spam spam and spam your spells, not the ult!
This almost never happens,but if you didn't got your warmog yet and your enemy is harrassing you a lot, destroying your grey armor and taking you hp, when you have really low hp go back base and then teleport back.
I'll repeat something again: NEVER harrass if you don't have your armor full and your
, when you attacked your enemy go back to get your armor full again, do this all the time.

If you get all the runes, you'll be able to cast your spells so fast... I put many magic penetration runes but i prefer all CD reduction... for more spamming :P
I know i said that a good in mid can kick our little mordy's ***, but he won't if you think e-a-c-h one of your moves.
About going back to base: You can go when you can to buy boots, and teleport asap to mid again, as I said before, don't get pushed!
Several times your enemy will be killing minions near his turret, just cast to a melee or cannon minion and go to his and yours wraiths spot to farm more and to make some time till the minions are back in the middle of the map.

When you are 6, if you see any chance of ganking, go for it... And remember, if the enemy has low hp but is far or your cd's are loading, use ult + ignite.
+ , how i love that combo... it's just so beautiful, when you kill a guy use the soul to harrass the enemies defending a turret, or just send him to tank the turret for a nice push!
At mid game, if your enemies didn't stop lanning to do some team fights, just keep on farming, believe me, there's nothing worse than letting a Mordek farm mid.
You'll be having Warmog now, just farm to get hp and hp regen.

The base of the Mordek is the first 10 lvls, i'm sure you won't die not even once, you'll be having 2+kills and your enemie's turret will have just not much HP left.
You don't have to care a lot about the kills you get now, you must focus in minions.

When the team fights start, this will be pretty easy, go first and make them focus you, always say your team who they must attack and use ur ult at the first kill, always focus a melee guy so it turns up to be a 6 Vs 4 (because of his soul).
Use your W in the teammate that gets focused usually.
This is when you will get lots and lots of kills, and hardly die. Your enemies will know that they had to start teamfighs at lvl 6, but it will be too late.

I'm sure you are asking: How is that you can get kills and don't get killed? Rule at mid and be pure tank?
It has only one answer: Farming.
I have seen zero Mordeks that understand this, farming is a shortcut to win with Mordy, and is a Ferrari to travel in this shortcut.



Okay that's the base of the Mordekaiser, First of all you will buy , then your boots:
Here are 2 options:IF your enemies have many AP champs and stunners, choose:
But i prefer to use
When you have the cash to get the boots, just go base and then teleport back if the enemy is pushing your turret, but if you see you have time, just walk.
Then, complete your Warmog, try to buy the first and then the
Now get your first .
Now you have 3 options: If the enemies have some AP champions (if they have 2 or more just buy it if they are harrassing your pretty metal ***). So, if they are, buy , but if they aren't you have 2 other choices:
1)(That i discovered recently with the new patch) is , i use it if I see that many times my team and I have to run fast because we are been chased (almost never happens) or if we have to go fast to kill them when they are waiting in their turret. I cast the speed bonus active and we all go, of course this item works only if you are playing with ventrilo / skype / teamspeak, because you have to say NOW. It's useful to chase too.And the cooldown reduction of that item is sexy.
2) : I totally love this item, slowing all the champions with your aoes is just ******ic, i buy this one almost all the matches, it helps you to run, to chase, to kill and to tank more.

+Situational items:

You should be having slot for 3 more items, but if you want Shurelya and Force of Nature just buy them if you think they are both great for the match. And if you think you won't need those 2 items just don't get them.
But don't get Shurelya AND Frozen Mallet, i think it's too much.

An item, that I buy all the time, is another

Now you have some choices, but all depend in the match, of course.
1) : This is a good choice if you are dying sometimes.
2) : Another one is just great, I buy it almost all the matches, if i have a slot for it.
3) : If all the team fights someone of your enemies always run, this active will be useful. And if the enemies have many physical guys this will be useful too. I hardly get this because I forget to use this active, idk why dont ask me :P. But if you are a guy that always remember to use actives go for it if you want.

---This is it for now,I'll be editing if any patches change something or add new items. I'll appreciate advices in the comment section Below!
Oh, and sorry for my bad english :S, if you see any mistakes please tell me, I'll apreciate it.----

Hope you like it!