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Build Guide by impervious.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author impervious.

PewPew and watch them Drop

impervious. Last updated on October 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Some Info:
Ok, well Corki is a pretty old champion. Lately I've noticed that not much people play him anymore, unless he is on rotation. When he is on rotation, everyone pretty much doesn't do so well with him and they think that he isn't that good of a champ. Well they thought wrong. They obviously just don' build him right or don't play him right. Corki is a very viable champion, and underplayed now a days. He shreds though peoples armor like its nothing, not to mention while he is doing that he is AoEing the **** out of people. His Gatling Gun is just incredible. With "Black Cleaver" and "Last Whisper" you will shred through those armor stacking tanks like no tomorrow. His Phosphorus Bomb is alright also. I use it mostly for the CC than the damage. The Valkyrie is his only escape tool, but quite amazing. Its an escape and makes those who chase you, a price a to pay. *note* that Corki is VERY squishy, and might be targeted first in team fights, this build that i did has Frozen Mallet to help his squishiness and make those runners not be able to get away from your Gatling Gun.

Summoner Abilities: I chose to go with Ghost , it is one of my preferred Summoner Spells. Helps you chase down your enemies and helps you escape. It has a shorter cooldown than Flash, but Flash is also viable for this. I picked Cleanse because, yes he does have an escape spell , but it may be on Cooldown or "OOM". With corki, if you get stunned in a team fight your basically guaranteed dead. This will help to survive. If you are not a fan of Cleanse, you can very much use Ignite or even Flash for the extra damage or chase/escape.

Masteries: I went with a pretty ordinary 21-0-9 for maximum Damage output and extra armor penetration. This is my recommended masteries setup for Corki, you shouldn't be needing defense, if you think you do then you are positioning wrong. You want to get the most out of your DPS.

Runes: For this build, I chose to go with Armor penetration for Quints, Armor penetration for Marks, Mana regen for Seals, and Cooldown Reduction for Glyohs. I chose these runes becuase, of course, armor penetration is the main key for corki.. to SHRED through your enemys! Corki may or may not have a mana problem depending how you play, he usually does for me. Going for utility masteries or clarity is a waste, so i get some mana regen runes which keep me lasting the whole game. I don't go "OOM" very often this way. The CooldownReduction helps with your Missle Barrage spam if you want, but most importantly to get your Gatling Gun more times in a fight.

Skill Order: Basically, you want to get up Gatling Gun up first, for your DPS, then get your Valkyrie for your chase/escape. After that get your Gatling gun up again to keep unleashing DPs on your enemys, and then your Phosphorus Bomb for the extra Dps and CC. After this, you want to level it up in this way.
Missle Barrage(R) > Gatling Gun(e) > Phosphorus Bomb(Q) > Valkyrie(W).

The Item Build:
First start off with a Dorans Blade to give you a little bit of boost Damage and to give you some survivability. Also buy a health potion to give even more survivability. Try to stay in your lane as long as possible, once you recall make sure to pick up a Sword of The Occult and also a Pair of your prefered Boots. I went with the Beserker boots because with this build, it doesnt have that high of an attack speed, and the faster you auto attack to stack your Black Cleaver, the better. This is only if they don't have alot of CC's , if so, pick up a pair of Mercury's Threads. Hopefully by know you got some kills and got some stack on your sword of the occult, if not its okay, i personally don't think Corki is a good early game champ that much. He shines most during Mid/Late game. Now you start building your Black cleaver, this is your main item. It will give you a real big damage boost and even more armor penetration! Now your Gatling Gun while auto attacking should be doing very well. You will be making alot more contribution to the team now. When you can , make sure to pick up a Phage , this will help with your suvivability, and sometimes give them a slow making it easy to chase and to keep them into your Gatling Gun range. After that, you want to pick up a Last Whisper , this is going to give you EVEN MORE armor penetration and give you more speed to get your Black Cleaver on them even faster! Now you should be dominating them in team fights, and just shredding through all of them. Once you die or all go "B" , make that phage into a Frozen Mallet , usually my games end by this point. But if yours still hasn't , I suggest getting an Infinity Edge or a BloodThirster. It's personal preference. *note* that you can also change one of the items (not including last whisper or black cleaver) to a Brutalizer, and turning it into Youmuu's Ghostblade.. the active on this is VERY useful and will give you more crit, and ARMOR PENETRATION :D! If you are having alot of trouble on surviving, and just are getting owned before you unleash all of your damage, for your last item you can get a Defensive item depending on how there team is either Magic resist or armor or even both. You can never go wrong with a little bit more survivability. One more second in a team fight can guarantee your team the win. The last item is your preference, or how the game is going for you. Remember to sell your Dorans Blade either when getting your Frozen Mallet so you can have a Phage and a Giant's Belt, or when building your Last item.

Some Tips and help to playing Corki: When you play Corki, you can either go to a side lane or solo middle. He is very good for both, i suggest middle lane because you will end up getting more gold and faster XP. The faster you get your Core items the faster you rip through your enemies, since you are a big help in team fights because all your spells AoE pretty much , middle is a good choice. You want to Harass a little bit but don't make yourself go "OOM" , harass with your Ultimate. Make sure to save your "Big ones" from your ultimate for enemy champions or very large creep waves. Always try to harass with this, you will for sure bring them back making your farming a lot easier and if it may be dangerous to harass , just keep focusing on your last hits. *TRY TO GET AS MANY LAST HITS AS POSSIBLE.* Last hitting is SO important i can't stress it enough. Follow the build and gank if possible. Once laning phase is over, try to stay with your team. Don't wander around by yourself because they WILL come and get you. During Team fights, you want to position yourself very carefully. Close enough to the action but never right in the middle. Try to make your Gatling Gun and Missile barrage hit as much of them as possible. AoE damage is a big contribution to team fights. You can save your Valkyrie if you think that you might lose the team fight and try to escape. But usually in team fights you go "All Out" and do as much help as you can. I suggest to immediately use Valkyrie in the beginning of the team fight to position correctly or to leave a big line of DoT and do extra Dps on their whole team, try to not get focused down after that though. You want to immediately use your Gatling gun and phosphorus bomb. Now just Nuke the **** out of who you guys are Focusing on, while this try to get in a couple of Missile Barrages too, as the "Big One" can do some heavy damage and AoE all of them. And just Pew Pew away and watch them all drop. The hardest thing about corki is finding the right positioning. *** his normal attacks and Gatling Gun doesn't have such a far range as some Casters and such, you can only get better at it with practice.

This is my Style/Way of playing Corki, I am very successful with this build. Please try it even if you think you may not like it, let me know what you thought of it.

This is my very first Guide/Build. Please leave me feedback of how the build came to your likings and why you gave me a +1 or -1. Comments / suggestions are very welcomed. If i forgot something on the guide please let me know and I will fix it.