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League of Legends Build Guide Author PrinceCharming

Phreak's Fiddlesticks Jungle

PrinceCharming Last updated on January 19, 2010
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I was inspired by Phreak and other well-known Fiddlesticks players. This guide isn't written by them, but I'm basically copying their strategy and editing for my own preference. No way am I the mastermind genius behind this build, so all credits go to them!


Fiddlesticks Jungle, very viable and very strong.

Masteries: 9/0/21. Get magic pen in the offense build, by getting smite and ability power and cooldown. Rest is utility, buff duration, mana, flash cd, etc.

Grab an amplifying tome with HP pot. With the delay on golemn spawn, I've been going middle for 1 level, so I can get dark wind and let it help me jungle. If you want do the small camp below, be my guest, but seeing how your smite isn't ready yet when the golemn spawns, I don't like it that much.

Golemn: Punch him in the face, throw your smite down and start draining. Pop your HP pot when your drain ends and punch him. Drain when it's up again and you should be good. If you have dark wind, use it when possible.

I now go to the closest camp, when I'm level 3 I skip the lifestealing witches and go for lizard. I now go to their golemn, steal it, their golemn/wolf camp and steal it. Now I blue pill for kage's and probably boots.

As soon as I hit six I gank. I wait in a bush near a lane and crowstorm in, if necessary I flash. Dark wind, fear, drain the **** out of them. You can get a double kill quite easily. People often just forget about junglers and aren't going to towerhug the entire game cause fiddle ("fiddle wtf?!") is in the bushes, so the element of surprise is on your side. Keep golemn up at all times, grab lizard if you can. I don't do dragon. Keeping the buffs on your end is important. It makes sure they don't get the buff, the exp. Also take their buff camps down.

I build swiftness before I get deathfire, you can do whatever you like though, I just like the speed for jungling/crowstorm/chasing. Deathfire, mejajs and then I go for zonaya's. Void staff is my next item. My mejajs is probably fed by now and it gives 160-200+ AP. Don't let the 1/3loss on death scare ya though, it's not that bad and even if you do, you get it back quickly.

I haven't really been getting haunting guise. I got it my first game because it was cooldown and magic pen in one, which is awesome. The hp/mana regen is a complete and utter waste though, cause you have golemn up all the time and drain. I prefer getting big AP items that come with some CD.

If you're doing very well or you know they suck, go for mejajs straight away.

If you're not doing well, go for banshee's as one of your first items. Soul shroud/rylais is an option if you die really quick. I haven't tried frozen heart, and you're really going into the tank range here, which sounds stupid, but I guess it beats dying, so if it helps you survive, go for it. Cooldown rocks anyway and it hurts their carries.

You can also take ghost and get sorc boots, or just get sorc boots in general. This is what Phreak does.

Phreak wrote:
Fiddle is a great jungler. The key talent to learn as any jungler is when, where, and how to gank. The second you farm a Lizard buff (You should be level 2-3) you need to be ganking with it. Because you'll be running Flash, you should be doing pretty well in picking people off for your teammates.

Phreak wrote:
've currently been rushing Kage's Lucky Pick because I can harmlessly farm the 330 bonus gold, but there are a ton of options, including rushing your boots and Mejai's Soulstealer. My end-game item build usually entails Mejai's, Deathfire Grasp, Sorc Boots, Haunting Guise or Void Staff + Brilliance Elixir, Rod of Ages or Banshee's Veil, Zhonya's Ring.

The key tenant for me is 40% cooldown reduction and focusing on dropping their magic resist as low as possible. AP comes in from the Elixir, Mejai's, DFG, and the late Zhonya's.

Enjoy! Comments are welcome!