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Kennen Build Guide by mcmcman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mcmcman

Pikach- I mean, Kennen Guide

mcmcman Last updated on April 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome. Ive been a long time player of Kennen and, truthfully, he is OP. He is my go to champ for top AND mid. He is perfect in both scenarios. He is truely the best champion in the game. He can utilize ranged harass, has amazing dueling potentional, has the best passive/ult in the game (which can completly change the tide of a game), and has no mana restrictions. Only energy, which recharges much faster.

This guide is centered around my solo top runes, summoners, masteries, etc. However, the only xhange is taking improved offensive summoners instead of improved utility for masteries, and taking ignite instead of teleport for mid. Fairly straight forward.

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Pros / Cons

Pros- Amazing Harassment with Q
Unbeatable farming with E and W
Great stun combos
Can completly change the fate of fights.

Cons- Fairly squishy.
Skill Shot dependant.

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The runes are fairly straight forward for Kennen. I take MP for some extra early game dmg to gain some good harass, then I take Armor and MR for some durability, and AP/level Quints because they are awesome.

I take exactly the same for mid, but sub Armor for more MR. Just better for mid becuase you'll be against AP.

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Extreamly simple. 21/8/1.
The 21 is simply optimal for any mage. You really dont have any choice. However, the 8 and 1 are my choice. I no that if I engage with E then I'll take damage. I get MR and Armor Masteries to help with that. Also, I take the regen points to recover from that.

Also, taking the CDR in Flash is amazing, and since Flash is OP as hell, more flashes=more OP.

In mid (with ignite) taking the 5 AP is just better tho.

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Skill Sequence

A fairly simple choice again. Utilizing the Q for the most harass and damage. Simple. There are arguments for maxing W 1st, and also for leveling them simultaneously, but I really dont see it. Q gives the most damage, and if you can land skill shots, then your only hurting your self. But if you arent great at that, then I would recommend leveling W.

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Summoner Spells

Great Choices
Flash- This is a must have for almost any champion. It is OP and you should always have it. It can save your *** when nothing else can.

Teleport- A great choice for all solo tops. Most early game fights revolve around dragon. Taking this lets it become a 5v4 in seconds. It can give you a huge lead.

Cleanse- Normally, I wouldnt recomend this spell, especially on casters. However, because Kennen needs to be in the front of fights, and taking long CC means death to such a squishy, it may be good if htey have heavy CC.

Ignite- A must have for mid champions. You need one on your team, and normally the mid takes it.
OK Spells

Ghost- Still a decent idea. Using it with your E is ok, but flashing in with E and R, I find, is better.

Heal- Good for dueling, sustaining pushes, etc. But normally the support or AD will have it.

Exhaust- Again, good for duels and securing kills. But normally someone else will have it.

Bad ideas-
Just about everything else.

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There is alot of versatility with Kennen, but this is just the build I find most comfortable.

Dorans Sheild- Starting with the sheild may seem odd, but like ive been stressing before, running in with E is dangerous. Getting the extra 120 hp and armor is extreamly useful and beneficial. Also, the regen after is amazing.

Boots- Simple. Takign merc treads are also ok if they have huge CC.

WoTA- Taking this Spell Vamp on Kennen is amazing. Farming with your E and W will regenerate so much health, you cant be kicked from lane.

Rabadons- AP. Nuff said.

Zhonya's- The active on this is irreplacable. After ulting in, you may be screwed. But, with this, you can save your *** in big fights. When you get this, one of the more scary fights will probobly have started.

Lich Bane- Kennen will throw in alot of AAs. Using this is vital, but I dont like getting it until I have alot of AP>

2nd Rabadons- Eh, you've got all you need. Getting another 160ish AP cant hurt, right?

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Farming and Laning

This is essential on any champ you play, and in any lane. Harassment is key to wininng the lane and shuting the enemy down. Which Kennen can do. If played right. Kennen has amazing harassment with his Q, but it can be stopped by creeps. So you need to position yourself so it cant be dodged or stopped. This is where you E comes in. Activate it, run through the creeps to a side, and then Q. After, just walk back. OR... if your feeling balls, you can E into them, W for some more damage, and then Q to get the full combo, with the stun. Deciding when to do the 1st and doing the 2nd will separate the good Kennen players from the incredible.

Farming- Last hit in the early game. Later on when free farming, E through them,, then W.

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Team Fights.

It is your job to win the fight. No joke. Hitting them all with your ult will win the fight. After triggering a mark or 2 on all the enemies, hit W. They will all be stunned. You may not be the damage dealer, but thats fine. Let the AD do it. Let the mid do it. Your the one protecting your team,and locking them up. Not the ammumu ult. Not the Nuatilous. Its you.

Wait for a tank to initiate, becuse you are still fairly squishy. Once everyone is clumped, hit R. Then E and run into as many enemies as possible. Then W. After that, they should be dead.