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Graves Build Guide by bradyandcompany

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bradyandcompany

play graves and have fun doing it!

bradyandcompany Last updated on December 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First off, this is my first guide so sorry if it looks unprofessional and if there is typos.
If you came here to troll then go away and die. If your here to learn and critic my guide then your welcome. This may not be as good as other guides but you never know.

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Champ Intro/Review

Graves is a solid mid ranged AD, with very unusual abilities. His passive giving him increased defence while in fights while his Q, W, and R (ability by the button) all do major damage in some sort of way. The best way to play graves is ad carry.

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Passive: True Grit
Graves get +1/2/3 to his armor and magic resist for each second in combat (taking hits or giving them). It stacks at 10 seconds and leaves 3 seconds later after his last hit.

Graves(from now on G), shoots 3 bullets doing collateral damage in a cone dealing 60/105/150/195/240 plus .8 for each AD, targets can get hit by multiple bullets but targets taken 25% less damage after the first hit target.

Smoke Screen
G shoots a smoke gernade that deals 60/110/160/210/260 plus 60% of AP. It has a area of effect
that blinds enemies in it(fog of war) and is slowed.

Quick Draw
G dashes forward and has increased Attack Speed by 40/50/60/70/80 for 4 seconds. Whenever graves shoots a basic shot, it lowers quick draw cooldown by 1 second.

Ultimate: Collateral Damage
G shoots a high damage bullet in a direction and explodes into a cone of damage after hitting a enemy.

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Dorans Blade: Duh

Health Potions: These are optional, If your having trouble taking damage then take the potions to stay in lane longer.

Long Sword: Extra Damage to get for the moment
Sword of Occulet: This item is very tricky with G. In order to get the buffs the sword gives, You need to be getting kills. this is more like a teamplay item because you need the kills when you have this and your team needs to know that. Whats also tricky is that you need be consistant with the kills. Its really useless when you trade of kills and deaths. but if you can stay alive after a few kills you wont have a problem getting kills.

Emblem of Valor: after getting a few kills buy this item right away, if you have the money for starks then DONT BUY STARKS!!!! yes it helps but save your money. buy a BF sword and run around with it then get Starks. This way you can go out and gain life while dealing more damage.

Starks: when the time is right (after the BF Sword) you buy starks. this wont change much but more attack speed which is most needed by this time of the game.

Bloodthrister: By this time you should you should be dealing a good amount of damage and gaining life for it. Bloodthister will be that game ender that your team needs either to comeback or put down the enemy team. This is going to maximize damage without taking and equal amount of damage. This and starks will make you unstoppable

Frozen Mallet: This is optional but will increase the effectiveness of the sword of occulet. by this time if you havent won, u need 2 things. be able to fight longer and to help team pick off single targets.

Black Cleaver: You should have to get this but important if you can. this should allow you to maximize the amount of damage a enemy takes between the armor penetration and armor loss,

Your Boots
Bersekers Greaves just because you need the attack speed boost early game

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Summoner Spells

there are 3 that graves should run with

Flash, good for either chasing or running away but was recently debuffed.
Exhaust, which does the sort of the same as flash but makes it easier to kill or survive
Ignite, This is very helpful on getting that last hit kill or to dwindle down health for the assist. If playing ranked and against trynd, You must take this

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The runes are set to further increase G's strong points, and keep him a threat early game

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I find this set up to work out best but should be tweeked every once in a while

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Skill Sequence

G will be the most important champ on your team, so its important to protect yourself while you get kills. but because of his passive, you have a little room be more aggresive. so to start with buckshot is normal, its both good in fights and farming, I would take quick draw 2nd because its a shorter version of flash with a great buff and passive. Its important to get smoke screen by lvl 4 because by that time a jungle will be coming into gank or other lanes will get MIA's this will both let you know a gank is coming in and give you a head start to run or get the first hit.

Maxing out buckshot is important for the needed kills.

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How to Lane

Like I said earlier, graves is ad carry, he best goes mid (range) or bot (heavy hitting)
I will explain how to do both since there is different playing habits in both lanes.

But before that, it is important to know how to handle Graves. His passive gives him enough defence to take hits and get up close and personal to either ranged or melee. Early game is important in order to learn what the opponent is like. but it isnt the time to run up and get killed over and over. instead move in once and see what he does, if he runs its gonna be a little harder to kill him but if he stays and fights, you have a chance. of course if you die in that fight, dont do it again unless your teammate can help.

Now for Mid and bot

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Laning bot

Bot lane will be tricky because you play against 2 players, but u have help. whats important in bot lane is getting the kills. this requires alot of help from the teammate but if sucessful; you will have a easier time, of course you focus support or enemy with less health. Dont spend time farming when you can be harresing the enemy. and by lvl 4 or 5, start watching for ganks and shoot the occasional smoke screen just incase. smoke screen will also take out those in bushes. When you get to the turrent, make sure to quick draw once going in, once during shots and once to get out.

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Laning Mid

Mid is a different story, while in mid, your focus is to farm and harres. you need exp quick and the enemy health low for a easy take out when the time is right. whats also nice to do either for help or to buff your sword of occulet is to gank. although it seems good for someone to gank mid, good timing will let gank, get a kill and get back mid like nothing happened

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Late Game

Like 45 minutes into the gamem it should look like this
your top and mid turrent gone, enemy bot and mid gone, you should have everything up to the recusive bow

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With hours of practice and criticing, this build should let you carry a team, but what important to remeber is that you need your team to get into that carry stage mid game and but become the game ender late game.

Overall, Graves is a boss but is better when you know how to play him.