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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zeika123

Playing Warwick like a sir!

Zeika123 Last updated on April 27, 2012
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Hey sup guys, this is my first build on mobafire, so pls don't go all nerdrage, if i ain't to good! :D

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As for runes, i like to play with 9x Greater mark of alacrity, i makes my jungle a little faster and give more sustain with Warwick passive ;) i then like top play with 9x Greater seal of Resilience it gives me alot more armor, and for all ww players, we all know that a tanky warwick is a good warwick! I then like to play with Greater Glyph of warding! this gives me alot of magic resist! I havne't really found out what i like the most when it coems to quintessence, but i play with 3x Greater quintessence of strength, as i gives me some more damgage for early jungling, which also makes your jungle a bit faster!

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Now comes the part we all have been waiting for! the Item list: I start out with buying 1x cloth armor and 1x Hp pot, i then go for my Madreds Razor it gives chence of dealing extra magic damage against Creeps/Minions! i then go straight for my boots.... and this will without any question be sorcerer boots.. but why? well warwick isn't that great with full ad items like infity egde and sh*t! so you wanna focus on magic damage, and beside that your ulti deals magic dmg, your hungering strike deals magic dmg... so hy not magic dps ww right? then you go straight for the Madreds Bloodrazor, which again deals magic dmg equal to 4% of their Maximum Hp and it also gives some AS, then you wanna go for the Wits end! it gives you MR AS and it gives you 42 bonus magic dmg per hit (ulti apply 5 on hits = 210 extra magic dmg to your ulti) After the Wits End you wanna go for some more Hp and armor, because now the enemy team is probaly going to be stronger! so you wanna go for the ..... Yes the frozen mallet! but why Frozen mallet? Well it gives you even more Chasing ability (Blood scent) and it makes you quite tanky aswell so you might wanna consider buying this item! Now you wanna go for some more Magic dps! and here it comes... Malady! lol why? well it gives you AS (Again really good on ww) it gives you 20 bonus magic dps AND! it Reduces their MR (And again this build is focusing on dealing as much magic dps as possible) and with this item you will reduce their MR Greatly. And now for the last item!.. Well this item kindy depends but i like the GA on him, because with your ulti you are going to initiate every teamfight and with the ability to Respawn during the fight is really good + it gives you MR and armor!

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Summoner Spells

Smite! is essential for all junglers which not only speed up your jungle but makes you able to steal Blue/Red/Dragon/Baron which is really cool, the second summoner speel i like to play with, is exhaust! but why? it gives you a better chance to get a kill or assist on your ganks before lvl 6