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League of Legends Build Guide Author Josquin1

Poppy AD , Hammer that.

Josquin1 Last updated on April 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Let me introduce you my first League of Legends build. I decided to show you my most effective champ on the field of justice, Poppy. I'v been playing her since the beggining and let me tell you that Poppy is the most powerful champ in all domaine(except she don't have a ranged attk). I'v seen alot of poppy building pure AP and if you are one of them, you got it wrong. I always builded Poppy dps, it work and it's the best way to play Poppy and to have the most fun out of it. By building Poppy AP your are making 3 mistakes : You can't properly assist your team due to your weakness, you have no option left after using your E,Q ability to initiate the fight( most of the time you steal the kills due to your high AP, your team won't apreciate it) and you can't engage solo anybody in fight( if you do I think you already know that it's impossible to win a fight with Poppy AP 1vs1). Why is Poppy dps can do better ? High bonus dommage from W and R, extra stun to get closer to enemies with your melee attacks and most of all devastation blow that can deal even more dommage than a AP Poppy, 8% bonus dommage of your target is max life + your dommage ( with an infinity, bloodthrist and black cleaver + sheen + passive + lowered deffence from black cleaver you can reach the 500 bonus dommage) you will do crazy dommage to 1-18 level anytime.

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Pros / Cons

- Hard to kill
- Good tanker/initiate
- High base dmg
- Powerful/usefull ulti/passive
- High nuke dmg
- Scout very well
- fun to play

- Easy to steal
- Melee
- Bad farmer
- That all i guess ...

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For the runes take anything that can increase your dps factor.
- Armor Penetration
- Attk Speed
- Pure dmg
The 3 Quint. of Bonus health are very important, good for all the champ in my opinion.
In yellow take anything that can increase your toughness
- Bonus health again
- Armor
- MR

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There is nothing eally important there.
Most point in red.
Few in green.
None in blue.

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I always started with Doran Shield, good item to keep you laning for so long and accumulate gold without going back to spawn. Berz boots to make your attk speed little sharper to get that W go more higher more faster since your black cleaver is pretty far from there. Of course you can take Tabi or Mercury if it worth it or sell berz boots after Black Cleaver to get 3 Move speed boots and go slicer faster, these are all good choices. Trinity, no doubt about it, this is your core item, Sheen increased Q, Phage slow and bonus dommage with health, W activated + slow = no chance for the enemy to escape your hammer, zeal bonus attk speed and move speed. I usually start with phage first then sheen to complete Trinity. Afterward, rush Bloodthrist by taking BF first. Then Black cleaver and Infinity. At the end replace your Doran shield with an angel to make you almost invincible ( W+R+Angel). The 3 BF items are making this build very costy, if u wish you can take the angel anytime in your build. Banshee is good item too if you are vs WW, karth, Blitz and this kind of stuff. this is the best core build for Poppy dps. there is still some few items that can be effective if you don't have enough gold to buy BFs like Yumuu and Last Breath.

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Skill Sequence

I have only one thing to say about Skill Sequence. Most of the people start with E first to get Stun and go for FB. Unless with Q you do more dommage and don't need to be positioned correctly to get the advantage loosing precious time and health while the process. Q also have a CD of 6 secs and E 10 secs. The routine is simple with Poppy, when you are in a small fight that you sense you don't need to ulti or tower dive just don't do it and wait for a better occasion. Like I said, the routine is simple with poppy, Activate W, E on a nearby wall followed by Q, after this Sequence just hammer your foe and it won't take much more time that he will be over. Poppy his Passive is just OP, 35% dmg reduction on an attk that go over 10% of your health, this saved me sooooo many times( Karth ulti, Lux Ulti etc.). Don't forget that you can use E to stun your foe on towers.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is an obligation with Poppy, simply because it can give you the upper hand on a 1vs1 or to caught someone escaping away.
For the second Spell you have the choice between Flash and Ignite. Ignite is a good spell early, but lately in the game u won't need it really instead of Flash that can help you in so many way. Flash out of fight, Flash toward someone and E him in walls etc.

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Needless to say that Poppy is very effective in Twisted Treeline with his so many walls. It can be rapidly scouted, effective turn over with E, less chance to get killed due to your ulti, passive and W because you are only vs 3 foes, Tank better in 3vs3. I would say that Poppy don't really let place to imagination in the dps builds, this item build is perfect and there is nothing better to be powerful with Poppy. You must be confident with her, you can tank, you can initiate, you can own 1vs1, you must be a part of your team constantly because she can lead the game to the win, she is really a pest and hard to kill everyone know this.

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Team Work

Poppy is insane on early 2vs2, she is a marvelous mate on down and top line. Always initiate the fight with your E on side walls and crush them with Q, repeat this with the backfire of your mate and the kills will soon come. Poppy is a tough and annoying opponent, you must not fear anything and always be there to help out your mate with E to stun them on walls and run away. There is a situation for exemple that your E will be so usefull: Chogath's coming to ulti your mate, push him away with your E to prevent your ally from dieing. Always run after your foe with auto-attack at any cost, keep hammering him with your Q, because while hitting him more and more often your base armor will be buffed and your dmg also, making you almost impossible to kill. You must take the all the dmg at any cost and tower dive with your mates with the help of your ulti so the tower won't deal any dmg to anybody. I keep saying it but you are the one who must initiate.

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Chapter 10

Thank you, like I said, this is my first build, be comprehensive and rate please.