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Poppy Build Guide by twicky_kid

Poppy AP Dominion

Poppy AP Dominion

Updated on September 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author twicky_kid Build Guide By twicky_kid 3,424 Views 0 Comments
3,424 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author twicky_kid Poppy Build Guide By twicky_kid Updated on September 29, 2011
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This is a quick build for AP poppy for dominion. This is my first guide ever so it will be little crude.

This build is designed to give high damage but also sustained damage. Poppy's biggest flaw is if she does not kill her target with her combo you're in trouble. This build shores up that weakness while also giving her high sustain damage to tanks.
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Cool down reduction

This is by far the best stat for Dominion. The Dominion damage buff is 15% armor pen and 5% magic pen. Poppy is good at dealing both. She can be built hybrid, AD, or AP. I chose to go AP because of the support tree giving you the most cool down reduction. This allows you to focus on damage items instead of cool down reduction items.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Exhaust are you best options here. Poppy is very fast on her own but so are most of the champs on this map.

Ghost allows you to run around people setting them up for charge stuns. Allows you to escape battles and defend nodes quickly.

Exhaust functions basically the same ghost. Sets up your combo and escaping. Also very good at kiting champs while they dive a turret taking shots.
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Deathfire grasp is your bread and butter item. Rush it first. It gives you everything you want. CDR, AP, mana regen, and very high damage item usage.

I prefer lichbane over tri-force. AP is better for you combo than AD is. Gives you some MR which is nice. The crit and AS from tri-force feel like wasted stats. You do not want to be auto attacking outside of sheen procs. The slow isn't that useful because of low proc rate and again have to be auto attacking.

Odyn's Veil is my new favorite MR item. It gives you a lot of MR to start with, life and mana. Then on top that reduces all Magic Damage by 10%. Now for the awesome part. After you charge it up you can release the charge for up to 400 damage. Its a self radius aoe and it is absolutely huge range. Poppy does have some issues pushing back minons. I often use the charge to wipe out waves. Its also very nice in team fights and when you need that extra little damage. Oh btw it has no cast time. Its instant and doesn't interrupt anything you are doing or movement.

Frozen Heart and Abyssal Scepter are both your last options. They both increase your damage and give you MR and Armor depending on what you need.

Oh Hextech how broken you are. Lifesteal and Spellvamp are not effected by the -20% debuff on Dominion. Poppy can go down to about 10% hp and her passive starts kicking in hard. With her high damage she heals big chunks of life at a time while your passive keeps you alive. Most of the time I do not get hextech because the game ends. You can rush it early if you'd like but your items are very very expensive as is.
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With all this cool down I usually have Mighty Hammer ready every 3 seconds and Heroic Charge every 5 seconds. She really does become a bursting machine in team fights. I have often charged in burst 1 target down. Ulted another ran around for a few seconds setting up another charge. Burst them down. Ult is down by then. Run away. If they chased me I'd burst them down again.

Against tanks I spam Mighty Hammer as much as possible. They go down really fast. I will usually Hammer twice then charge and go right into the 3rd Hammer hit. This usually kills any tank.

High burst
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League of Legends Build Guide Author twicky_kid
twicky_kid Poppy Guide
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Poppy AP Dominion

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