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Poppy Build Guide by marchaos

poppy- best carry(well rounded)

poppy- best carry(well rounded)

Updated on November 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author marchaos Build Guide By marchaos 3,984 Views 0 Comments
3,984 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author marchaos Poppy Build Guide By marchaos Updated on November 17, 2011
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poppy is very rare to be picked in normal or ranked games. for me she has great potential to pull out great damage as well to tank his team. poppy can be suited at an AD build or TANK build because of her skills.
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21-6-3 is my masteries for poppy. the build primarily focus on offense because poppy has the potential to be the most powerful carry in the game. followed by by 6 masteries on defense so that while she is owning the enemies she will not die that easily at the end. 3 in utility which is 1 point haste for great speed on ghost, 1 point perserverance for her early game problems and 1 point good hands so that you will be respawning fastly and then go last hit some creeps again
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skill sequence

I take heroic charge first for early firstblood with your team. then maxing out paragon of demacia and Devastating blow alternatively. these two are just great with each other and I just can't explain anymore.
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rune build

the rune build focuses on AD so that he will be well rounded early-late game phase. this rune build is great most especially for tower diving with your last skill so that you will not waste a lot of time.
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Item build

this build will make your enemies cry. by the time you bought phantom dancers the enemies would mostly be surrendering now. if the game still last then go for the 2 extensional items- bloodthirster and infinity edge. bloodthirster will make you strong against the carries of the enemies and infinity edge to take out those fully tanked enemies.
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PHASES and tips

in early game just last hit some creeps for gold , once you have reached lvl 3 you can go for the kill. just do the combo PARAGON--GHOST--GO BESIDE YOUR OPPONENT WHEREIN THE OPPOSITE SIDE IS A WALL--HEROIC CHARGE--DEVASTATING BLOW--EXHAUST--AND THERE YOU GO JUST DON'T BE THAT MUCH AGER IF YOU REALLY COULDN'T KILL YOUR OPPONENT.. in mid game go and rome around the map to gank with your team and also to push . in late game IS WHERE all the fun begins once you had your build you can go for anyone sometimes you can kill almost everyone with right moves. last skill the enemy tank so that no one else can damage you except the tank, well tanks are just to sacrifice there hp for the team that's why don't kill the tank that is very foolish. just target the tank with your last skill and hit other enemies so you can make atleast a quadra kill would most likely to happen.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author marchaos
marchaos Poppy Guide
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poppy- best carry(well rounded)

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