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League of Legends Build Guide Author colourspace

poppy for dummies

colourspace Last updated on April 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Poppy for dummies

well not really for dummies

first things first, poppy is a great anti-carry champ that is very mobile so thats what i liked about her.

she runs fast, she kills fast.
for this build. im building her AD with a bit of AP

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Pros / Cons

Can turret dive
Very mobile/fast
Quite hard to kill cause of passive
hits hard
fast cooldown of skills

very bad farmer
which makes her bad early game.

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Runes & Masteries

for the runes i used armor pen quintessences and marks
cooldown reduction for seals
and attackspeed glyphs

masteries are pretty explanatory.
23 - 6 - 1
for that extra fire power!
and a bit for regen/ defense / magic resistance :)

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Summoner Spells

for me the best spells for poppy are flash and ignite. Some may ask "Why not use ghost and exhaust?"
Well i use flash for chasing the enemy faster and for good positioning heroic charge, and ignite for that lucky enemy champ that was able to run, but is in range for your ignite.

either way you can useif you like them best.

another option is thereally handy sometimes.

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Skill Sequence

Level 1 - i put it into devastating blow because its good for last hitting minions early game. for that early game farming.

Level 2 - heroic charge. just in case you needed the stun

Level 3 - Paragon of Demacia. this skill is pretty handy. boosts your speed when active, then gives armor and damage when hitting or being hit.

Then i max out devastating blow why? cause this will be your main skill in hunting down champs.

dont forget to put a point on your ult when you get to 6.

next, i max out paragon of demacia. CHASING POWER! and also for damage :)

lastly max out heroic charge. why not max out heroic charge first than paragon of demacia?
1 reason: the stun duration is 1.5 seconds throughout its levels.
while paragon boosts your speed by 17/19/21/23/25%

Use your skills wisely:
when i use poppy i always use paragon of demacia in times of need. for example
when you need to chase down the enemy, or when you need to run away from them. or simply needing that extra boost to be right in time for a team fight.

as much as possible pin your heroic charge at a terrain. and also do not stun away from your team, always towards. away if you are trying to run away from the enemy champ.

for your ultimate: there are many ways to use this one.

Escaping - put your ultimate on a support or tank enemy champ that chases you down. or the one who inflicts less damage or cc's. juke them through the bushes. with paragon of demacia you should be able to pull it off.

Tower diving - pretty much explanatory. yeah have fun using it.

Team fights:
if they are focusing you, you are most likely to put your ult on tanks that doesnt inflict damage, with paragon you can easily evade stuns/taunts. then hunt down their carry. always the carry hero. it should be pretty easy.

Why on the tank? if you put your ult on the carry, once that carry is dead, your ult also goes off. but if you put it on the tank and he doesnt die yet. you can pull off moar tricks and you put down the enemy's carry. always remember that a well farmed carry is dangerous.

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i start of with a regrowth pendant and a health pot, helps you to stay longer in lanes.

then i rush to 2 philosophers stone. if you got lucky and got 2-3 kills. you can get boots then turn it to boots of swiftness. if your enemy champs have lots of cc's (crowd control) you can get mercury treads.

after having 2 philosophers stone, farming will be easy.
why two philosophers stone? its easy, easy money and gives health/mana regen. it will help you alot in poppy's mana problem :)

then get sheen. sheen is one of the best items for poppy, works pretty well with her skills.
then eventually, turn it to trinity force.

then i get bilgewater cutlass? why? for lifesteal and an active slow. pretty decent, works well when chasin down enemy champs. turn it to hextech gunblade. if you're doing well and you seem to be not focused by the other team. you can buy rageblade first. it stacks with your paragon of demacia (+ aspd) which is pretty decent.

other options for items are:
hexdrinker - mages will be pissed (this is optional) if you think it will help you not die with those 1 hit combo mages.
banshees - blocks one negative buff every 45 seconds, whats not to love?

wait what happened to the 2 philosophers stone?
i sell them halfway through the game when i need those extra money to get my hextech or rageblade. :)

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So that was my guide

sorry if it lacks images. its my first guide here.
critiques and suggestions are accepted! :)