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League of Legends Build Guide Author Injust

Poppy- Live In Fear

Injust Last updated on February 25, 2011
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Hello, this is my guide to Poppy. Poppy is a character I rarely see in games, I don't know why I mean she is so strong late game and really fun to play. Anyway, I hope this guide helps you with anything you might need to know about Poppy.

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Marks of Desolation- These will give you 15 armor pen and really help when trying to take down more tanky characters plus they help a lot early game when people have low armor and you can inflict good damage with Devastating Blow.

Seals of Alacrity- These will make you attack much faster and help with your Paragon of Demacia and Rageblade stacks.

Glyphs of Focus- These will reduce your cooldowns by a lot. You can reduce them even more with Golem buff which you should try and have as much as possible.

Quintessences of Fortitude- These will help you survive longer early game since you start with about 500 even, and not much armor/mag resist.

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Using a 21/0/9 build i get Cripple for improving my Exhaust spell. Archmage's Savvy for giving me more ap per level. Sorcery for even more cooldown reduction :D. Alacrity for the good attack speed bonus. Archaic Knowledge for spell pen which helps all your charge and devastating blow. Sunder for armor pen, which cuts through your opponents armor. Brute Force i only take this to get my next talent because wasting 3 talents points for only 3 damage well thats just stupid. Lethality for more crit damage, which is great! Havoc for the extra damage. Jumping to the Utility tree I get Perserverence which is great for hp/mana regen. Haste to improve your Ghost spell. Awareness since it helps you level quicker. And lastly, Utilty Mastery to increase the duration of your Golem buff.

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When I start off I buy a Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Pots. The crystal gives you much needed mana and will benefit greatly early game, the 2 Health Pots are there in case I'm low hp and need one. When you go back to the shop hopefully you at least got a kill or an assist and buy a Sheen. This is a must for Poppy, it gives her abilties great damage, especially your Devastating Blow. The next thing you want to get are your boots, I usually get Berserker Greavesfor the extra attack speed, plus they are pretty cheap. The next 2 items to get are Zeal and Phage, which you will use with Sheen to build your Trinity Force. Which is like Sheen but the damage is 150% and you get a lot of extra stats which help Poppy immensely. After that I get a Guinsoo's Rageblade, for the attack speed and ability power, since you should be hitting pretty fast now the stacks should be no problem to get. Next we want some lifesteal, and what better choice then Bloodthirster, 100 attack damage and 25% lifesteal this really really really helps for keeping you healthy and gives you a LOT of extra damage. Then I usually get Phantom Dancer, for the move speed mostly but the crit and attack speed are very nice to have too. The last item for this build is Infinity Edge, 250% crit damage really shows especially since you will be critting like crazy once you have this. You will be unstoppable and can take down pretty much anyone you need to.

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Skill Sequence

Start with Heroic Charge to start, and basically what I do is Level 1- Heroic Charge, Level 2- Devastating Blow, Level 3- Paragon of Demacia. From there stick to this Devastating Blow>Heroic Charge>Paragon of Demacia. Only put one point into your ulitmate at level 6 and the rest at levels 17 and 18. The reason for this is that it is mostly used for (Early Game)tower diving low hp opponents, (Mid/Late Game) and taking out carries and high dps champs like casters, or supports.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Exhaust, I love them so much. Ghost lets me escape when needed, and Exhaust lets me setup ganks and kills with its awesome slowing powers. You could take Ignite for an attempt at first blood but I prefer Exhaust, because I can get more hits in with its slow then 50 true damage+ levelx20, max damage for Ignite is 410 over time, i can hit for much more then that with 1 Devastating Blow, but it's your choice. Some other good ones could be Clarity for when you need mana, or possibly even Flash, but I don't like Flash on Poppy. Cleanse is a great spell for any champion so take what you think you'll need.

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That's the end of my Poppy guide. Hope you liked it and please try this build out and leave a comment below of how well it worked for you, or any suggestions you might have. Thanks for reading!