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Poppy Build Guide by Rublab

Poppy Metagame

Poppy Metagame

Updated on November 1, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rublab Build Guide By Rublab 3,216 Views 0 Comments
3,216 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rublab Poppy Build Guide By Rublab Updated on November 1, 2011
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Ok, so your probably thinking, "this guides gonna be good". Well good thinking because it is gonna be good. Actually its gonna be so damn good your gonna start acting like a five year-old on Christmas eve. Lets get started. Poppy is one of the most under-rated, under-played champions in the game. If someone would like to leave a comment as to why no one plays her, I would ask you leave a comment below so that I can delete it.
Poppy while being extremely weak in some areas we will discuss, is so much stronger in all of her other areas. Get ready to learn students, because class is in session.
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Proppy's and Croppy's (Pros/Cons)

Proppy's - Cute and Cuddly
- Amazing Assasin and if snowballed Carry
- Great initiator
- Very Versatile
- Can counter Tanky-Dps/High Hp teams relatively easy

- Bad farmer
- Huge learning curve
- Stressful to play (until you start wrecking face)
- Large amounts of QQ's and accusations of being OP, even though you are better at the game
and most certainly life, simply because you played a cute little smurf named Poppy.
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Summoner Spells

What I Use on Poppy, and what you should use on Poppy.

Ditto, probably the most reliable escape spell in the game, some even say its too strong. Use

This spell is amazing, you can never go wrong with it honestly. Its annoying, it reduces
healing on every healing champ (reduces item stats) and reduces their ability to fight back.
A Trollaf can't heal if he can't do any damage can he?

Ignite is amazing on Poppy. Add the base damage ignite would do at level 18 + the 40% extra
Damage from Diplomatic immunity and you got a lot of heal reducing, dot, true damage that will
definitely win you any 1v1 fight against a healing champ(assuming they aren't fed up the ***).

Safe pick
I used to use Ghost and all the poppy guides reccomend it. I found my logic behind using
it somewhere along the lines of Ghost + = speedy smurf!, but
sometimes the enemy team has something called a stun and this allows them to decimate you
within a second. This is why I use flash.

Bad picks
Pretty much everything I didn't list. Unless your playing some kind of support Poppy
I would suggest you stick to what I listed.
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So why do I use the runes I use?

Greater Mark of Desolation

The reason I use these suckers is pretty obvious, this build is an attack damage build, and these provide deep penetration.

Again, ditto. Physical attack speed in conjuction with physical attack damage = more DPS

While this guide is attack damage based, Poppy is still an ability based champion and almost 10% Cooldown reduction is a very big help for all of your ability, but most noticeable your Devestating Blow.

You are not only attack damage based, but from my knowledge this actually does more damage then any other damage increasing quinessence on poppy. My logic comes from the fact poppy thrives off of sheen proc on all of her abilities. Sheen takes your base attack damage after using an ability and doubles it for the next hit registering the bonus damage as magic damage. With your Devastating blow you don't only hit the attack damage, but on top of that its doubled, how cool is that!

These runes are in my OPINION the best for poppy, so feel free to mix and match your Marks, Seals, Glyphs, and Quints as you please, but make sure you understand the logic behind what your doing.
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Under Construction
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Under Construction! If You could leave a comment/troll remark on this guide I would love you with a hardness unknown to man.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rublab
Rublab Poppy Guide
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Poppy Metagame

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