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League of Legends Build Guide Author SexyWoodenSpoon

Poppy - Offtank Carry

SexyWoodenSpoon Last updated on April 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Poppy as an offtank carry

Now what I've found which isn't bad but to help a newer player overall with builds is that you give them a build and they try it out. Most builds that are like... GET THESE AND YOU PWN! Are great, if you ever get all those items. Generally I think Poppy survives off of two items, boots (varie for situation boots, like normal) then trinity force, because sheen is a part of Poppy and ever should be! I want to make this build as a low lvl Poppy friendly, Il suggest runes+masteries but I use those for situation value, and think if you like whichever runes, then go for it.
General Item CORE: Boots (mercury treads, ninjatabs <<only ad Heavy teams>>, berserk greaves, boots of speed), Trinity Force (order - Sheen > Zeal > Phage (could change out for Sheen > Phage > Zeal, but generally poppy's farming is bad, so zeal really helps out, unless your taking damage and want the extra beefyness from phage early off.)

Teamwork, many people do this "Pop your ult on the main person and go for it." I rather the "I do massive damage, and could be jumping in to bait+kill someone as im lower hp because didn't see this supprise gank on me.. - so I ult the tank thats not doing anything but surviving, and charge to someone around my running line, either focus them for 2-4 seconds then Get the heck out of there, or kill them then run. -" Her ultimate is very versatile, she can save herself, or totally waste a single champion. I tend to use it to keep myself alive while all their DPS try to take me out and ult the tank, then kill the primary caster / ad carry. Then hope my team backs me up and use survivability items to GTFO and run around to bait and whatnot.

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Gameplay, primary pros:
High damage
Great survivability (with this build for the more beefyness, sure Poppy has a great W+R+passive that helps her survive tons, but I tend try not to rely on "I hope they don't silence/stun/thenfocusme".)
Great focuser
Easy to use (though can become more complicated when higher tier combat)
Underestimated - Shes a little cute yordle! Come now, they are harmless!

CAN you last hit minons? No? Then don't play her.. HORRIBLE FARMER! If you can't lasthit well with a nonrange ad char.
Like I said, horrible farmer.
NEEDS good positioning, well timed combo's.

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So quick go on runes, I use.... Either:
CDR blue, hp/lvl yellow, hp(flat)/armourpen quints, armour pen red.
CDR blue, attackspeed yellow, hp(flat)/armourpen quints, armourpen/magicpen red.
MagicResistance blue, hp/lvl yellow, hp(flat) quints, armour reds.

Generally thats my runes for whatever I use, depending on if the team needs beefyer brusers, or something I go whichever way nessasary. In ranked go vs to counter some major threat to your team.

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The start of the game.

Start of the game:
Usually I start with a blue crystal for the extra +200 mana, it almost doubles your starting mana pool... Pritty handy. And a health pot and mana pot. If I last hit well enough to let them push my tower and still get my good last hits then I will go on to a sheen, if im getting harrased to much and need speed I'l get my lvl1 boots first buy, generally you can get the sheen+finished boots first go back, if you farm correctly. Then procced to working on trinity force as your next, a ward here and there if you laning partner doesn't do it and your looking out for the jungle/gank.

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Early/mid/late game

Early game:
Leeeet them puuush your tower, its called SMART farming, you farm ****pily so let the tower help you and make sure your not so gankable/harraseable, your poppy, all you can do is charge em and hope they don't know how to play if you do.. Hint, the tower usually 3 hits a minon, sometimes 2 shots the casters, a good farming way is to run around, let the tower 2 shot then take the last hit for the minon lasthit. Helps a ton, and I see not many people do it and get under farmed..
So Only last hit minons, and allow your lane to be pushed for tower support (in solo que, let your partner know thats what your going for... Or they might get cocky or stupid and push it and ruin your early game..). Once they are around your turrent make use of your Charge + Paragon maybe + ghost/exhaust, pop paragon to an overly aggressive attacker near your turret, charge them towards the turret and attempt to hit the wall, if not then just get them in for a few tower shots, and either communicate to your teammate who might have a stun/popup on them after to get them there. Now if they are smart the enemy won't use a skill on you, and flash/ghost away, but if you time it well like for instance.. Morgana uses her tormant soil and you pop in and charge her towards the tower, her soil popped tower aggro on her, now shes if not screwed, mostly dead from the tower and you exhaust+ghost+Q her and probably get a kill. Different champions varie, but if you cant tower aggro them, then you will still freak them out and get some nice damage off before then attack you again so willingly.

Example, enemy yi lunges at you or nearby minon hitting you:
Pop W (and ghost if you really think you can get it) and get around him
Pop E and charge him towards your turret
Pop Q and smite his arse
If the tower aggros him then pop exhaust and try to stay infront to charge him into the tower again or on the side to charge/wallstun him and finish the kill.

Good early game kills are form people who underestimate Poppy's charge as tower aggro potential kills. Because most people know Poppy is really weak early game they might not expect it.

Much of Poppy resides in her early game, her early game is incredibly weak because her farming is incredibly weak (expesially if you cannot lasthit, or don't understand what Lasthitting is). Now don't neglect farming, you CAN farm with your Q, hit a minon if you think its last hittable, if it doesn't die hit Q fast and you should finish it. Poppy has a strange animation/effect, sometimes you click on a to be lasthit minon and she like flintches and doesn't move to attack but gets the kill, don't ask me, ask Riot.. :) . Poppy excells mid/late game with her insane damage if decently farmed'ness and an early trinity force. DONT FORGET TO FARM! If you keep getting easy kills from a feeder really they don't get you much, sometimes taking down a minon lane is more benefitial then a larger killing spree off feeders!

Mid game, your usually just a bit under farmed, try a few ganks with your sheen+boots+zeal and get a kill/assist or two, get some gold and try to get a red buff and farm as much as possible. Don't try to stick around and 1v1 their prime carries, most likely they are champions like yi, and tyrn or ashe that farm the begibeize out of things and have a heck of a lot more gold then you do. Wait till your Trinity force to go full 1v1 or 1v2 against others, be patient that time will come.

Late Game: Excell time, Your decently farmed, have your boots, trinity force, a semi tanky item under your belt, now you can survive a decent bit and still dish out massive damage quickly, try to use your speed in teamfights, use charge like blitz's pull! Run in and pull someone into your teams bush or whatnot, make their team come to you and be the good initiater! You can do it, your beefyOfftank! W/E aa/Q aa someone and then back off and run in against with your W speed and ghost and try to disorganize the enemy team, taking out the carry or at least making them fear you and losing their zoning positioning to give your team the advantage!

If it goes to long and you have a full build set then teamfights I can't really help you with, use what you used and try to work out good combo's for teamfights that seem to work well, I find charging an enemy into my team or a teammate carry is as effective or more then slamming them into a wall... Sure no stun, but now you have your TF or tryn hacking them for 1-3k damage in a few seconds, feed the carry! GG!

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How to use your ult in a more teamplay game.

Teamwork, many people do this "Pop your ult on the main target and go pwn them!!" I rather the "I do massive damage, and could be jumping in to bait+kill someone - so I ult the tank thats not doing anything but surviving+saving, and charge to someone around my running line, either focus them for 2-4 seconds then Get the heck out of there, or kill them then run. -"

Her ultimate is very versatile, she can save herself, or totally waste a single champion. I tend to use it to keep myself alive while all their DPS are trying to take me out and ult the tank, then kill the primary caster / ad carry. Then hope my team backs me up and use survivability items to GTFO and run around to bait and whatnot. Sometimes your ult calls for the 'pwn carry style', but many times really with your damage you don't need the 40% additional OVERKILL on squishies, your killing them in a few hits anyways, why not ult someone who does nothing, take out the target who can't stop or hurt you then scram? Sounds alright if the occasion calls!

Ooo 2 really low enemies at their tower, I can get 1 even though im real low hp, how? I dive in, ult the one im NOT going to kill, pwn the other and scram, why? That other can't hurt me and neither can the tower... :) I kill my target in 1 charge+smite anyways, why overdo it and be the 1for1 trade when I can get my cake and eat it too.. :D And sure you Cooould go for the double kill, but I just love the disheartening feeling it gives the enemy "He ran in, pwned a teammate then ran away.. and I couldn't do anything."

Dying by a double gank and have your ult?:
Pop your ult on that annoying champ that just silence/harrases with no real damage, then RUN! Wow that Ezrael did no damage because my ult was on a no damage target, Woot!!

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Situational building

Item advice, sure you can build her MASSIVE AD!! AHAHA YOU DIE IN 1-2 HIT KO! BOOOOGAAMAN!
Oor, you can play as a teamplayer and build bruser offtank ad, and actually help the team with smart mostly affordably items. If your doing well right off the bat and think you can get a few assists and kills without deaths then I say pick up a leviathan/sword of the accult to get a few stacks, the levi helps with your survivability and as a offtank means people are forced to focus you instead of your ad/ap carry, and if they don't then woot! 20 stacks in no time! If I feel im doing really awesome il pick up both SoA/Levi after my boots+sheen, then work my trinity force, maybe stack hp with a warmong or banshies or sunfire and get an impaler. Leaving you as a threat and not that easy to slay.

So many builds are the soul of poppy then 3 BF sword apps + Phantomdancer
Boots, Sheen=trinity force, Infinity Edge, Black Cleaver, Bloodthurster, Phandom Dancer!

Eppppic! If you can farm 40/0/50 all game somehow, while killing everyone you see and every minon wave in all 3 lanes! Then you can make this buildset happen!!!! Then = You are worldly epic and why aren't you taking over the world in real life?

Now and then people throw in a Last Whisperer, and thats epic, because its such a good item for a char that doesn't rely on attack speed but a good timed W aa/E/Q aa

These all ad builds leave you like this, your a miskito with a deadly virus, ensuring you can most likely get 1 kill, then SLAP your out of the picture. Or you can build high damage, off tank and be the warthog that threatens ones life and ruins all their toes in the process! Of course like I mentioned before, you have to get these builds first, which is hard unless your vs either an extremely noobish team that either lets you farm (****py farmer that you are) or give their lives to you willingly and feed you as their lord and master.

Sheen = must need
Trinity force = always
Infinity Edge = Epic but the game most likely will be over or almost when you get it
Warmogs = Great and the extra hp from giants belt does help a lot!
Sunfire = Good hp, good armour, decent area effect!
Banshies = Counter em silly nuke mages and be a bit more beefy!
Impaler = Godly after TF+1-2 good hp items :D. Gives you good armour, crit, dmg!
Gunblade = Amazing spellvamp/lifesteal, you heal buttloads from Q and normals hits, great for survivability in teamfights and to farm! Also gives tremendus damage do your Q, with the 75dmg+40ish dmg from AP.
PhantomDancer... = Great attackspeed!! Sure you do decent damage after you have blackcleaver/infinity edge/bloodthurster/last whisperer and now PhandomDancer is making all that damage hit more often! I'd rather get a cheaper item like starks then phandomdancer, not focusing on crits and all anyways.

-*Leviathan = great if your not a 1 for 1 trader and can actually get good assists/kills to deaths. Great hp, amazing full stack effect, take 15% less overall damage? EPIC!
-*Sword of the Occult ^ = Also great, great attack damage, you don't need attack speed and you get movement speed if you max it out! Cuts out that phandomdancer speed people like and you get the damage you really needed!
-Soalstealer = If you really like ap then sure, full stacks cdr is great, but overall it helps your Q out, annnnnd your Q.... and your q... No survivability, no speed, no damage on everything but your Q. Im not a fan but for those who are, Go for it! :D

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How to towerdive!

1-Get your perfect angle, run in while the tower attacks your minons so you can get a good away from turrent aggro or into a wall for epic stun/smashing time. Charge the target, ult the target so the tower dmg doesn't effect you, Q kill the target or wack a few times to finish! Thennn scram!

2-Get your perfect angle, run into tower aggro, ult someone you don't intend to kill, focus the dude thats going to die in 2 hits and never expected you to dive with his teammate + tower right there so he was TPing back, ult his buddy that doesn't really do much then pwn the target and W/GHOST SCRAM! The ult is still on the target so they are the only ones who can stop you, but your gone, epic win.

3-You dive their turret and find its not going to well and that target is going to rape you, ult the enemy and try to time enemy minons infront of you so you can charge out with one Or vicaverca!

4- Homebase will rape you but your chasing the mostly dead annie+soraka back to their homebase! Ult soraka and CHARGE annie into her homebase and kill her!! EPIC! then run around homebase for 2 seconds + dance whilte the gigantic red lazer tries to eat your soul then run away before your ult runs out and it actually does. ( Warning don't try at home, most likely will result in death...)