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Poppy Build Guide by TwoBitt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TwoBitt


TwoBitt Last updated on January 6, 2012
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.... Hammer to the face!

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magic pen marks. you will be abusing your q and this just adds so much to it through out the whole game. This really should be the one you use with poppy.

Seals leave some wiggle room. I prefer dodge seals if i am going solo top vs like jax or renek and I prefer mana regen if i'm support/roamer in bot.

Gklyphs I choose cool down redux. You are a bursty champ so really you want to bob and weave with popppy. this lets you bob faster.

Greater Quint of Swiftness - speed is huge on poppy. she is one of the fastest champs in the game and this really just adds some icing on cake. run speed helps poppy gank all 3 lanes and helps you get into the fight, put some hammer to some nutz and get back out.

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I prefer 9/0/21 the utility tree gives too many awesome benefits to pass up and since poppy is a damager The main thing i wanted out of the attack tree is the magic pen. The xp boost gets you out of laning phase faster and there really isn't a bad thing on the utility tree.

the buff duration helps is awesome, and the exstra xp gets you a little boost to help alieviate the time lost running between lanes.

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ok explanation of items.

Philosophers stone is a great regen item and bonus is some gold. I usually sell it twords the end but keep it as long as you wish.

Force of nature was designed for poppy i believe. The best thing about this item is it has amazing regen and instead of adding hp's like most items it just makes spells bounce off of you. Because of poppy's passive I have actually had worse luck when I go for large hp items as many attacks won't hit that 10 % mark untill you are like half health. This item leaves your hp's low so a blast from veigar just tickles and then you can take some damage and stick around to help your team out instead of having to b because you are so low in health.

Sheen is an amazing item for poppy it adds so much damage early on that it is a must for poppy. The sooner you can turn it into lich the better but I like to wait till after rabadons to turn it into lich.

Rabadons. any ap person should get rab's .......... if you have played this game for like 5 minutes you know that it is a must for any ap damage champ.

ok those are the items that are a must now lets talk about some situational items

Your boots depend on if you are going vs a big stunner or if you are playing a squishy person. merc treads are great defensive item and if not I would do sorc boots. basically look at your situation. if you are facing alistar then you really need the merc treads and if you are facing twitch or brand or something squishy where you just want to get in and burst em down as fast as possible go for sorc's

another situational item is the hour glass. I like at least one get out of jail free card. the hour galss actually works pretty well. poppy is one of if not the best tower diver in the game. her ult gives her immunity for everyone except one person and this includes towers. abuse it! and then when that shield falls off at the worst possible second ir your opponent falls like a sac of potatoes just hit this baby and that gives you the exstra 2 seconds to get away.

If you don't like the hour glass then i recomend a banshee's immunity from one ability is awesome and can make all the difference in the world.

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Farming with poppy can be hard. The sorc stone helps alieviate this prob. poppy's burst damage is insain however she gets targeted for this especially early while they can still hurt you. constant dinging is bad and will make you b much more than you want. if you are having trouble in your lane call for a gank/jungler to help you get 1 or 2 kills but sometimes you just have to hang in the background during the laning fase.

I am rarly agressive with poppy until about 5 or 6 or untill you get sheen. if you get a chance to slam em against a wall then do so don't pop q before you hit em remember e then q. poppy immedietly swings again after you pop q so it gives you an exstra hit from here meele weapon. but really just hang in the back and soak some exp for the first few levels. there is no rush you are going to be a face smashing behamut later so let em live for the first 7 min or so.

really poppy's money should come from phil stone and kills. if you are bot w/ a cary let them get most of the last hits.

so just remember you are squishy at the start but it will all be worth it come mid game when you get to smash knee caps with your HAMMER OF BODACIOUS AWESOMENESS!

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Summoner Spells

ok summoner spells

ones i like to use are either flahs and ghost/ignite
the nice thing about flash is you can flash to the side of your enemy then run his dumb *** into a wall and hammer to the face.

ignite stacks with poppy's ult so its actualy 650 true damage. really nice!

ghost/ combined with w it is a great way to either get away or chase down. your choice and choose what fits your play style.
stay away from

-clairvoiance - it is an awesome spell and actually i get it some times but i find flahs/ignite really shine more

-garrison or smite SMITE DOES SOO MUCH DAMAGE WOOT! and garrison! .... yeah don't know what to say.

feeling lazy, ok but your missing out on ignite!

- clarity nah stone early will fix this prob then mid/late you will be ok just grab a blue buff.
- heal ....... i hate heal. but if you are just starting poppy it will save you a couple of times