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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jellytin

Poppy- The Anti-Everything *Revised*

Jellytin Last updated on May 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Golden Rule. Know what you can do and don't do anything stupid.

Poppy. A squishy beast. I play her in an extremely run and gun type attack style. Her main items stack so well with her abilities that after you have 4 items, you can easily and kill any champion. Even well build up tanks. Her main priorities are kill their DPS as fast as possible, or if you are already built up to Madred's, Drop their tank before they blink. She doesn't need a team to help her kill. A basic overview of playstyle would be ult, kill, ghost away. Her passive is amazing for escaping as well as Paragon of Demacia when popped. Team fights are slightly different. Read on. Also, she is great bait while low on health. The lower you are, the easier it is to lure in rushes and bad plays from the enemy as you escape via team help and survivability with your runes and passive. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stun them into the walls. ALWAYS!! Hide until you can or your worthless!!

If you want to see how its done, Add me. Jellytin and I'll show you how I wreck with it.

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All of the runes I chose add to how Poppy should be played for quick kills using crushing blow.

Armor Penetration= It aids with her Crushing Blow ability, matches up with the armor pen mastery, and is just always helpful

Health= Her passive ability is amazing but she needs just a little bit more survivability, and this helps greatly. She doesn't need dodge because of her ult and play style. She also doesn't need attack speed as she kills VIA all abilities/items.

Cooldown Reduction= She needs her abilities as fast as she can.

Attack Damage= Great for early game boost on damage. When you get sheen, you'll appreciate it even more.

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Crit= I don't emphasize crit in my build but when it does land it's useful.

Exhaust skill= all around great for tracking down your easy prey.

I would go into more detail on the rest but they seem pretty self explanatory for a melee dps.

I will say that the 15% magic pen is a great bonus.

They're are 23 points in offense, but that's her job. Offense.

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This is what makes Poppy, Poppy. Don't be too quick to judge.

Regrowth pendant= Early game survivability. This is mean to keep you in lane long enough to buy both sheen and philosophers stone. Until you get Philosopher Stone, be frugal with mana as she does not have much, and it goes quickly.

Philosopher Stone= Health regen, mana regen, and gold! What's not to love. Great for escaping and remaining in the fight longer. Poppy needs some regen in both areas and this is a cheap method that pays itself off.

Sheen= Should be called Poppy's Item. The leader in your damage and killing potential. When used in association with her skill combo, Sheen will let you kill many many champions.

Berserker's Greaves= A little attack speed is always great. Especially with Trinity and Madred's.

Phage= Get this before sheen because once you purchase it, you can take squishies down to about half health in one quick swoop.

Trinity= You are now a One man killing crew. Get adjusted to how much damage you can deal out and start the ganking. Stunning is a very crucial element in her killing, and now, with a stun, opposing champions with die. Quickly.

Pickaxe= Damageeee. Added ontop of trinity you are dolling out crazy amounts of damage.

Razor's= a little armor, a little damage, and a little help on creep killing.

Bloodrazor's= You now take off 4% of their total health on normal strikes. Crushing Blow takes off 8%. Trinity adds 150% to your attack damage on next attack. Crushing blow also deals your attack damage. Your combo goes off so quickly(with a stun) and your deal your attack damage about 3 times in a matter of seconds. Not to mention the stun or stacks of Paragon of Demacia. I don't want to do the math, but your combo and items at this point is enough to kill(or team kill) a full stacked Morde. She is just that powerful.
Now enjoy your Free Killing Potential! Anyone on the map is yours.

Ghostblade= Extra Destruction

Infinity= " "

Shurelya's Reverie= Health, Cooldown Reduc, Extra Regen, and an active ability you can use to run away.

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Skill Sequence

Not going into much detail for this.

Heroic Charge first= just to push and stun.

Demacia Second= Keep you from getting greedy and wanting to kill really early game. Also you now have stacks of damage and armor.

Then, pump up crushing blow and Your ult every chance. That's you money maker.
Continue building demacia after that for the extra damage stacks, a shorter cooldown to use it more often to catch up with fleeing enemies or an extra speed boost to come in for the gank.

I don't think Charge needs to be built up right away because the damage and cooldown it offers aren't as necessary.

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Summoner Spells

This is my guide so I won't provide options.

Ghost. Entrance and Escape skill. Will save your life or get you that kill several times a game.

Exhaust. Takes down armor, speed, and damage they do. Great of isolating your kill.
Ult, Exhaust, Combo, and they should be dead or close.

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Laning- Poppy starts off slow and weak. Laning can be hard against some ranged, quick champs. Use bushes and ganks to give yourself some position. Pushing enemies around or close to walls tends to scare them. Once you have sheen, laning wont be a problem. You should have your ult and some damage. My strategy is basically, kill off the comp and then get the creep kills. Always do your best on creeps but you can't use skills to minion kill until you get your Philosopher stone.

Your Killer Combo!!
Pick your target well. Squishy characters will fall before your hammer. Even if there is a team of 5 standing mid, you can run in, kill one of them and then escape. Be aware of when you pop your ult or else you could find yourself extremely vulnerable in the middle of a team.


Demacia! Stacks on your damage to help with sheen/trinity. Extra speed boost and armor.

Exhaust! Slow your enemy temporarily while your rush up and finish them up.

Ulti! Extra Speed, increased damage per attack, Resist stuns, slows, and all the other gunk
the other team will throw at you.

Charge! Hit your enemy into the wall, stun them, let your team help out, get ready to smash.

Crush! All your damage comes raining down on your foe as their health gets heartily chunked in a rapid manner.
Then you can run them down and finish them off if they aren't already dead.

Escape Tactics!
Bush hump. They can't see you. It's almost too easy to stun enemies while your hiding in a bush. Getting Chased? Run into a bush, circle back behind your enemy, smash them into the wall, then ghost/demacia/ult run. Also, Greedy enemies can be hit with this stun tactic several times until you have the upperhand. If you are already up to bloodrazor, you have not much fear of being out DPS'd by anyone!

Attack tactics!
Never come from the middle. You're not a tank. Bushes, coming from behind, or side, or anything that just isn't the middle will give you an amazing battle advantage. Pick your target. Wait for the opportune moment. Then either stun them, or push enemies into your team. Move the enemies to where you have the upperhand! And don't underestimate the power of your combo.

Team fights!
You aren't a tank. Make your presence be known, but don't take the brunt of your enemies assault. As stated before, pick your targets, then take them down. You are also one of the versatile team fighters. With the ability to kill any enemy, especially heavy hitters, I like to bum rush their Caster/DPS. I come in from the forest behind, Combo Kill their DPS, and then ghost away. Now it's 4v5. You can't lose that unless you have jackass teammates. If you take significant damage hang around at the back of the fight until regened a little and bait the enemy. Remember your passive! It is phenomenal.

Just stick to the bushes and be a sneaky poppy. Efficiently stun opponents and don't get caught without your abilities in a bad situation! You can Kill ANYONE after you get Madred's. 1v1 you are unstoppable. Make it Happen. Poppy also is a big fan of the blue buff. Even faster killing.