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League of Legends Build Guide Author monk62341

Poppy - The Gank Princess

monk62341 Last updated on November 19, 2010
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Poppy - The Gank Princess

Ok, so this is my build for my main melee, Poppy. Notice that, like a lot of Poppy builds, my main focus is attack speed. This is because Poppy hits hard, and if she also hits fast you should be able to take most champs one-on-one. I also have some AP so as to heighten her abilities. My main reason for not giving her more AP than this is primarily because she doesn't need much to be potent. In fact she doesn't need any, but if I'm gonna get Stinger anyways, might as well finish it off. Also you'll notice as with my other build, I have listed an inordinate amount of items that represent the piece-by-piece sequence I usually follow. To be frank, Poppy is a nuke and a ganker. However, I believe Poppy has tank qualities with this build, so I encourage users to initiate fights, and to stay end them. Often you staying in until death, but getting those last few hits on one or more enemies sets your team up to finish them off nicely, where-as otherwise the enemy could run away. Don't be stupid, be courageous. Poppy usually comes with a higher death ratio. I average about 6-10 deaths a game. I also average anywhere between 12-18 kills.


The summoner spells I choose go along with my mastery tree. You want exhaust, not so much for chasing, but for keeping them in range. Early game Poppy needs a partner, and using exhaust while your partner initiates gets the kill. Wait until they over-extend. When you do this and they still have a little bit left and are running, use ignite. I can't count how many times the 2nd champ tried to chase gank me and got owned because I ignited his friend and turned full focus on him. Double kill.

Alright first thing you're gonna want is Devastating Blow. Poppy is NOT a solo lane character, so get this skill and wait for the opportune first strike. If you co-ordinate well with your ally you could get the kill. You will want to max this first as it is your strongest damage output. Next you want Heroic Charge because, as I said, Poppy is a lane partner and this creates some epic combos. Slam an over-extended enemy into the wall, Devastating Blow and auto-attack. If you're partners smart you will get plenty of assistance or cover-fire depending on the situation. Max this second. Next you want Paragon. This move has a good passive. Great for extra damage on minions and even auto-attacking champs. It is also your primary escape and chase move. Still, you should wait to max this because the gains aren't great enough to wait to max the other moves. Another thing I use this move for is hitting turrets. It's not much, but you gain max stacks for five seconds and that's damage you would otherwise be waiting on. Diplomatic Immunity is an interesting skill that can be used in a number of ways. What I probably use it most for is picking up those pesky runaway kills. Basically you get to pick your poison with this skill. Some builds will tell you to focus on everyone but your target, but remember that at its max, DI gives you 40% extra damage. This move is also great for escapes and killing almost-dead turrets, but be careful with that, and make sure the champ you target can't kill you before you get the turret.


My runes are pretty standard. Added attack speed to compliment the build. Also Poppy just attacks so slowly with no boost. CD Reduction helps make your Devastating Blow a decent constant, and gets Heroic Charge back for the chase after initiating. Finally I chose Dodge because when combined with the masteries it's about 16% dodge chance, and on dodge your movement speed increases 10%. You have a couple options with your Quintessences. I like extra experience, but you can also go for more CD or even the one that decreases time spent dead. You're playing Poppy, you will die. Sometimes often.


So my items focus on attack speed. There is some ability power and cooldown reduction. Also note that I have no items that give armor. This is because Poppy has the second highest natural armor at level 18. However, if you are facing a heavy hitting melee team, you should adjust accordingly with either a Thornmail or Sunfire Cape. You can pick which item to exclude, but I usually just push out the Rageblade. So you rush Stinger because it gives you a nice starting attack speed and cooldown reduction. Next, it's Boots of Speed, followed by Catalyst and then finish Berserker's. Do this because you don't need the extra speed that soon and Catalyst will restore 300 health and 250 mana every time you level up. Worst case scenario, you get it by level 13. Best case, you get it by 5 or 6. Then it just helps keep you in lane. Then, you really focus on attack speed, getting Last Whisper for the armor penetration, and Wit's End for its mana passive. Then I go for Banshee's Veil. I chose this item specifically because Poppy needs that boost of health and mana to stay in team fights and the negation passive is really handy. Then you finish Nashor's Tooth, giving you a bit more ability power and extra cooldown reduction on top of some more attack speed. This is really the pinnacle item that sets you up for some action. Then, if you have time, Guinsoo's Rageblade because the stack of ability power and attack speed couldn't hurt.


Early Game
As I said before, DON'T BE FOOLISH WITH POPPY! She isn't as tough as her hits make her seem. Early game you can't take much so stay with your partner, and wait to strike. Over-extension by your enemy is your best friend. If you are in a situation where if you go anywhere near the enemy you will most likely die, hang back. Stay in range of your minions xp radius so you continue to level up, but just don't engage. Let them fight you, and let them make mistakes. All else fails you can fall back to your turret. I've died many a time because I thought I could just minion farm a little and the enemy proved me wrong.

Mid Game
Team fights have started. That doesn't necessarily mean you should join. Mid game is completely subjective to each individual game. You should make the choice of whether to try and gank a bit, or continue to minion farm, because this is your chance to minion farm. The danger with team fights and this build is that your health will be pretty low until later in the game, so rushing into a group, even with your teammates around, could cost you. Lower health and strong attack makes you the first target. That being said, Poppy can create some pretty sick ganks.

Late Game
Now you're strong. You have a decent amount of health, about 180 magic resist, about 90 armor, and you hit so hard that if you come in behind the initiator you can kill the enemy before they know you attacked. The key is positioning. Always try to line yourself up so that you can slam your enemy into a wall. It doubles the damage and stuns them. Late game with your team that equals death. Use DI in those chases that lead you to another champ. In those situations, I advise targeting the new champ, finishing off the old quick, and doing as much extra damage as possible. Depending on the champs you can easily take both.

I am a firm believer in trying your own thing, and using your own strategies. My build is far from perfect, but it works for me. If you don't like my strategies, maybe try my item sequence and see how it feels. I encourage all to make their own builds and publish. It's fun!