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Poppy Build Guide by Olozim

Poppy - The Ultimate Team Fighter

Poppy - The Ultimate Team Fighter

Updated on November 8, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Olozim Build Guide By Olozim 5,776 Views 1 Comments
5,776 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Olozim Poppy Build Guide By Olozim Updated on November 8, 2011
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Hey everyone this is my first guide, so any constructive criticism is appreciated! I love Poppy and actually came across this build playing Dominion as Poppy against another Poppy, but I've found it works great for both Summoners Rift and Dominion. This build gives you great survivability with the Warmog's combined with her ultimate. Good sustained damage with the atma's and amazing burst damage with the trinity force. I hope you enjoy it, I sure do!
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For Runes I take all armor pen in marks and Quints, this makes what little poking you do with Poppy early game more devastating, and makes the ganks go over so much better. Also it allows you to skip building something like a brutalizer or Last Whisper (Although those are viable late-game). For seals I take flat armor and Glyphs and take flat magic resist. These help keep Poppy from getting poked too bad by ranged characters early game in the laning phase. Pre-level 6 Poppy is one of the worst laners, and she can't jungle at all. You NEED a good laning partner, preferably someone ranged.

For Masteries, I took a full offensive tree. Poppy is the ultimate anti-carry, and to do that you need to do a lot of damage quickly, so it's a no-brainer. I took some extra defense and some mp and health regen utility because Poppy has some serious mp problems early and mid game.
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Pros / Cons

-You have pretty much everything you need, Lots of hp for survivability, lots of AD for sustained damage, and lots of burst with the trinity force proc.
-Very flexible build late-game. Once you have the core built, it really becomes situational.
The "core" build, which is trinity force, warmogs, and atma's, is fairly expensive. Once you get Trinity Force though it shouldn't be too hard to pick up some kills and start racking up the gold.
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I always start with a Doran's Shield simply because Poppy has a difficult time early game staying in the lane. Another option would be a regen pendant into a philosophers stone, but you just have to be a little more careful at level 1-3 while you're still really squishy. Poppy doesn't take too well early game to being up in someone's face though without the extra stats from Doran's early game.

For boots I usually go with beserker's, but Mercury Treads and Ninja Tabi boots are just as viable. These are all situational. Lots of CC? go for Merc Treads. Lots of AD carries? Might wanna try out those Ninja boots. If they have a pretty balanced team though and have a good mix of every type of champ, I usually just stick with berserkers.

Sheen into TRINITY FORCE is hands down THE best item for Poppy, without it you will have substantially less burst damage. Everything that Trinity Force gives you, Poppy needs to do well. Do NOT skimp on this step, the only item I get before completing Sheen would be boots of speed, and the only items I would get before completing Tri Force would be Berserkers and POSSIBLY a Giants belt if you are really needing the extra survivability early-mid game. Once you get level 18 you should have at least Tri Force and Warmogs. Combined with Poppy's W, you should be running upper 100's close to 200 AD, which is pretty good. After Atma's this number gets even higher. After that if I want extra damage, I almost always go with an Infinity edge, as it works well with the crit chance from Tri Force and Atma's.

End game (after you've finished your core), it is entirely up to you. Need some more defense? Build a Banshee's or a Thornmail. I really like the thornmail on Poppy because of the Warmog's let's her take a TON of hits and AD carries will just stop attacking you after you get a Thornmail and they melt. Want more attack? Build an Infinity Edge and do lots of sustained damage with your auto attacks. The crit chance from tri Force and Atma's really help out here as well, it would be a shame to waste that crit chance now wouldn't it? The extra 80 AD doesn't hurt either =)

I rarely build any magic resist late game with Poppy unless there are a LOT of AP characters on the opposing team. Why? Because 90% of the time, if a character is doing a lot of AP damage, they are squishy. Simple solution: Ult someone who is NOT AP, burst down AP carry, continue on with life and laugh as AD champs try to whittle you down through 3.6k+ hp and 257 armor with Thornmail's passive.
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Skill Sequence

Focus on your E, if you manage to slam people in to walls, i don't know of any level 1 skill that does that much damage AND stuns! LEARN HOW TO USE THE E AND HOW TO SET IT UP. I see a lot of Poppy builds who max the Q first, and let me tell you why I DON'T do this. Most of the damage from your Q does not come from the flat damage increase, it comes from the 8% bonus health damage, which is capped. This cap increase is what makes the Q do lots of damage to champions with high hp. But since at low levels champions usually don't have any more than 1k hp, increasing your Q first gives you minimal returns on the bonus damage. Just level this up steadily as you progress to keep the bonus damage cap high enough to do full damage to champions. Your Heroic Charge though, is a flat damage increase all around, both for the initial contact and the slam. It's a great burst skill and can really mess up someone's day. Pop your W when you get in trouble and need to run away or when you need a little extra speed to get in position to land your E or chase someone down.
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Summoner Spells

Poppy is pretty lenient on Summoner spells. I usually take Flash and Ignite. Flash because... well it's flash, you can do some cool stuff with a combined flash + Heroic charge, or get out sticky situations. Ignite because it's always pesky to have those slippery champions going back with 100hp on them. Other viable spells are Ghost, which is always good for any melee champion, and exhaust. Exhaust combines really well with Poppy's ultimate in team fights. Ult a tank or a mage who's out of mana and exhaust them, or heck ult anyone and exhaust them in the middle of a team fight and tada! You can't be hurt for about 8 seconds and get free reign on their carries.

I don't know of any other really good spells for Poppy, any combination of these spells will serve you well and I'm sure there are a few that would be viable.
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This build is incredibly durable mid to late game. It's a pain early game, like almost any Poppy build, but is incredibly fun mid and late game. It's surprising how fast enemy carries die to a quick E + Q combo from Poppy, and her ult is arguably one of if not the best in the game.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Olozim
Olozim Poppy Guide
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Poppy - The Ultimate Team Fighter

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