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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xiaowiriamu

Poppy - Their defeat is NON-negotiable

Xiaowiriamu Last updated on December 30, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my poppy build. Poppy was the first Champion released in 2010 and is a tricky champion to play within League of Legends and can go about with many builds, often the main ones i see are pure AD builds and the follow up on the 2 hit KO. However what these builds miss is survivability whilst also doing great damage.


This is poppy's main skill when initiating fights, the term devastating surely rides up to the name as this skill can do massive damage, sometimes nearly one hitting the opponent. Description: Poppy crushes her opponent, dealing physical attack damage as well as a flat amount and 8% of the target's max health as magic damage.

A great escaping skill and also chasing skill. This is very useful in initiating or running away and can also help in Poppy's lack of survivability when not active. The passive grants 3.5 per stack of armor and damage at level 5, which is 35 armor and damage when fully stacked at 10. The active as articulated grants poppy movement speed with 25 % at level 5.

A great partnership skill used mainly with correlation with Devastating blow. A great tip early game is to try and get your opponent near a wall and hit them with the skill and follow it by devastating blow, another great method is stunning them near your tower. Description: Poppy charges at an enemy and carries them further. The initial impact deals a small amount of magic damage, and if they collide with terrain, her target will take a high amount of magic damage and be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

A great skill that maximizes survivability and also grants you a hefty 40% more damage output towards to opponent you placed your diplomatic immunity on. Description: Poppy focuses intently on a single target for 6/7/8 seconds, dealing increased damage to them, and becoming immune to any damage and abilities from enemies other than her target. Damage increase applies to summoner spells and items used by Poppy.

Poppy's passive: Any damage dealt to Poppy that exceeds 10% of her current health is reduced by 50%. This does not reduce damage from structures. A great passive that can make you survive longer and also make opponents unhappy that you're not taking high damage.

Item overview

The items I've chosen grant high damage whilst also maximizing survivability with vamp and spell vamp. the madred razor works well in also getting in some high damage with your normal attacks with also works well with Attack speed runes. The madred razor offers a great tank killing tool and also helps when you're low on mana. The hex-tech gun-blade speaks for itself offering damage output and vamp, the trinity force which is one of poppy's main core items also grants poppy with a huge range of attack attributes. The attack speed boots also come in handy with the runes and offer a great damage output early game. However you can replace these with magic resistant boots if their team has many stunners and high AP. finally the bloodthirstier offers a great vamp and attack damage, and also the stark fervor as well. However these items are not core and as expressed sooner in this guide you'll find you can get different items to help suit the situation of the game much efficiently.

Core items

These are the main items for poppy in my opinion and have worked a treat when I've used them, usually before i get my madreds' the game is over, which is why i never had much chance to test what items are best after-wards. However useful items to get after-wards can be as follows:

Useful items after core

Offers great attack speed, vamp and health regen to you and your team which can help a lot late game, furthermore it reduces armor by 20 to nearby opponents which again is useful in doing that extra bit of damage.

one of the most overused damage output items it surely lives up to its name though. It also gives great critical damage with the increase of its passive.

As expressed it offers a great amount of damage output and vamp especially after killing a few minions and enemies.
A cheap alternative that gives a great active and also passive of armor penetration. This item is very popular and you can see why when you use its active to chase an enemy down and hit him like a fed master yi.
This item is shown in the tips for Poppy and is very useful indeed. Its like a mini innervating locket (RIP) with its hp and mana regen and also gives great damage. However the passive is very useful in team fights.


The health runes offer a good initiator early game as 100 health is a lot. Furthermore it also helps surviving early game as poppy is weak nearer the start at lvl 1~3Now many will argue that armor penetration works best for poppy but I'm unsure on that theory, ever since i was inspired by a poppy player and how he played Ive been fixated on attack speed or critical runes just because early game you can feel it and also late game as well, it just helps more and you can see the difference whereas with armor penetration i felt it wasn't working. furthermore Ive tried both sets with this build and i cant find or see which is better but i just opt for using attack speed or critical partially because Ive been performing well with them anyway with games like 20-4-17 etc.

UPDATES to come

    pros and cons
    Further experimentation with items and runes
    Detailed analysis on how to play poppy