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Poppy Build Guide by BlizzardRain

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlizzardRain

Poppy - Valoran will know harmony

BlizzardRain Last updated on December 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, as you may know, my 1st build with Malzahar was well......a disaster. But now here comesPoppy! At first glance of her abilities, Poppy seems weak and not worth playing. But a few months ago, i bought her after seeing her taking out 3/4 of another champion's health bar in 1 hit got me thinking. So, her being as cheap as 1350 IP then, i bought her and all i could say about her damage output was WOW. Just WOW. So now, i wanna give somethin back to the community with my Poppy builds. (Notice all the colourful images :D ) This includes both AP Poppy builds and AD Poppy Builds. Hybrid Poppy is a BIG NO. As always feel free to criticise and tell me if something is incorrect or something of significance should be added. Please remember that I am not saying that you HAVE to play with these, if you have any variations that suit your style of playing better, then by all means, play with them, this is just my way of playing Poppy.

EDIT: 3rd best Poppy Guide on MOBAFire! Thanx alot for the support guys! Hit me up on NA : BlizzardRain

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Pros / Cons

MASSIVE damage output
Can tower dive without taking ANY damage from the tower
Great chaser with an inbuilt ghost + free attack damage and armor
Takes out even TANKS with ease
Amazing Fighter/Assasin
If played right, Poppy > Xin Zhao
Passive makes sure you don't need Tanky Items
Has Hammer Diplomacy :D

Despite seeming so, NOT easy to play.
Knowing when to strike is Critical to Poppy's Survivability
Cant jump into teamfights to take out the squishy as after he/she is dead, poppy is vulnerable to death.
Her E Spell needs to be used properly in a manner to surely stun and hence requires practice.
Ashe's Arrow in a team fight = UGH. SO ANNOYING CUZ I DIE >:(

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The 4 Builds

This may seem confusing, and honestly, i don't bother to look at builds with more than one, but i've realized recently that having more than one build opens up more opportunities for people to experiment with. Now, let me explain what each is for.

This is a basic AD Build for Poppy that you should use until you become an expert with Poppy. By expert i mean going flawless in most of your matches.

This is a basic AP Build for Poppy and you should use it until you become and expert with her.

This is an EXPERT build for AD Poppy with the Maximum AD damage output she can use featuring Sword of the Occult. WARNING : DO NOT USE THIS UNTIL YOU ARE AN EXPERT WITH POPPY.

The reason why i say do not use this until you are an expert with her is because sword of the occult can HEAVILY backfire. For example, it only gives you 20 AD and if you keep dying, this item will not benefit you in any way and will be useless for you.

This is an EXPERT build for AP Poppy with the Maximum AP damage output featuring Mejai's Soulstealer . DO NOT USE IF YOU AREN'T AN EXPERT WITH POPPY.

Thats about it on the builds.

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For regular ADPoppy, i go Armor pen marks, Magic resist per level seals, Flat CDR Glyphs and Armor Pen Quints. For expert Poppy, the only difference is Health per level seals and Magic resist per level glyphs.
For both AP Poppys i use Magic pen marks, Mana regen per 5 sec seals, CDR per level Glyphs and Flat AP Quints.

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I go 21/0/9. Not too much explanation really, all offensive masteries and the ones in the utility tree are just for tha lulz cuz i didn't have anywhere else to put them in. You might think "NO SURVIVABILITY AGAIN?! WTH IS THIS GUY DOING MAN?!" well, you have an inbuilt ghost, AND your passive denies 50% of damage if it goes over 10% of your health irrespective of armor/magic pen. In this case over about 200. and if its under, well, its not really much damage now is it? I cant tell you how many times this passive has saved my *** from the likes of Karthus's Ult. He got a triple kill. But didn't kill the so-called squishy, which was me. GO PASSIVE!~

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Pure damage items with either mercs or sorcerer's shoes. Why no tanky items again? Cuz the more tanky you are, the more you're declining your passive, and taking full advantage of your abilities is the first step to mastering a champion. So don't complain about no atmogs , no banshees etc, cuz thats speaking like a noob with respect topoppy's passive. And although i agree that with defensive items you reduce an unmatched amount of damage. you wont deal enough damage to kill a tank in your lane, or destroy a lane with the best supports i.e Sona and Soraka as they both give massive defensives on their heals for a short duration.And mind you, in draft mode games, Sona and Soraka are picked often as they arent banned cuz OP guys wud otherwise wreck everyone. One of Poppy's main jobs is to take out people who are ruining one of your lanes.

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Skill Sequence

I Max her QDevastating Blow first as it deals your attack damage + (at least) 100 Damage + 8% of the targets max health. I mean, what else could you ask for?
I Max her E Heroic Charge
Second as the correct placement of it guarantees a Stun and deals decent damage as well as being a gap closer when you're assassinating someone.
I Max her W Paragon of Demacia as its her least useful skill, good for continuous hitting of minions and a mini ghost with a good move speed boost at level 1 of 17% , so maxing it for movement speed isnt quite necessary compared to the rest
I Max her R Diplomatic Immunity When i can (i.e. levels 6,11 and 16).

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Summoner Spells

I Take the standard Flash + Ignite combo. Flash for escaping or Flash + E-terrain-hit-stunning (that was long.....) and Ignite to finish someone off with true damage.

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Ranked Play

In Ranked play asPoppy ( I assume you have mastered her and become an expert with her ) you're main role is that of an assassin, you may fight in occasional situations (which i will explain in the next chapter) but what you mainly want to do is look for targets that are low on health, go into bushes near them, and when they come in rnge of your Heroic Charge, Ram into them and finish with Devastating Blow. There is no reason to smash into terrain when assasinating someone as if they run, you have a mini-ghost to catch up, or you can just pop ignite to finish or flash to chase. In the next chapter, i have explained teamfights in ranked/unranked play.

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Team Fights

In both Ranked and Unranked Games, Poppy's role is that of a fighter in team fights, let your tank initiate and kill their squishy(s). This shouldn't take too long as they're well.......squishys :P. You may be squishy as well in terms of defenses and maybe even health, but your passive is a miracle worker :D and damage does **** all to you.

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Poppy is not such a great farmer, meaning her attack animation isn't great, but having played anivia recently and having mastered last hits with her, Poppy is a breeze. If you haven't mastered last hitting with a champion like anivia however, you might wanna spend some time in custom games, without any opponents or allies, just trying to farm minions with last hits until you master it or become really good at it.

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To end it I'd have to definitely say that don't use Hybrid Poppy ( then she becomes hybrid poopy :P ) , don't overestimate yourself (don't use the expert build upon getting 3-5 flawless or close to flawless games in a row) , i have given a HIGHLY valid reason for not building even the slightest bit in tankyness, and if you spot any mistakes and have any suggestions : lemme know and if they're suggestions i'll test in-game and see if i should adjust it.

Thanx for reading!!! :D

And most of all,

Have a Blast with Poppy, cuz "Valoran will know harmony!"