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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Idobuildssometimes

Poppynator (Hybrid)

Idobuildssometimes Last updated on April 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Soooooooooooo... We meet again. Actually, no we don't, since this is my first build/guide on this site. Aaaanyway, so you choose the crossbreed of a gnome and smurf, with funny hair and a hammer for show? Excellent choice. This little midget might be small, but she knows how to deal alot of damage, and quick. By using this build i've been able to fix myself -alot- of kills, especially early-game. So just follow these steps, and please don't whine that it sucks if this build doesn't work for you, then you're not playing right and you should prolly reroll to a non-hammer midget.

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Easy to get kills with early game.
Hard to put down, thanks to her passive.
Insane burst damage and damage overall.
Paragon, making Ghost unecessary.
Charge interrupts powerful or annoying channels (Nunu's ulti)
Ultimate makes her an incredible towerdiver even early game.
Good 1v1.

Bad farming.
Depends on assasinating if you don't wanna get in melee range.
If not fed correctly, have a hard time keeping up due to bad farming.

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I've picked magic penetration marks and evasion glyphs because let's face it, without MAGP you can't land full dmg, and without the evasion seals you'll be alot easier to finish off for AD characters (And the boots, you'll need other boots! :<). The Glyphs were simple, You'll need lower cooldowns at the beginning aswell as the end, face it, you're gonna grow up some day, Poppy pan! The quintessences' are picked out as following, to add to the already enhanced MAGP, but also to add some ARMP since you'll be doing AD aswell.

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My Masteries are 21/0/9, and are specifically picked out to make you do the damage, do it fast, while staying high on the experience and laning ladder. I could recommend switching one point of deadliness and maybe two on Alacricity to get a fully stacked Meditation (You'll thank me, mana tends to go dry on this lil' gal), and if you're not very good at staying alive (Been there, done that) then i suggest you take one (removing greed aswell) or two points from Awareness and investing them in Good Hands, letting you be in action as much as possible.

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Summoner Spells

Since both Ghost and Exhaust are of no real use with this build and character, i've choosen Flash, never know when you need to flash in on an opponent to get a kill, or flash out to avoid getting killed, and Ignite, because it's lovely to see how enemies that escape you run for their lives just to get mowed down by your little DoT ^.^

An alternative to Ignite is teleport, in order to easier get to where the action is.

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I always start of with Mana crystal and two Health pots, giving me more mana for harassing and the pots help me stay in lane. After that i get Sheen, a great item for her because all you have to do is Heroic charge, sheen melee, wait 1 more sec then do a Sheen-stacked Devastating blow, most enemies are crushed by this combo, leaving them with low HP, just to follow and finish them off with another charge. Finishing that to a Trinity force, which gives 150% instead of 100% of AD, makes the combo even deadlier. Take Phage first, followed by Zeal, since the stun is nice and you don't really need Crit or Attack speed yet, since you still use your Charge/Blow Combo.

I bet you've all wondered about the shoes, well, it doesn't really stack with the rest of my build, but it goes along very well with all those dodge seals. So, part from Ninja Tabi, almost any boots can work, but my favorite is probably Boots of speed since they stack nicely with Paragon and trinity, making my escape easier.

Since two of Poppy's abilites deal magic damage, those you're dependant on at this stage, i've choosen to take Hextech revolver for the extra damage and the Spell vamp for my Devastating blow (Once you play, you'll see how insane it is, and how worth the vamp is!). If you're doing well, you should be able to buy the Hextech Gunblade right away, if not just buy the Bilgewater Cutlass and then complete the set.

Time for the item every single powerful build in this game seems to have, Infinity Edge! Try to start with B.F Sword, but if your finances don't allow that, go with the Pickaxe and then the Cloak of Agility instead. Alternatively you can get a Bloodthirster instead of this item, making your Criticals less sequent but your AD is 25 more, stacked with Trinity through Devastating Blow can settle the Life or Death for an enemy.

Now you should be pretty overpowered in your burstdamage. Excellent. Now it's time to see too it that you can stay in the fights for more then fifteen seconds. Start building towards a Nashor's Tooth, start with Stinger, then... well you get it, buy the item.
This item happens to be my favorite item in the game for Hybrids, not only because of the extra attackspeed, but because it gives both mana reg and a nice amount of AP. Not to mention being the -best- Cooldown reducing item in the game, meaning stacking it with the blue Golem Buff makes your Cooldowns so tiny the other team will believe that you are hacking. If you wish for it, you can build this item before you build the infinity Edge, since the Cooldown reduction makes your life alot easier.

Now we're here, the end of all the items, Guinsoo's Rageblade. One of the hybrids best friends, this gives attack damage and ability power, plus attackspeed and MOAR ABILITY POWAH as the battle progresses. This is a very nice item, but can also be replaced with Phantom Dancer in order if you want your attackspeed faster, believe you have enough AP as it is, want to do more criticals with your AD and want even more attackspeed to be able to outrun anyone (Including Warwick if you're under 50%)

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Well, i suppose that is it, please rate this guide/build and please tell me if there's something you're missing, tell me how to do it so you can stop worrying about the little things and i can learn how to make better guides. I leave you with two tips.

ONE: Try to get the Blue Golem Buff whenever you can, sometimes it can be a vital item.
TWO: Strategy on how to get a very easy kill.
(Here it's supposed to be a lousily made picture, haven't quite figured out how to insert it yet >< xD)
Let the enemy push you to the extend that they begin to attack your outer turret. As their minions begin to thin out, you can now land a Heroic Charge, followed by a quick Devastating Blow into the wall right next to the tower. Many times they make the mistake to attack you, or the stream of minions die out, meaning your turret will attack them, almost always killing them. Guaranteed.

That's all, Laturz!