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Twisted Fate Build Guide by WIMAAC

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WIMAAC

POST NERF (Twisted Fate AS/Magic dmg build)

WIMAAC Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Cheat Sheets wrong, CDR hits 40%, health should hit 3000, AP should hit 300.

Hello, this is my first Real build, so I hope that you guys will give me feedback on this build, as well as the items used in this build. I build Twisted Fate with attack speed, AP, as well as survivability.
Twisted Fates role in game is very flexible, but should usually be the Intelligence of the team, (Ultimate, getting wards) Setting up ganks on either their jungler or on other lanes (using teleport or Ultimate), as well as a very strong assassin. In this build, I gave up more damage for Health, Armor, and Magic Res. Twisted Fate is one of the easiest champions to mess up with, easily leading to feading if you make a couple of stupid mistakes. I build him with 3k health , 100+ armor, as well as a banshees veil to help you live past those mistakes, and hopefully survive more often.

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Items. As you can see, I start with dorans ring for the AP and Health. The other items are standard, although one might argue that getting the Lich Bane is better than the Trinity because you dont get physical damage, you dont need the additional 100 damage because your either killing AD carries within seconds, and the extra damage won't do much, or your attacking a tank, in which case that 100 damage is stupid, but the attack speed, movement speed, health, and slow from the phage all come in handy to either survive for the kill, or RUN.
In the Laning phase, you should NEVER get mana potions. EVER (explained in the next section)

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Order of Skills that you should get: Destiny, Wild Cards, Pick A Card, Stacked Card.

In Team fights, you should always have your Gold card up, always. In teamfights, you do NOT dish out the AD damage, or the AP carry damage. You should be picking off the low health characters, using your ultimate to pick a better position in a team fight, doing damage with your wild cards, as well as being a stun bot. Twisted has a very low CDR stun, so you should use it to the max. You want to stay at the back of the team fight, and only go in for the kill, or to stun whoever was stupid enough to leave their teams group.

In Laning, use Wild cards to harrass and try to only hit creeps on last hit, and with the blue card if your pro.

Random Facts about TF.
Around lvl 10, you can walk by the wraiths with your red card, shoot out your red card and use wild cards to instantly kill all the wraiths. Use this anytime for the free 100 gold.

In Teamfights, you can often draw the wrong card because of not being able to see what card you have, leading you to either die or not be able to stun that Katarina spinning away in her ultimate. Try to calm down when drawing cards, but another trick is to look at the spell place, because the colors show there as well.

Passive: Horrible, just horrible. I'm sorry I will get many that disagree with this, but I find his passive horrible... JK. You might not notice it, but his passive helps you get your items FAST. Say you kill the standard 3 melee creep and 3 ranged creep in a lane. Then you get 12 extra gold from that single wave, 6 from a mage creep kill.

Wild Cards: Great spell, helps demolish creep waves, as well as hurt the enemy Champ during laning. Has EXTREMELY large range, so with decent aiming skills, can make anyone get to low health solely through using this ability. Max out first for maximum damage, and to make them suffer to think they can get hit by this card.

Pick A Card: Very useful for all the abilities, split description.

Gold Card: Wonderful, Great stun, adds Damage, try not to miss it in teamfights.

Red Card: Great for clearing out low health creep waves, slowing clumped up champions following you, as well as hitting enemy champions hiding behind creeps who are skilled enough to dodge most wilds Cards (red card splashes)

Blue Card: Your laning phase's greatest ally. It works wonders on last hits, as it increases your damage by a lot, as well as heals your mana. This is why TF never gets mana potions. This is why TF has such high sustainability. Even if you hit 1 in every 3 wild cards you shoot out, just heal up your mana using blue cards to last hit and you'll find yourself at full health with full mana as the enemy champion has already blew all their health potions and has to start getting back.

Stacked Deck: Not so great ability, but the passive is great in doing that bonus damage, as well as having +15% attack speed and 15% CDR at lvl 5.

Destiny: Ohhhh mannnn. Your Global taunt, you instant intelligence on where their team is. Your way to laugh at the "cloaked" Twitch trying to run away as you mow him down. Great for ganks, especially in the jungle, but it's not longer a global, meaning you now have to think when using your ultimate. Use it for ganks, helping teammates, when their all missing, when you think their ganking, or pretty much when you feel like making them feel uneasy. Even if you cannot reach where they are, the little ball above their heads make them all stick to either their teammates or their towers for safety.

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Summoner Abilities

Teleport: Because I always grab teleport and I think it's the best ability out there. Saves towers, helps ganks, just having that makes you feel safer if you leave your lane.

Flash: Because you need flash. If your chasing and they flash, you need to flash to chase them. If your running and they flash next to you, you need to flash out. I find that this ability is pointless as whenever I flash, its because someone else flashed, or to escape a gank which usually leads to them also flashing.

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So tell me how you think of this build. I don't know how to add pictures as I don't make many builds, so please don't get mad at the wall of text. Feedback would be nice, as well as anything you might change. Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading all of it.