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Kayle Build Guide by Pursuitstar

Post patch Hybrid

Post patch Hybrid

Updated on August 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pursuitstar Build Guide By Pursuitstar 4,733 Views 2 Comments
4,733 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pursuitstar Kayle Build Guide By Pursuitstar Updated on August 24, 2011
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This is my personal Kayle build after her remake in patch .122. This build focuses on lowering armor and magic resist, while still having enough attack speed to maximize damage. This is a hybrid DPS build, that focuses on using her Q and E in synch to easily take out targets.

Please try the build before you rate, and always comment to tell me how to improve the build :D

This is my first build on Mobafire, so I'll try to keep it updated.
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- Great late game
- Good duo lane champ, thanks to invulnerability
- Able to melt most non-tank champions

- Slow early game
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Greater Mark of Insight and Greater quint of insight
Both of these runes together push you over 10 magic pen, this allows you to deal more damage w/ both your Q and your E.

Greater Seal of Alacrity
Increasing your Att speed so you can lower both armor and magic resist faster, pretty simple.

These glyphs give you a good mix of early game AP and Late game AP. While you won't have 40 AP in the beginning of the match, you should still have a decent amount.

Quints of potency
Gives you early game power.
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Doran's Ring
I start out with a Doran's Ring because it gives a nice balance of stats. It gives 100 HP, 15 AP, and 5 Mana per sec. This allows you to still use abilities while Clarity is on cool down.

Zerker Greaves
I take these boots instead of boots of mobility because I like the Attack speed bonus. Plus you have your W to allow you to get across the map quickly.

This item synchs nicely with your passive. It gives 50% att speed, lowers the targets Magic resist by six (stacks 4 times), and every attack deals 20 magic damage, and gives you 25 AP. While the 20 magic damage may seem insignificant, it does add up, and rather quickly I might add. Lowering the magic resist makes your E hit harder as well as your Q, allowing your damage to increase more and more as you hit an enemy.

Nashor's Tooth
This Item helps Kayle SO MUCH. It gives her Another 50% Att speed increase, gives her 55 Ability power, 10 Mana Per 5 sec, and lowers her CD by 25%. This Item is amazing for Kayle. It let's you have your E up at all times. She is now able to use her Q in order to slow enemies just after the previous slow is up (If they lack tenacity). It also makes Kayles mana problems insignificant, You can not afford to not have this Item.

The Black Cleaver
This item boosts your Att damage through the roof. It, like malady, synchs very well w/ your passive, allowing you to deal a massive amount of damage to almost anyone. It gives 55 Att damage and 30% Att speed, plus it lowers the opponents armor by 15 per attack (Stacks 3 times). This gives Kayle the Edge she needs to topple most opponents. By lowering their armor by 45, most DPS and carries will melt to your damage output.

Hextech gunblade
This Item is Kayle's best friend in this build. It gives her Att damage, Ability power, and both Life steal and Spell vamp, AND a 300 Damage nuke. This allows Kayle to hold her own against most opponents. It gives her more survivability thanks to her E giving bot magic and att damage, meaning she uses both Life steal and spell vamp on each attack. The Attack damage and ability power don't hurt either, because it further increases her damage output, allowing her to hit much harder.

This is the End of the core build, it's a big core build, but it's what makes Kayle an effective Hybrid DPS.

Last slot Options.

Force of Nature
This is my personal favorite, it gives Kayle magic resist, health per second and increased movement speed. It allows her to take more hits, and move around the map a lot quicker.

Phantom dancer
If you want to move around the map quickly, and deal more damage per second, than this is the Item for you. It allows Kayle to move around the map better and allows her to to hit a lot faster.

Madred's blood razor
This item is if their team has an HP stacker or multiple tanks. It's a great Item, however, it doesn't give moment speed which Kayle does lack. It does have a nice attack speed bonus, plus it's amazing passive, while still giving armor and attack damage. I like the item, but, I just think their are better items too use like phantom dancer or FoN, because they give movement speed. However, you heal can be used to counter the movement speed, so by all means, grab Madred's it's really quite amazing.

Trinity Force
I love like this item. No, wait, let me re-phrase that. I love this item. This item I find is superior to any other Item on the optional list. This Item gives you everything you need. A wonderful attack speed boost and movement speed boost, an attack damage boost that gives a slow 25% of the time. Another nice boost is the 150% attack boost after an ability cast. It also gives health and mana. Their is nothing to not like about this item, this is the best Item on this list.
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Summoner spells

Kayle has early game mana issues, this allows her to over come that. Plus with the Masteries, it allows her to play a small support role for other mana deficient champions. Late game, this skill might seem useless, however, it isn't. It allows you to, again, support mana deficient champions and, if you somehow are void of mana, you can use it on yourself. To be blunt, Kayle w/o mana, Sucks.

It's such a great spell, use it to position, catch up to a fleeing opponent, run away from enemies, do a flash over a wall. It has So many options and uses their is no reason not to use it.

Other spells

A great spell, can run away from enemies, catch up to them, get across the map quicker. It's a good spell, use this over flash.

Helpful if your being pursued or are pursuing enemies. Perfect for ganks, makes DPS champions almost useless. If your going to use this, I would use it w/ ghost or flash.

If you want to run a pseudo-support role. It's ok.

It's one of my favorite spells, but not on Kayle. It can be used for greater map control, but I don't think it's better than flash or Clarity.

Use this if you want to secure your kill, I find I can kill them w/o ignite. But if you want to use it, go for it, it's a great spell, use it instead of Clarity.

Meh, you have your ult and your W to get out of tight spots.

Kayle is classified as a support but that's not what this build focuses on, so save it for your Soraka or Sona.

Not a jungler, next.

It's for your tanks, next.


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The standard masteries of 9/0/21.

These give you magic pen, lowered death time, mana per sec, lowered flash CD, clarity upgrade, speed boost, and 15% CD off of your Summoner spells. It's wonderful.
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The skill sequence gives you all your abilities by level 3, letting you heal, farm and harass. We max our Q first in order to harass the enemy. Q is used also as our initiating spell, pop Q on a target then use your E and watch their health drop to 0.

Our E is the second skill to max out. We max this second because one rank is enough to farm and harass enemies early game. Once this is maxed your damage out put will be quite amazing, you should be able to kill most squishies, and farm much more effectively.

W is the last skill to max out, because, one rank is all we need for the speed boost and heal. While this was nerfed in the last patch, it still gives you a decent speed boost and the ability to catch fleeing enemies. It's also good to increase your sustainability during your lane phase, so both you, and your ally, can stay on lane longer than the 2 enemies should.

Your ult is GODLY
Always grab this when you can, it opens up so many doors to Kayle. Use it to get out of a bad situation, use it when tower diving to finish off an enemy or tower. Use it to shield a fleeing ally, or just to shield him in general. It's an amazing skill. W/ Nashor's tooth and Golem buff, it's on a 36 second CD, so your able to pop it willy nilly. But be sure not to waste it and use it on the wrong person.
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conclusion ( For now)

The next time I update this build it will have an in-game section. Remember to play smart and effectively, but the most important thing, have fun with Kayle, that's the most important thing.

Oh one thing. FARM.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pursuitstar
Pursuitstar Kayle Guide
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Post patch Hybrid

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