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Rengar Build Guide by Nundei

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nundei

Predator in the Jungle -Jungle Rengar-

Nundei Last updated on October 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi i'm Nundei and i have been playing rengar since he was released in PBE, i tried several rune sets on him and masteries.
and i found a good setting where i can be offensive and defensive at once.
also I have experienced that rengar is a very strategic and tactical champion and is not for those who want a instant win champion. people think rengar is bad because they misuse him.

Match History:

Here's my history for the my early days.

Here is the history of a fellow guide user (name: virushunter)
Here is the history of a fellow guide user (name: Boneshanks)
Please tell me what you think i should change or add into the guide because this is all based on my way of playing Rengar.

Here is Riot game's Spotlight on Rengar, i do not agree fully on what is said but it will clear up few things for you, which will help you understand my guide.

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My Facebook and Youtube

Hello players, i hope you like my guide! and if you want to be notified about the changes i made or if i make a new guide like my Facebook page below:
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And subscribe to my Youtube page:
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Change log

Beginning from 9/26/2012:
-10/10/2012: Changed the first item in the item build and according to it changed his Skill Order.

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Good and Bad

Rengar is the most misused champ i have seen till now. and that is because people don't focus on his Ferocity charges at all, and just want a click to win champ.
And always remember that its a team game, and you need a good team to win, so losing a game can be from your team and not you. doesn't mean you are a bad player.

Rengar should go roaming with some teammates, Such as:

Vollibear:- Vollibear can chase someone and knock them backwards that give you the chance to slow the enemy then attack them. its very easy to kill someone 2 on 1 if you are roaming around and even go into their jungle at some times.

Nunu:- Nunu can speed you up with attack speed as well which makes reaching enemies easier, also can Slow a great amount that stacks with your Bola strike making the enemy easy to kill.

Blitzcrank:- This guy can counter the enemy jungler like crazy, he can pull the monsters from their camps and pull enemies and bring them to you, you can then use your slow and such to keep him from running and kill him.

Rengar also has counters that you should be careful against, such as:

Cho'Gath - Jax - Heimerdinger - Jayce - Teemo

Cho'gath can silence and Damage while throwing you in the air, which will be easy to land if you stick on him, also his high hp comes in handy against you.

Jax will just Dodge your hits so don't bother fighting him unless he is on cool down.

Heimerdinger has the turrets around him, and if you're late with your Damage he can stun you and his turrets will do enough Damage and such to kill you.

Jayce will just throw you back whenever you try to jump at him, making your ulti useless at him unless ofcourse at certain situations.

Teemo's blind makes your Q have no Damage, so if youa re against him in a lane Don't ever be aggressive against him.

Rengar has Pros and Cons that all his players should know.

- can escape easily with good thinking.
- Can go undetected and kill the carries.
- Good sustain and CC.
- Very high Damage at proper use.

- His mechanics are hard to use and need good sense when using him.
- Can be countered by CC.
- Single target damage.

Stuff you need to know when using him:
- Need to take a fast route to assassinate the enemies.
- You need to be strategic with rengar.
- You need to focus really hard on his Ferocity charges so you don't accidentally click the wrong buttons in a fight.

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Video Guide

This is one of my matches i played which ended fast, i felt like recording it so i ended up doing so and here it is.

Video points and important parts:

[*] 0:15 -1:20

Jungling at start taking the Route to level 3, Wraiths to red -Try to take the least damage possible and keep using the W on 5 charges.
then to the Wolves, to the Wraiths again, Now you are level 3.
Then you got all skills ready you go find a lane to gank. here i get first blood on cassiopeia mid lane.

[*] 2:20 - 2:50

Trying to gank riven, but i end up counter-ganking lee sin. you see that i had 4 charges already which gave me instant damage on lee sin, that's why whenever you wanna gank make sure you have 4-5 charges.

[*] 4:20 - 4:50

Turret dive gank, at riven solotop, i couldn't kill him so we kept chasing. Always keep chasing an enemy unless he goes into a dangerous zone (enemy territory)

[*] 5:00 - 5:25

Bot lane gank where i destroy turret and get both enemies killed.
you should use the ulti to gank because they might have a ward, unlike mid lane which usually don't bring wards.

[*] 7:30 - 7:50

Team fight, i instantly sneak behind and use the ulti i try to attack the AD carry but i kill Sona by mistake, still i follow Ashe and kill her. Always sneak up in the teamfight to the AD carry.

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Summoner spells



-Flash Is a spell that you can use to escape from an enemy, Or catch up to an enemy.
-Flash is a spell used by most people in League of legends,
-Flash teleports you to a nearby spot within 400 range.
-Flash cannot be used while silence or with crowd control effects on the player.
-Flash does not remove stealth so use it to escape while stealthed to make sure you run off.
-You can use flash to escape abilities or land them.


- This spell is usually used for jungling, but can be used to Push lanes or to "Last hit".
- Smite can be used to ensure the "Last hit" on Dragon or Baron nashor.
- Has a cast range of 800.
- This spell breaks stealth so be careful on using it while in stealth.
- You can use this Spell on enemy champion pets like annies tibbers or malzahars voidling, even heimerdingers turrets.
- To push a lane faster use the smite on cannon minion.

Alternate spells:

Exhaust: Exhaust is also a good spell to use, because if you feel like giving the kill to the lane player and such this is a good choice, also counters an enemy flashing sometimes. also good if you jump the AP carry in a fight and exhaust the AD carry, that way you can kill both.
"Exhaust slows movement speed by 40% and reduces autoattack damage by 70% and ability/item damage by 35% for 2.5 seconds."

- Use this spell on an Attack damage carry or an attack damage caster to reduce their damage.
- Use this to slow enemies for a good amount of time so you can chase them.
- This spell is removable by [summoners/cleanse.png]Cleanse.

This is not so good of a choice but usefull sometimes, imagine yourself away from your team and they engage in a team fight, you'll have to run all the way to them. maybe for chasing and running away as well. not very recommended.
"Activation is composed of two components: increased movement speed, and the ability to ignore unit collision. the latter allows you to run through minion waves."

- Use this spell to catch up to an enemy or run away from one.
- Ghost removes unit collision so you can pass through minions do not try to go around them that would be a time waster.
- The effect remains activated if you were revived with GA Or Zileans R.

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Rengar's Lore

On every wall of his den, the trophy hunter Rengar mounts the heads, horns, claws, and fangs of the most lethal creatures in Valoran. Though his collection is extensive, he remains unsatisfied, tirelessly seeking greater game. He takes time with every kill, studying his prey, learning, and preparing himself for the next encounter with the one monster he never managed to defeat.

Rengar never knew his real parents, but was raised by a human who was revered as a legendary hunter. He was an ideal pupil, intently absorbing the lessons of his father, and improving them with his uncanny feral instincts. Before his mane had fully grown, Rengar set off on his own and claimed a wide territory for himself. Along its perimeter, he mounted the skulls of his slain prey - a warning to would-be aggressors. He thought undisputed reign of a region would fulfill him, but instead, he grew restless. No beasts in his domain proved challenging prey, and without formidable adversaries to push his limits, Rengar's spirit waned. He feared that no worthwhile game remained, that he would never again feel the thrill of the hunt. Just when things seemed their bleakest, he encountered the monster. It was a disturbing, alien thing, distinctly out of place in his world. It bore huge scything claws and devoured any animal that strayed across its path. Overzealous at the prospect of a challenge, Rengar ambushed the monster in haste. It far outclassed anything he'd hunted before. Their fight was savage, and each suffered crippling wounds. Rengar lost an eye, but the most grievous blow was to his pride. He had never before failed to make the kill. Worse yet, the severity of his injuries forced him to retreat. Over the following days, he hovered on the threshold between life and death. He was wracked with pain, but beneath it, he felt a glimmer of joy. The hunt was on. If such powerful beings existed in the world, he would find them, and stack their heads high. The monster, however, was a kill he wanted to savor. On his den's largest wall, he reserves a space for the beast's head, a trophy he swears will one day be the centerpiece of his collection.
"Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live."

Image: Rengars teaser image by Riot.

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Runes and Mastery screenshots


Runes #1

Runes #2

Explanation below:

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In-Depth explanation of Masteries and Runes

Rengar has enough damage to jungle and Kill an enemy easily early/mid game, so that's why you don't have to have offensive masteries. 9 in offense will give you some early game AD and Armor penetration, which will maximise his early game damage against enemies (Top lane enemies usually have a good amount of armor)
this will help damage them to ensure a kill.

Defensive masteries:
since this guide is for jungling. the defensive masteries are the best choice here. 21 is enough to reach juggernaut. Armor, HP per level, HP+, HP regen, Damage reduction, speed buff and tenacity. These are all of high importance to rengar.

Offensive masteries:
These are enough for Rengar, AD, Att speed and most Importantly Armor penetration. The first point is on butcher because you are using Flash and Smite, and summoners wrath is useless here. also the higher damage on jungle monsters.

In-Depth explanation:

Offensive masteries:

- (3/3) Brute Force: This extra AD is really helpful at start so you can clear jungle camps kind of easier. This helps with ability AD ratio and such.

- (1/2) Butcher: This helps you kill jungle monsters easier, a little extra damage on them.

- (4/4) Alacrity: This Extra att spd buff helps you kill easier because Rengar needs to auto attack the Jungle monster as much as he can because there is a 6 second CD on his Q and that will take time, so his auto attacks are vital, and this 6% att spd buff is really helpful.

- (1/1) Weapon Expertise: 10% armor penetration is a great help for AD champions, it will really help you ignore some of the enemy armor which makes you do high damage on them, Including jungle creeps and minions.

Defensive masteries:

- (1/3) Resistance: The reason i did not put much into this because you won't be facing much AP damage in the jungle and the points can be useful for other stuff. (1 point is put so it unlocks the latter masteries)

- (3/3) Hardiness: This 6 Extra armor helps a lot against the monsters and enemy AD champions.

- (2/2) Tough Skin: This mastery helps reduce damage from monsters to you a good amount, along with Armor and other Damage reduction masteries and your W skill you will become very defensive against the jungle monesters making you sustain more.

- (4/4) Durability: The extra HP per level is great because you will get like 140+ HP when you reach 17-18.

- (3/3) Vigor: Stuff like this is the stuff you need to keep you from going back to base and give you more time to jungle or gank without having to waste time going to base.

- (1/1) Veterans Scar: 30 Extra HP is really helpful at start because it will work as a shield that absorbs 30 damage. this and the previous masteries will give you something like 170+ HP at late game.

- (2/2) Indomitable: This reduces damage along with other previous masteries and your armor and such, it also helps you sustain Longer in jungle.

- (1/1) Bladed Armor: While you are fighting the Big guy in each jungle camp like the red buff lizard, the small monsters will recieve Damage each time they attack you which will work like DPS on them, when you finish off the big creep finishing off the smaller ones will become easier.

- (3/3) Initiator: The extra speed helps you reach the jungle faster and move around in it when your HP is high enough. This works with percentage, meaning the more speed you get the more this mastery will give you speed. (Example: each 100 speed you get 3 more so if you have 400 speed youll get 12 more making it 412)

- (1/1) Juggernaut: This is a really great Mastery to have, this gives you 3% extra hp which improves your HP greatly. (With each 100 hp you have you get 3 more, EX: 1000 HP will give you 30 more, so if you have 2000 HP you get 60 more HP) The Tenacity will really help you escape enemies in game and it is more helpful when you get mercury treads. (EX: a Silence with duration 5 seconds will become 4.5 seconds when cast on you)

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15 Armor pen
24 Magic resist
13 Armor
4.5% Movement
Why these runes?
if i want to put flat AD on rengar it'll give me 15 AD from runes, which isn't much useful on rengar since he has his Q to do the damage, and rengar is all about leaving the kill for the lane player. but 15 Armor penetration gives a higher advantage against lane champs (Especially low armor enemies) at early game. Rengar is all about early game damage.
His Q along with sheen makes
Armor penetration early game makes your Q do the highest damage possible on enemies, your auto-attacks are also very vital.

Armor penetration:- having these is very vital, the Damage rengar has is his Qs so you have to make sure to hit them with full power. having Flat AD or so isn't gonna help much late game since rengar is full potential at late game.

Magic resist per level:- Ok so you are in the jungle, and all the damage on you is AD, and putting flat magic resist is pointless, because you aren't gonna be hit with AP and you will have time to level up so you'll get higher magic resist later.

Flat armor:- Because you are a jungler that's why. and junglers need sustenance, and flat armor is the best choice here. also good when you fight in lanes or when your getting counter jungled.

Movement Quints:- Rengar is a predator, and has the Passive to jump people, his ulti increases speed. and whats better than fast?

Alternate runes.

9.6 AD
12 Magic resist
13 Armor
10 Armor penetration

Why there runes? well they give you higher Damage and better jungling but it'll remove a tad from the movement buff. i found the movement speed not that important but are efficient, you can still get high movement speed with a BTN and tirinity, still fast but you may not catch up to a fed AD carry. This rengar has less speed but higher damage compared to the other rune setting early game and mid game.

AD instead of speed: i figured in a team fight there wouldn't be much runing around and you can get high speed as well from items, so higher damage is kinda efficient.

Flat magic resist: because now with high damage you can gank early and with ganking early means you have to have enough defense to survive and if you have magic resist per level it'll be a little hard to gank mid lane.

Flat armor: Because you are a jungler that's why. and junglers need sustenance, and flat armor is the best choice here. also good when you fight in lanes or when your getting counter jungled.

Armor penetration:- having these is very vital, the Damage rengar has is his Qs so you have to make sure to hit them with full power. having more Flat AD or so isn't gonna help much late game since rengar is full potential at late game.

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Skill Sequence

Q: Savagery Should be 1st to Max.
W: Battle Roar Should be Last to max.
E: Bola Strike Should be 2nd to Max.
R: Thrill of the Hunt Should be maxed at level.

As you can see, his R should be maxed at level, W should not be maxed first because it only becomes a little stronger while other abilities improve better, E is important because it slows the enemy and damages him a good amount, while Q should be first to max.

Now using them in a fight depends on your ferocity charges.
but you should always do the W at the beginning of the fight, then Q, then E.

If they are escaping or you want to do damage again, use the R and circle around him until you get the charges again, jump at him and kill.

If someone is running and you want to follow them DO NOT USE W, because they wont be attacking you. Use E first, then finish off with damage.

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Rengar's role

Rengar is an assassin, not like any other assassin, Rengar is a champ you use to begin a fight with enemies 5v4, when you see a team fight instantly go into stealth and jump the carry and kill. this leave your team at a higher advantage.
So Rengar is the champ that you use to vaporize Squishy champions, use him correctly, you win the game.
Mashing Rengar's abilities is just bad, plain bad.

Focusing on using your potential to destroy the enemies that deal the most damage on your team, and there isn't just one way you can do it, Using the Ulti immediately is bad because you may have the chance to sneak up at the enemy and kill then use the R and find another victim.

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Jungling and ganking

kill wraiths, Take Red, Get help from teammates to kill it fast, go take wraiths again, Gank mid at level 3 (very unexpected) or bot. go take Blue for Exp, take wolves. go Gank top, go back to base when you have 800 gold or more and make sure you get heart of gold and shoes as first items, go gank bot. if both killed, go take dragon, then continue the game with your own expertise.

If you want to kill Golems early game, don't hesitate to use Smite if you already killed red.
Also try not to take the blue and instead take golems, use smite on them is not that needed in your case leaving the blue for the mid lane which gives him/her a high advantage, give them after you go base the first time or somethng.

Ganking tricks:
-try not to go from bush and go from above the river. (here are ways you can use in jungling and ganking.
Red arrows are the good directions.

How to clear jungle till level 3

-You need to be fast in moving around the jungle, and also always use the 5 ferocity charges on healing yourself (using W), try to leave the Blue for the mid lane and give it to him early.
-Here's a short video on early jungling:

How to gank a lane:

-You need to plan your move and make sure you can get the enemy, always go with Ulti if you need to kill the enemy fast, like in cases of having to dive the turret.
here's a short video of ganking bot and turret diving them:

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Early Game

The Jungling:

-You must Plan your ways while you are waiting for the minions to spawn
focus your plan, execute it carefully. Here's an example:

-Wraiths > Red > Wolves > Wraiths > Gank a pushed lane > Golems > Wraiths > Wolves > Give mid laner the blue buff > Go base.

-When you gank, make sure you have 4 or 5 charges before you jump the enemy, and if you can jump from a bush, There are several tactics for using Q here are some:

-you can click the Q before you jump so you can execute faster.
-You can Use the Q after an auto-attack because it will ignore the auto attack animation and would save time.

-At early times in the match you should focus on helping the lanes and maintaining a good farm.

-There are some things you should know about jungling:

-Having a lower level than your teammates isn't a bad thing for a jungler. so don't stop ganking and farm so your level goes higher.
-Rengar is a late game champ so if you aren't fed at first it's not a problem at all.
-You shouldn't just do the Q on 5 charges do the other abilities based on your situation.

Jungling route:

Ill name out the way you should Go through and you can see the directions on the map below:

1- Wraiths:- Q the big one to begin the fight, let your teammates damage the smaller ones and Q a little one as soon as the Cooldown finishes to do it the fastest way possible.

2- Lizard camp (Red):- Let some teammate attack the "Elder lizard" the big lizard so it would follow him, and as it follows him you should auto attack it to damage it before it starts attacking you, which give you a head start at it, then Do the Q as much as you can, be careful and do it directly after an auto attack to increase efficiency.

3- Wolf camp:- Use the Q to start the fight then instantly do the W to gain defence, and do the W at 5 charges whenever you can while jungling.

4-Wraiths:- Come to wraiths again after fighting the Wolf camp, make sure you take W at level 2 so you can heal yourself whenever you get 5 charges. refer to point #1 to see how to kill them.

5- Golems:- Take the golems and Use smite at one of the golems so you can cleart hem easy, they give alot of exp and are a substitute for the Blue camp.

Refer to the map below


Going to base:

- Going back to base with rengar is not very needed since doesn't have a hard time regaining his HP. Only go to base if you are being followed, going to get ganked, Or need to buy core items.

- When you go back make sure you buy 3 HP pots at most times because you need to stay on the field most of the time and spend time jungling and ganking. You shouldn't go to base after each gank if your hp gets low, use the pots.

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Mid Lane

Now you are at the minute 20-30 or so, and usually you have random fights and possible teamfights. so you have to focus on helping your team more than farming, but when it's all quiet and cool go farm and don't waste any time.

-Plan when you should attack the dragon, and use your lantern wisely (Lantern is recommended for this champion) and always get your teams help with the dragon. (Note: never fight the dragon unless atleast 2 of the enemy are currently dead)

-Do not hesitate to use the R (ulti) for escape, it has that low cooldown and can turn the tables if your teammates arrive on time. Like you are running away from 2, but 3 of your teammates come to help, you turn back around and jump the enemy perhaps take a kill.

-You need to take advantage of low hp enemies, so you should be roaming with a teammate around the map to find someone to kill, also you should use the R to sneak up behind them, don't hesitate to use it, it has a low CD.
here's a video showing how to use the ulti to take a kill:

Taking baron and dragon

-At this point of the Game Baron is a tough opportunity, so try to not focus on it. taking baron buff can give your team a huge advantage but doesn't mean you become "so op you rape all enemy one shot gg" its just a Buff to some of your stats, mainly damage. so when having the baron fight like a normal team fight follow your objective and win.

-Only attack baron if you have high damage as a team and the enemy team is 60% atleast, if the enemy i alive they might attack and counter your team, therefor you lose. and they get the buff as well.

-Get dragon when you can see enemy team on the minimap and you are safe while doing so. its a 190 for all the team in 15 seconds. its more useful than you think. if you get it often it'll buff your team quite good.

-Always put Ward from lantern on dragon. unless you are in late game.having a ward at dragon will give you the chance to counter dragon them. stealing their dragon and killing them.

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Late Game

Rengar here is an offtank and a high damage assassin, his advantage is the late game, your team should win the team fights if you use this guy correctly (check in my video minute 7:25). now you should focus on being with the team where they go and always get the red buff unless another AD champ on your team has a better advantage with it, now in late game it's usually very tense because one mistake can cost you the win, so you have to focus and know where to go and when. Being close to your team is vital because you can be their savior or help them kill the enemy, you should fight with them even if you just do one hit because assists as good as kills to your BTN.

-Here are some points you should know:

1- Stay with your team 90% of the time.

2- Buy the correct items according to your enemies.

3- Make sure to think fast in team fights otherwise you can lose.

4- Go to dragon and baron at good times.

5- If you have full build, get the consumable buffs.


-In Team fights you have to use your ferocity charges wisely, and also use the ulti to recharge your passive it is really usefull. and when you initiate a team fight make sure you attack the AD carry first.
-If you win a team fight use the advantage to go and gain stuff such as:
-Destroying their turrets.
-Stealing jungle buffs.
-Killing dragon or baron while they are dead.

Here is a video showing a teamfight and taking advantage of the situation:

Baron and Dragon

-At this point of the game baron is a very sensitive spot, it's the game changer, once you see the enemy at baron go with the whole team and attack them from behind, trying to take the baron as well, but killing the enemy is your mission now.

-Use the lantern to put a ward at Baron whenever it's ready, DO NOT SELL THE LANTERN UNLESS YOU ARE GETTING THE LAST ITEM. now you can see the enemy if they approach baron.

-Taking the dragon is not very important at this time, because you all probably have near full builds and such, bu taking it is a little help, so try to take it with a high damage teammate safely when you can.

-Whoever counters the other at baron is mostly the winner. when you see someone coming get ready whether to smite the last 550 hp of the baron, or defend yourself whether by getting away or attacking back.

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Teamfights decide who is the winner of the game, the more teamfights you win, the close you are to victory. Many people Get nervous or just do not know what to do in teamfights and just spam the abilities on the nearest enemy, with Rengar you need to be very careful to go to the correct target and execute your combo properly without dying.

Important points:

1- Who to target:

-When you are in a teamfight, the last enemy champion you want to do your abilities on is the tank/offtank, so you should always aim to the squishy champions (weaker), But try not to focus the support much and attack the AD / AP carry first.

-Attacking the support is good but that gives the AD / AP carries more time to fight, so try to focus a carry first then attack the support.

-Once you have a target in site attack it WHILE trying to avoid other enemies, it may sound hard but if you practice enough you will know how to fight off someone and keep away from someone else in a fight. You can use your R to go to the enemy AD carry.

2- Using your abilities:

-If you have 5 charges jump into an enemy carry and do your Q and such then instantly do your R and get your charges back and do it on another carry or squishy champion.

-if you want to initiate jump at them and do your W then R and sneak away to get charges, and once you do go back and attack the carries.

-If you notice someone with low HP and trying to escape instantly use the E on him and catch him, you can use the R if available.

-Doing your Q Twice will kill an enemy without them realizing it.

3- Positioning:

-try not to be in the enemies site when the teamfight starts, and directly go from the back to the AD/AP carry.

-wait for the enemy to start attacking your team then start your moves and surprise them.

-Try to be away from enemy CC and AoE attacks.

4- Post-Teamfight opportunities:

-once you beat your enemy in a team fight you have some choices you can do:
-There are several opportunities you can take here:

-destroying turrets is a good choice, and the best lane to do so is the midlane because it has the shortest distance.

-Taking Dragon is good early and mid game, but late game you need to focus on Baron Nashor and turrets.

-Taking baron, this should be done as soon as you guys win a teamfight in mid/late game, and once you guys get the baron instantly go to a safe spot and return to base, buy the stuff you need and go back to the field to push into their base.

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Rengar's Tactics

Rengar's leap:

-This Leap is rengar's signature, it needs a little brain to use it properly, you can use it to follow enemies, initiate a fight, and last hit minions.
-Using this on the enemy near a turret is very dangerous, try not to jump an enemy unless they are in a safe range.
-when you activate the R try to not click on any minion or enemy because it will leap to it and deactivate the ulti.
-If you want to use Q on an enemy click the Q then jump at them there for reducing the cast time on it and remove cases where you skip an auto-attack.

Ferocity charges:

-These charges need some math, when you fighting an enemy you wont be able to look at your charges and focus on dodging their abilities, therefor you need to calculate how much ferocity you need and what skills to use before attacking them.
-Use W when turret diving with an ally, to insure your survival chance, especially at 5 charges.
-Get the 5 charges before ganking at most times, and when you use the charges if you can get them back fast that's good but if you can't use the ultimate to get the charges again and attack the enemy again.
-Use the E when chasing someone with an ally, it's very usefull, and use it again after the charges finish but if you were alone use the E on 5 charges then Q first then E.

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Thank you

Hello players, i hope you like my guide! and if you want to be notified about the changes i made or if i make a new guide like my Facebook page below:
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So this is my guide, I am daily updating it so check every once in a while. Don't forget to like and comment, leave some constructive criticism is very appreciated.
Like my youtube videos as well <3
Thank you!