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Not Updated For Current Season

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Graves General Guide by NeverGoesAway

Pro as Heck,guide to Graves

Pro as Heck,guide to Graves

Updated on June 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeverGoesAway Build Guide By NeverGoesAway 1,884 Views 0 Comments
1,884 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NeverGoesAway Graves Build Guide By NeverGoesAway Updated on June 19, 2012
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Graves has everything an AD should have and more. He combines many of the other AD's mechanics into one overwhelming entity. His Q is like MF/Ashe/Cait Q combined, his E is like Vayne tumble plus Tristana steroids, his ultimate is MF and Trist's ultimates combined. All of these multi-mechanic abilities allows room for his third ability, Smoke Screen, to be completely unique and game breaking
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ryze:Owning all short AD ranged carries

cassiopeia:same as ryze's one,own them..

caitlyn:She has very range,can harass graves
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Meditation is HUGE for Graves, since I've always ran dry on mana in long drawn out team fights. Meditation also makes it possible to spam Buckshot/Smoke Bomb to clear minion waves in the laning phase.
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Summoner Spells


Flash: Absolutely necessary tool to make plays and manage situations.

Heal: Allows you win exchanges. (Wins lanes)

Ignite: Also very good for Graves, esp paired up with a strong laner such as Sona.
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Passive:True gift


Insanely powerful passive. Try and keep it up at 10 stacks during the laning phase, especially before you engage in a skirmish. 10Armor/MR at level 1 is like having another set of Flat Armor/MR runes. 40Armor/MR is like having a Chain vest and Negatron Cloak. This passive is simply amazing, and makes 1v1'ing Graves very difficult.

Tip: You're extremely potent duelist, try and force 1v1's.


Buckshot is superior to Ashe Q, it hits all targets in the cone and does significantly more damage.
Buckshot is superior to MF Q, it's AoE.
Buckshot is superior to Cait Q, it has no cast time and does more damage.

Granted that Ashe's Q slows, MF's Q has a longer range(possibly) single target, and Cait Q also has a longer range. Buckshot is still as a whole much stronger than the others.

W:Smoke Screen

Smokescreen is extremely unique of an ability. I will cover some of the uses that I found after the few games I played with Graves.

Extremely strong dueling ability, cast on enemy directly.
Can block off a ramp/chokepoint.
Can be used to bait: denying vision when your jungle comes within range.
Very powerful vs Pantheon/TF ganks.
35% AoE slow is good by itself, can be used simply to catch up while chasing.



Quickdraw, much like Buckshot, is a combination of other AD's abilities. Tristana steroids and Vayne tumble combined, but stronger than both as a whole.

Buckshot can pass through most small ledges, has an insanely low CD (supposing that you're auto attacking). Try and JOIN the fight with Quickdraw so you can start chipping away at the CD, do NOT initiate with it.

COllateral Damage


Great instant ranged DMG AoE ultimate. Solid.

It's essentially MF ultimate, except insant... Fantastic for teamfights, also great for dueling.

Nothing much to say about the ultimate... Land it, things die.
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Skill Order

Priority: R - Q - 2 Levels of W - E - W

Ultimate whenever - obvious.

Buckshot first - obvious.

2 Levels of W so you can clear the ranged wave with Q-W combo.

I like Quickdraw second because it scales on itself. Lowering the cooldown on Quickdraw lowers the cooldown of Quickdraw, very much like Riven ultimate, where AD scales off AD... Quickdraw's CD scales off CD.

W last because it is very powerful even at level 1.
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Early Game

1. Decide on your item build.
2. Decide whether to be aggressive or passive in lane (Graves can be extremely aggressive most of the time)
3. Farm extremely well.
4. Harass with Q, try to trade hits when you have 10 passive stacks.
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Mid game

1. Complete your first item -- you want a Infinity before 25 minutes.
2. Position yourself well in fights, force dragon's with your early game strength Blow people up with Q-R combo.
3. Farm extremely well.
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Late game

1. Get ready to become god-mode.
2. Position is key now, more than ever, since AD Carries play the most important role late game.
3. Get your last few items.
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Final Comments

'm almost sure Graves will get nerfed(lewlewl, as predicted), but they won't change the multiple mechanics on each one of his abilities, which is what makes Graves truly OP.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeverGoesAway
NeverGoesAway Graves Guide
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Pro as Heck,guide to Graves

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